Kerry Ingram Joins Con of Thrones 2018! Water Dance with Miltos Yerolemou!

Con of Thrones Kerry Ingram Shireen

Here at Watchers on the Wall we are happy to announce that, in a few weeks time, Kerry Ingram, best known for playing Shireen Baratheon, will join us—alongside many fellow cast members and other special guests—at this year’s Con of Thrones in Dallas, Texas!

Ingram is the latest addition to the excellent list of special guests this Con of Thrones, including fellow cast members Esme Bianco​ (Ros), Joe Dempsie (Gendry), Sam Coleman​ (Young Hodor), Kate Dickie (Lysa Arryn), Sibel Kekilli​ (Shae) Hannah Murray​ (Gilly), Aimee Richardson (Myrcella Baratheon), and Miltos Yerolemou​ (Syrio Forel); crew members Paula Fairfield (sound designer) and Tommy Dunne (weapons master); and, last but not least, renowned podcasts A Storm of Spoilers, The Ringer’s Binge Mode​, and Bald Move.

You may know Kerry Ingram best for playing the ill-fated Shireen Baratheon for three seasons of Game Of Thrones, but she’s got quite a filmography: she played Alice Williamson in the BBC historical drama Wolf Hall based on Hilary Mantel’s Man Booker Prize winning novel; Matilda in the original West End cast of the stage musical based on Roald Dahl’s children’s novel, for which she was presented with the Best Actress Olivier award at the age of 12; and many other roles, including Hilde in the historical epic Barbarians Rising and Becky in the Emmy Award winning Netflix drama Free Rein.

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If you want to meet Kelly Ingram and all these other wonderful guests, as well as the largest ever concentration of Game of Thrones fans, there’s still time: in three weeks, from May 25 to May 27, at the Hyatt Regency Dallas in Dallas, Texas, you’ll be privy to three-days of panels, interviews, discussions and workshops, some of them with Ingram—just take a look at the programming schedule! Additionally, she and eight other cast members will be available for autographs and photographs, which you can reserve here. However, before you do any of that, make sure to buy a Con of Thrones 2018 ticket!

And that’s not all: yet another exciting feature of Con of Thrones 2018 is the water dancing workshop with Miltos Yerolemou​, who played Syrio Forel, also known as the First Sword of Braavos. If you want to get the same training as Arya, act fast: tickets for this additional experience are on sale as of today, in very limited quantities.



Con of Thrones is produced by Mischief Management, and we at Watchers on the Wall are proud to be their official programming partner. Keep yourself up to date via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the Con of Thrones website, where tickets are still on sale!

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    1. It’s 12:06 Central time and they still haven’t posted the Water Dancing tickets!!! GRRRR!!

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    2. The Princess Shireen of House Baratheon!

      P.S. Gendry had better avenge his cousin in S8.


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    3. Ten Bears,

      I met the lovely, talented, and funny Kerry at the Con last year while I was cosplaying Mel, so I let her burn me with my prop torch!

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    4. I’m too far away to come unfortunately (based in the UK). Mind you, back in the days when they had Teacher Training Colleges in the UK one of my cousins went to one such establishment – and did well in her chosen career. However while my cousin came from a normal background there were some students who used it as a “glorified finishing school”. There was one student who would fly to New York for a weekend to do shopping. Back in the 1960s that was not normal. Still there were worse things somebody could do than fly to New York.

      This is off topic, but I’m interested in history while not being an expert by any manner of means, and there was a thread on a history site I sometimes visit about Fort William Henry – something happened there or near there on which James Fennemore Cooper based The Last of the Mohicans apparently. I don’t know a great deal about the settling of the American colonies (when they were still colonies) but someone had posted that Wall Street was originally the site of a wall to separate the settlers from the native Americans. I didn’t know that. Some months ago (I’m a fan of historical whodunnits – more so than fantasy novels really) I read a book which mentioned that the Mr Downing who gave his name to Downing Street was from Massachusetts when it was still a colony. Well, one lives and learns.

      I liked KI and YM (I hadn’t had access to the books when I watched season 1 and don’t begrudge him hanging on to his thatch). I’m sure we’ll get a report back from the people who do attend this Con. It should be good fun.

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    5. Dame of Mercia: I’m too far away to come unfortunately (based in the UK).

      Likewise, and even if I could the ticket prices are insane (at least at our exchange rate)!

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    6. Good to see Kerry joining Aimee. They were bonded at the hip in the first convention, finishing each other’s sentences like a married couple.

      Now, I don’t need to hear it all again, but for first-timers it’s fun to watch them together. You will need an ear for accented slang, though.

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