Game of Thrones pop up bars to open in DC this summer


If you happen to be in Washington DC later this summer – and you’re looking for a bit of Game of Thrones ambiance IRL – we highly recommend checking out these three DC bars scheduled to transform into Westerosi realms in time for season 7.

According to the Washingtonian, Derek Brown and Angie Fetherston’s Drink Company will be adding some Game of Thrones glam to three of their establishments from June 21 – August 27.

Their seafood eatery, Eat the Rich will be redecorated into King’s Landing, a fitting choice given the name, resplendent in House banners and equipped with a life-size Bolton flaying cross and (how could they not?) an Iron Throne.

Southern Efficiency, a restaurant that specializes in Southern whiskies, is going to serve as the Hall of Faces, complete with walls covered in the plaster molds of local community members’ faces.

Lastly, Mockingbird Hill, a sherry and ham bar, will double as both the North and Meereen, with a Weirwood tree set up in the front bar and a dragon mural and dragon statue coming from the ceiling of the back room. All three establishments will be staffed with costumed bartenders (patrons are encouraged to dress up too!) and Ramin Djawaid’s score will be playing continuously in the background.

There will also, of course, be Game of Thrones-themed drinks a-plenty with punny or referential names like Dothraquiri and Imp’s Delight. Many will also include props. The grapefruit tonic drink, “Shame,” for examples, comes with a bell and the scotch-based drink called The North Remembers (a clever allusion to the historical Scottish inspiration for much of Martin’s characterization of the North) will be served in a horn. What’s more, the Drink Company is partnering with Brewery Ommegang to offer Game of Thrones-themed craft beers as well. In other words, there will be something in stock for everyone.

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But perhaps what demonstrates the sincerity of the Drink Company’s Game of Thrones geekiness is that all three bars will be sacrificing business to close early each Sunday in order to ensure that patrons and staff are free to run home and watch each new episode of Game of Thrones season 7 as it airs.


  1. all three bars will be sacrificing business to close early each Sunday in order to ensure that patrons and staff are free to run home and watch each new episode of Game of Thrones season 7 as it airs.

    They should stay open and just do like Burlington Bar… watch episodes together at the bars and post reaction videos.

  2. Damn – used to make it to D.C. lots before retirement. This sounds like worth a visit!

  3. I’m in the area but don’t like bars or crowds or DC for that matter, so doubt I’ll make it in there to check it out. Haha. Curious though.

  4. I have family in DC area… so I have a good excuse to visit And go out!! 🙂

  5. I am sooooooo in! I want that horn The North Remembers is served in, and, since I don’t like scotch, it’s a good thing my husband does. I’m more a Dothraquiri kind of gal. And the score playing assures I won’t be subjected to crap music. Win win!

  6. Chreechree,

    Poop. I read the full Washingtonian article, and the horn is specialty barware that you don’t get to keep. Booooooooo. Oh well. It might be worth a picture.

  7. Eh… For me, game of thrones is a solo experience.
    I have tons of friends and family who watch it, but I always watch it alone. I just like to sink my teeth into the episode, and be able to pause and rewind as I like.

  8. zod,

    If we assume the season finale at least matches last season’s finale at 68 minutes (it’s reported to be “well over an hour”), and that episodes five and six are of average length (55), this season’s average will be around 58 minutes.

    Anyway, each season since two has had one or two 50 min eps. With two 59 min episodes, one with 63, and now 50, the average is still the highest ever.

    Also, 7×04 will be the battle episode, which are usually shorter.
  9. WOW!!! I work within walking distance of all 3 of these places! Looks like I know what I’ll be doing this summer!

  10. Luka Nieto,

    Yikes! Do I need to catch up on redacted comments to know more about this? 🙂

    Regarding the DC bar GoT thing, I recently moved far away from there (before the Doom arrived) so hopefully it’s contagious to other cities. I’m surprised they’re closing before GoT airs. I know there would be a licensing issue, but it would be cool if they rolled out the big screen and gave the patrons a benefit showing after an evening of imbibing, jousting, chicken and brooding Hounds.

  11. Luka Nieto,

    Seriously, Luka, I was wondering where I could read more about that episode. Have you written an article about it? *still in ‘ketchup’ mode*

  12. Luka Nieto: Anyway, each season since two has had one or two 50 min eps.

    Is there an official-official list of episodes run times somewhere? According to that very same HBO schedule list for GoT there has only ever been ONE episode listed at 50 minutes, 6×1 “The Red Woman.” There are only five listed at 51 minutes: 2×4 (ep. 14), 4×6 (36), 4×9 (39), 5×4 (44), 6×7 (57). There aren’t a great number of episodes of 52 minutes either.

    Damn.. Episode 4 is 50 minutes long :

    We can change the last number of that link to get the times they CURRENTLY list for every season 7 episode:
    61: 59 minutes
    62: 59
    63: 63
    64: 50
    65: 59
    66: 71
    67: 81
    If there’s any accuracy, if they hold true, the sixth and seventh episodes will both be longer than any episode so far. That would be a 63 minute average for the season…

  13. Clob,

    I keep a private list of running times and other statistics. HBO rounds up a bit. Those 51 minute episodes are in fact 50:41 (season 2), 50:48 (3), 50:34 (4), 50:25 (5) and 50:17 (6.) The one that’s listed as 50 minutes, the season six premiere, is actually 49:58.

  14. Luka Nieto,
    I’m guessing you pull those times from the video time bar when watching online. ? I pulled up 2×4 and saw it matched your time by starting at 50:41 anyway. 🙂 At any rate, we can assume the times HBO lists should be within a half minute or so typically. That isn’t to say that all seven for this season can’t change yet. If they’re close we should actually get a higher average this season regardless of what Hibberd said. 😛

  15. HelloThere,

    Me too. I actually hope for my gf to be too sleepy to stay up and watch it because I’d rather enjoy it in solitude so I can focus on every word and shot. God forbid anyone speak out loud during an episode! Haha.

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