Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3 “The Long Night” Video Recap Roundup


The Long Night is over at last, and what a night it was! That means it’s time for your latest Game of Thrones Video Recap Roundup!

First up we have Westeros History with their Show Only Review (their Book to Show Recap is here)

HappyCool, once again featuring WoTW’s very own Axechucker!

Got Academy review episode three Spoiler: they weren’t fans of that ending!

Collider Videos with their review.

What Just Happened?!? review and reaction video from Smokescreen.

Rawrist’s review and reaction video.

The Young Turks with their review.

If you fancy some cheering up after the doom and gloom of The Long Night, Ozzy Man is the way to go!

Or you could catch another hilarious Dem Thrones!

Or you could check out the um…Dong Night from Gay of Thrones (with Gabrielle Union!)

Finally we’ve got some reaction videos for you, including this one from Blind Wave.

This one from The Normies (part two is here)

And of course the lovely chaps at the Burlington Bar! (Parts Two and Three)

See you all next week!


  1. What I love about Blind Wave is that even when they disagree on stuff, they always listen to each others’ opinions, and try to see things from their point of view. Also, even when they have some problems, they always focus on the things they did like.

  2. That’s a very strong line-up of video re-caps and reviews. A lot of my favorites in there. I always wait eagerly for this article every week.

  3. LL of Darkwater:
    ( Can we make suggestions for other recap folks? )

    I like Talking Thrones. He knows the history and disperses it with theories and recaps. No spoilers.

  4. Ozzy, as always, is the champ, but Gay of Thrones’ tennis puns gave him a run for his money.

    “More ups and downs than Martina Hingis’ storied tennis career.”

  5. Thanks for the links.
    I just saw Ozzy’s come out, and it was hysterical as usual as he does the episode rundown. And he included a good little review at the end too

  6. Olli,

    (Soooo, it’s not breaking a rule to suggest other recap / review videos, etc? I don’t wanna get in trouble!)

  7. LL of Darkwater,

    Please go ahead and make the suggestions. I have in the past and many others as well. I’ve found sone of my favorite recappers through suggestions in here.

  8. Thanks, Dolorous Methuseluh!


    I didn’t see NewRockstars listed… I love those guys. (“Trebuchets! Get it RIGHT!”)

    Also, Bridge4 – he dives deep into book and show. His reaction and recap are quite entertaining.

    Both are on YouTube.

    Just quick suggestions. 🙂

  9. LL of Darkwater,

    I enjoy some of New Rockstars and bridge4 as well, and several in the posted list!

    I also like the WhatCulture (now segmented to GotCulture) Up/Down videos…the different format just breaks things up a little.

  10. Wow … so many broken man-children crying that Jon failed and Arya succeeded.

    Sort of – oh, what’s the word? Pathetic.

  11. Ozzy is my favourite, and usually the only one I watch as I have a hard enough time just keeping up with posts here (I have a tiring need to read ALL THE THINGS, which is a lot when a new episode airs! Also why I hate Twitter – I can never keep up with the feed even though I follow less than 100 people.)


  12. I was one that was super upset about Ayra getting the NK kill. I’ve since watched it two more times, and I guess I’ve just gotten over it. I’m still disappointed, but there’s always still (hopefully) the books. I look forward to the last three episodes.

  13. Got to love Ozzyman for his humorous recap and some intelligent observations in the review section.

    “After 30 minutes of inactivity, Brano goes into screensaver mode.”

    “Melisandre tweets vague spoilers.”

    “The slippery fuck that cannot be defrosted”

    The episode being as traumatic as it was, we need humour to heal, to get over it. Thank you, Ozzyman!

    I also love the Collider Video panel. Passionate but reasoned. It’s a long format (over an hour) so they have time to delve into things. Differing opinions discussed respectfully and calmly, I like that.

  14. Oh, and a big shoutout to Aziz and Sean at History of Westeros/Westeros History.

    Sean hasn’t read the books, he’s unsullied. Aziz has read the books and all side-story material, but he does a great job of not letting his book-knowledge shine through too much. I like how he’s always so positive about the show (unlike some book-readers). Also, very personable, very likeable.

  15. Black Raven: ‘S8-03 Explained’ from Alt Shift X

    Finally, but well worth the wait. I’m always amazed how thorough ASX is. He shares my concerns and hopes for the final three episodes given the interesting and dubious ending of Ep3. Given my strong belief that both the NK and the 3ER are products of the CotF, possibly to counteract one another or to confuse the humans, Bran may yet be tied to more suspicious activity as the battle looms near KL.

    Those cascading floorboards in the title sequence, which have led from the Wall to WF, into the WF’s crypts, then into the throne room of KL, seem to indicate that we’re not done with the dead yet. Is the CotF’s wrath still in play?

    If Bran does prove to be another NK, this may be the predicted bittersweet ending between Ice and Fire…with Jon caught in the middle…and Cersei/Euron/GC providing the deadly old school warfare and distractions.

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