Game of Thrones Sightings Round-up of the Week!

This has been an exciting week, with loads of Game of Thrones sightings in Belfast and there are more every day. Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kristofer Hivju, and Iain Glen have been spotted around town over the past few days. Kit Harington and John Bradley turned up with their co-stars at a local bar, and though they dodged cameras, were seen by many locals. 

Kristofer celebrates the show’s Creative Arts Emmys from the make-up trailer, as you can see above, while others are going to clubs, going to the gym, taking photos with Belfast citizens, and…I’m not sure how to describe what Nikolaj is doing.

With Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) today! Such a gent #gameofthrones #jorahmormont #iainglen #season7 #starstruck #fanboy

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Kit Harington, John Bradley, Kristofer Hivju, and Iain Glen were seen at Lavery’s in Belfast on Tuesday:


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s been spotted around Belfast many times over the past few weeks. However, I think this Instagram posting probably takes the cake. Posted online a week ago from somewhere in Holywood, Northern Ireland by Gursimran Sandhu (Benioff & Weiss’s assistant), Nikolaj is…I’m not sure what to call it. 

Twerking with Nikolaj

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Today we have two new photos shared online by an Unsullied extra in Northern Ireland. It’s a fitting, not filming, but I’ve heard that GoT has a habit of waiting until the last minute for a lot of these fittings- perhaps there is filming in N.I. with the Unsullied in the very near future?

Back on set of Game of Thrones‼️

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Fitting for Game of Thrones ?

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    1. Only that type of clothing will be added on the unsullied for winter? Though of course the winter they’ll face first is not the same from the North yet so seems plausible.

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    2. Kargaryen,

      I couldn’t figure out whether that was just his actual shirt under there (since it’s just a fitting) or part of the uniform.

      Can you imagine Dany trying to budget for 8000 shirts suddenly when there’s a chill in the air?

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    3. Nicolaj has left Belfast since last friday. A fan who sat next to him on the plane took a picture.

      And why is a white blue-eyed dude doing wearing the unsullied armor?

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    4. Sue the Fury,

      Two days with the same shirt !? It’s possible but I don’t think so. And you can see the glove in his hand.

      And that ‘shirt’ kind of reminds me of the ones in the Stark armor :/

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    5. jdtargstark:
      Nicolaj has left Belfast since last friday. A fan who sat next to him on the plane took a picture.

      Maybe he just left for the weekend.

      Sue the Fury:

      I couldn’t figure out whether that was just his actual shirt under there (since it’s just a fitting) or part of the uniform.

      Can you imagine Dany trying to budget for 8000 shirts suddenly when there’s a chill in the air?

      Or they could do a White Walker thing, they suddenly have shirts..nobody cares where they found them :-p
      I think he was from the Euron battle.

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    6. Myname,

      Yeah, the gloves are kind of a giveaway that the entire shirt is also a part of the new Unsullied uniform. In 6×09, the last time we saw them, they weren’t wearing gloves. So, once they’re in Westeros, Dany may add shirts and gloves to their uniform to combat the “winter” in the South. Unless, crack-pot-theory ahead:

      she and some of her ships carrying the Unsullied are swept North in a storm and they land somewhere where winter has truly come. That shirt does look an awful lot like the quilted shirt Jon Snow wears under his brigandine. 🙂

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    7. Jenny:
      I really hope Sophie won’t be using a wig this season.Wigs look always bad on the show.In other news I love Nikolaj lol.

      If Kristofer Hivju is in a makeup trailer, it means they are filming right. It looks like Sophie will be wearing a wig, and if it’s the same one that Maisie had on in one of her Instagram pics, it looks terrible and fake. I hope it won’t look too jarring.

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    8. The Unsullied shirts look pretty similar to what Jon wore underneath the leather armor last season. I wonder….. 😛

      Nice to see Lord Friendzone there too. I wonder if he’ll meet with Sam or end up North. So exciting.


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    9. BunBunStark,

      I might die lol.

      It does seem to early for that to happen though. Tyrion and Varys are on the same ship as her and if they end up there, then we won’t have big characters to follow in the South against Cersei/Euron.

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    10. If Sophie is gonna wear a wig in S7 I doubt is the one Maise showed on her IG post, imo, clearly a joke. It’s not even a ginger wig.

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    11. Lena has worn one type of wig or another throughout the series, and except for some of the monstrosities of the first season, most of them looked gorgeous, especially the ones with her hair down and flowing. They looked real to me. I love a lot of the stuff they do with Emilia’s “hair” too. I’m especially impressed with the effect, knowing that Emilia’s real hair is so dark. So I’m not worried about wigs for Sansa.

      They won’t put Sansa/Sophie in an ugly wig, are you kidding, can you imagine the flak if her hair isn’t perfect? Even when she was escaping with Theon, her hair looked pretty good, just a couple of stray hairs in the wind. If Kit has a clause about the length of his hair and beard, don’t you think they’d be particularly careful with Sansa’s hair?

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    12. ghost of winterfell,

      That wig Maisie held wasn’t even red, so that wouldn’t be it, even if she was. But in any event, Sophie appears to have been in town two days, and was photographed all over town shopping, etc. on both of them, so while filming may be starting, it’s not necessarily the case that she’s filming yet.

      I certainly hope she’s not using a wig, since the wigs have typically been the one inexplicable exception to this show’s generally high quality production values (though nothing will ever be worse than Bran’s Season 4 wig).

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    13. My main question with costuming is what they are going to do with the Sand Snakes, since we know already we are going to see them in S7. Their costumes went from one extreme to another; first, rough heavy leather straps and crude leather chaps and those turban things on their heads, to light flowy dresses, and thankfully, no heavy headgear. I always thought that if the Snakes did wear pants or leather, it would be of the softest, most supple kind, and the finest leather straps to hold their weapons. They are “princesses” of a sort, and should want clothing befitting princesses, even if the clothing is pants. I thought the crudely cut cowhide straps were way out of character.

      I guess I can stand the dresses, if they continue with them. It makes them all look sweet and frilly-feminine, not at all like the murdering witches they really are. Ok, that is my Sand-snake rant for the next few months. I will be happy for news of any of them over the next few months, because it means filming is going on, and we are that much closer to next summer.

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    14. Jenny,

      I don’t think the wigs are all terrible.

      But I think in terms of consistency it would be a huge mistake to suddenly shove a wig on Sophie.

      Everybody will know and will be able to tell, and if it’s done poorly then it’d be really distracting.

      Just looking back at Sansa’s hair in the final couple of episodes of last season, there’s no way they will be able to replicate how natural it looks.

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    15. Seeing Maisie and Sophie together for a few days makes me wonder if they’re filming together or just concurrently. If together…will we actually get our Winterfell reunion? The very idea of Arya and Jon seeing each other almost brings tears to my eyes.

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    16. ghost of winterfell,

      Just because Kristofer is filming, doesn’t mean Sophie is filming too.
      I actually hope Sophie isn’t filming, since that probably means more scenes with Jon without Sansa present, something I think season 6 heavily lacked. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sansa just fine, but I wasn’t a huge fan of how Jon became a supporting character in Sansa’s story for half a season. Although season 6 was huge for Jon, I’m greedy and wanted even more, lol.

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    17. Ramsay’s 20th Good Man: Just looking back at Sansa’s hair in the final couple of episodes of last season, there’s no way they will be able to replicate how natural it looks

      Like I said upthread, before Cersei/Lena had her head shorn for the Walk of Shame, they were putting some very natural wigs on her, long and flowing, with maybe a couple of braids holding the bulk of the hair back, and I thought they looked darned good. Lena looks gorgeous in flowing hair – well, Lena looks gorgeous anyway, but just saying the wigs looked good to me. They could do that with Sophie.

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    18. Thronetender,

      Maybe it’s just a matter of taste but Cersei’s hair has always looked fake to me.I can always tell when someone is wearing a wig on the show and I think it would be even more obvious on Sansa now after six years.And for the life of me I can’t understand why don’t they dye or put make up on Emilia’s eyebrows?!In any case I don’t think they will put a wig on Sophie.I have this memory that a while back she said she started filming in late September so maybe it’s not time yet.

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    19. Personally, I’m not worried about Sophie being put into a wig. It doesn’t take long, at all, to dye hair, and they’ve been doing hers for enough years, they know the exact formula to turn her hair from light blonde to Sansa-red

      That Nikolaj instagram is…yeah, it’s tough to find the right word to describe it! 🙂

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    20. Maisie was at the Notting Hill Carnival when she donned that wig.
      There is no way they would allow them to take a wig off the set.

      If sophie is going to wear a wig, it won’t be that one.

      Maisie has spent more time in Belfast so far this year so I think she is past pre-production and up to filming scenes whilst Sophie is in pre-production.

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    21. I really don’t understand all the negative comments about the wigs. Can you guys give examples (pics or episode numbers or something) of the bad ones? Maybe I wasn’t paying attention but I’ve always loved Cersei’s, Margaery’s and Dany’s hair. I don’t know who else had a wig.

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    22. So the Unsullied are getting some winter clothes, apparently. I was wondering if they were going to keep on with their skimpy outfits once they arrived in Westeros just as winter has arrived.

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    23. Myname:
      Rory Mcann in Belfast.

      Yessss! Now that most of the cast has reported to Belfast, I realized there hadn’t been any Rory McCann sightings yet. I was starting to get antsy but there he is. Although…how can we be sure that pic was taken in Belfast? The person doesn’t seem to specify the location?

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    24. Signs of a fandom starved by the lack of substantial GoT news: a discussion about Sophie’s hypothetical use of a wig and the Sand Snakes fashion…

      “See” you all on Monday with the Emmy’s reactions (hopefully we will be celebrating a few more wins!)

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    25. Ghost: Signs of a fandom starved by the lack of substantial GoT news: a discussion about Sophie’s hypothetical use of a wig and the Sand Snakes fashion

      Ha, you think this is bad? Stick around until December, January and see how it is. These discussions are treasures compared to those, after filming is done. So I ask you, what do YOU think about the Sand Snakes costumes?

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    26. Sean C.,

      Yeah, I was wondering about it too, the two of them seem to be spending their days hanging around town, so when were they filming. Still, if Hivju is filming, I assume Kit is too and if Sophie is there, there’s a good chance that she was involved as well.
      I hope she doesn’t wear a wig too, as I don’t think any wig could replicate the natural look that she had these past seasons (and she has such gorgeous hair too!)
      But if constant dyeing is damaging her hair, I guess it’s understandable if she wouldn’t want to continue doing it.

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    27. ghost of winterfell,

      If she’s still blonde at the Emmys I expect she’ll get asked about it (interviewers being nothing if not fans of asking after the obvious), so everybody wondering about whether she’s wearing a wig now will likely get an answer then.

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    28. Nice to see the costumes of unsullied…
      Which means there is similar thing waiting for dothraki ..

      As I have been saying it would not have been a problem to get them new costumes fit for winter…and it will not be a huge problem like many seemed to think so.
      Just because they haven’t been wearing shirts in essos summer ..
      Doesn’t mean they will not in winter. .It seems most of the fandom view certain groups as one direction mindless robots and will not grow or develop and adapt into new customs..

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    29. Will Sophie be at the Emmys?

      So far, I’ve only seen the nominees (less Lena) with seating cards. I know it all gets filled in later though. Any updates?

      I love to critique award show fashion. I hope Maisie wears something unusual.

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    30. Update from Moneyglass: filming must be imminent, trucks, generators and other equipment are on site!

      What scenes will they be filming there?

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    31. HotPinkLipstick,

      She hasn’t said anything either way, but unless filming interferes (and since we know Kit is there, it isn’t overly suggestive that the Northern storyline filming will overlap) I’d assume she would go.


      Moneyglass is the Winterfell sets.

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    32. HotPinkLipstick,

      Sophie, Maisie, and Gwen are listed as scheduled attendees at one of tomorrow’s pre-Emmy events (BAFTA) according to The Hollywood Reporter, so I think it’s a pretty safe bet that she’ll be there. The list of attendees isn’t complete, so it’s possible other cast members may show up at one or more of tomorrow’s parties as well.

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