Brian Helgelund shares spin-off news; New Limited Edition Box Sets coming soon!

Daenerys Drogon

As difficult as it will be to say goodbye to Game of Thrones after its eighth and final season, we can look forward to at least one spin-off series gracing our television screens once it’s over. Heading up one of the four options, Oscar-winning writer and producer Brian Helgeland hopes to be successful in bringing his project to fruition, but he admits it won’t be easy.

In an interview with Indian Express, Helgeland discusses the stress they are under -confessing there are “a lot of ways to go wrong and only a few ways to get it right”. Game of Thrones has been an international phenomenon, and it has set a high bar for its successor shows. “The show is very loved all around the world by everybody. Martin has created a world which everyone feels is real…and that is such an amazing thing to have been done. The chances of failing are much greater than the chances of succeeding.”

Helgeland is optimistic despite the pressure “to make it right and make it good.” He declines to divulge details about his project, teasing, “It might be a story which happened hundreds of years before the story that people are watching now, or could even be a story that happened 100 years after the story that they are watching now.” He does admit his story will be set in Westeros, however. “It is a different time period. It is still the same geography, but it is a different set of people.”

Check out the entire interview here.

Game of Thrones Box Set

In other news, WhatCulture reports the upcoming release of new box sets for all seven seasons of Game of Thrones. The limited edition sets feature stunning artwork from Robert Ball, the artist behind HBO’s Beautiful Death series.

Each set depicts “a significant object, which on closer inspection reveals a momentous scene from the season,” such as Ned Stark’s death and the Battle of the Blackwater (above). Check out the rest of the cover art below.

Game of Thrones Box Set 4

These beautiful sets will be available for purchase on June 4th, giving you plenty of time to relive all seven seasons before Game of Thrones returns next year!

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    1. It will be strange to have another writer and not Benioff and Weiss discuss the spin off show in the future. In interviews, Inside the episode, and so on.

      Well, maybe it will be Bryan Cogman, so it will be a familiar face.

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    2. Game of Thrones spin off series
      And The new Witcher series on Netflix should be coming out around the same time.
      What a time to be a fantasy fan.

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    3. Season 1 is a pretty interesting choice, especially considering some of the more outrageous theories about Bran out there. I looked at it fast and legit thought it had something to do with the White Walkers at first glance.

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    4. Maybe I’m remembering wrong… but didn’t they say that the spinoff wouldn’t be set in the future? So the comment about 100 years after our story could be disregarded.

      Again, I could definitely be remembering wrong, and please correct me if I am. I would guess he is either working on Aegon’s Conquest or the Dance.

      Great artwork though! He does an amazing job with all of the Beautiful Death artwork as well, so it is really no surprise.

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    5. Don’t need another copy of the blu-ray seasons but I would like to snag a poster (posters?) or hi-def JPGs of that artwork somehow. Many of the Beautiful Death pieces are quite memorable. From Robert Ball (GoT) to Ertaç Altınöz (ASoI&F), I’m as happy as Tyrion pissing over the north side of the Wall.

      (I would have loved to see Tyrion replicate that act in S7 as the wights and WWs emerged from the edge of the forest) 🙂

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    6. As much as I’d love a show about the future of this brilliant fantasy world rather than its past, I’m (mostly) dismissing that comment about the show being 100 years ahead of GoT as well. Never say never, but we’ve been given a reasonable impression that this will be prequel material.

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    7. These interviews these guys give really grind my gears. They don’t actually say anything of any substance whatsoever. We know they have big shoes to fill etc etc etc.

      It’s like the 3500 articles we’re seeing about S8 being amazing/specatular/ like nothing ever seen before/ bittersweet/controversial.

      We. Know. All. Of. This.

      There’s is literally no point in even churning these artcles out unless we gain something new from them. 🙈

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    8. No point getting a special edition till its for the fil series in a year and a half. I can wait!

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    9. I hate incomplete boxed sets, or ‘design styles.’ Will the final season get this treatment?? For this reason, I down’t own ANY of the seasons yet – once Season 8 blu-ray goes up for pre-order, I’m mass-buying the entire series, on blu-ray. Standard editions (no steelbook, limited edtions etc…just the ‘basic’ sets. So I have them all and they all match) not the complete boxed set, as I’ve noticed sometimes with complete series boxed sets of TV shows, sometimes the packaging is shoddy (especially when it comes to holding the discs)

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    10. With the filming leaks/speculation going on in Seville I’m keeping a low profile on here for a while as I don’t want to be spoiled but interesting to read about the spin off, I assume we are looking at early 2020 for it to air so a decision will need to be made relatively soon as to whether it will get the green light or not.

      Also is anyone getting the UHD boxes for GOT? I’ve only see season one so far and have them all on Blu-Ray but feel it could be a worthwhile purchase given it’s my favourite show.

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    11. The season 1 cover art does not look like Ned Stark’s death, but it looks more like Bran in the window at Winterfell from Episode 1. Am I missing something?

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