The Game of Thrones Holiday Gift Guide


It’s that time of year again, when malls get scary and we’re scrambling for last minute gift ideas. With that thought in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best Game of Thrones gifts this holiday season to get you started.

JaimeI’m loving this year’s batch of Game of Thrones collectible figures by Dark Horse. My favorites in the newest series are Cersei and Jaime Lannister. The sculpting and paintwork, which accurately capture the Emmy-winning costumes of the show, have created something special. The detailed figures stand 7-8 inches tall, and retail for $24.99 each.

If you’re admiring the ornaments posted above, then you’re in luck! The Game of Thrones Logo Glass Ball, the Game of Thrones Sigil Ornament Set of 3, and the Westeros Map Ball are all available at the HBO Store.

HBO’s Inside Game of Thrones: Seasons 3 & 4 by Cat Taylor is filled with behind-the-scenes stories and production details, is a great read-  and is on sale for $25.80 at Amazon, at the moment. You can check out the foreword of the book by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss here. Like the first Inside Game of Thrones book, this edition looks gorgeous and is a must for major fans.

Magnetic MapOne of the newest GoT products around is the Game of Thrones Map of Westeros and Map Marker Magnet Set  (shown left) which retails for $12.99. Based on the battle map Robb Stark used on the show, this is a magnetic version with accompanying sigil markers. The visuals on this one are attractive, and the magnetic products from the official GoT line are consistently of quality.

If the Thrones nerd in your life likes to wear their appreciation, there are some nice clothing options out there.

Stay warm with the soft, handmade Westeros Map Infinity Scarf by RoobyLane, which comes in two sizes, 6″ wide ($32.39) or 9″ wide ($40.49).

Alternately, take the black with the Night’s Watch Oath Varsity Zip Front Hoodie ($39.99), and stay comfortable for all the nights to come. (Bad Night’s Watch oath jokes give me life.)

Get ready for season 5 and the Sand Snakes with JenSnow‘s Dorne Remembers” shirt. If swearing allegiance to kings and houses isn’t your thing, you can stick with the knight of felines and defender of virtue, Ser Pounce. RedBubble lets you play with shirt options- a unisex tee is $25.52.

keychainIf you like the full-size Funko Pop! toys, you’ll love this next gift option. The Pocket Pop! Keychain, which comes in Daenerys Targaryen or Jon Snow varieties. The $5.99 keychain figures are 1 and a half inches tall.

David Peterson’s Living Language Dothraki ($19.99) is available, and MakingGameofThrones has released several audio clips of common phrases today giving us a taste of what the course offers. The language course teaches you conversational use of Dothraki, so head over to the MGoT blog to start practicing how to inform your enemies that you’re going to let them live.

VM glassFor the fan in your life who enjoys Game of Thrones with a special brew, check out the custom Valar Morghulis glass ($14.99), designed for the Brewery Ommegang’s Valar Morghulis Dubbel Ale. All men must die, but first we’ll live.

That concludes the gift roundup for the moment. Feel free to share your own finds and recommendations in Comments. If you find any great sales or unique Thrones creations out there, let your fellow fans know.  Happy holidays!



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    1. Nodor!

      Top of my wish list: the Pop Darth Sansa. Followed by the cuddly Nymeria toy. Maybe the Ghost one too. Heck, I want all of them. They’re adorable.

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    2. Amazing! I’m jumping now. Thanks for the info…
      Inside Game Of Thrones Book (season 3-4) by Cat Taylor and Night’s Watch Oath Varsity Zip, wow!!!!

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    3. Yes, the glass looks excellent. A “Valar Morghulis” toast with the Targ red ale or Take the Black stout is mandatory at least a few times each month.

      Digging the ornaments too.

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    4. Huh. Went to try to order the christmas ornaments, but US$30 +US$23 for shipping and handling… I told them it’s a bit stiff S&H for three small disks (one of which is in the wrong heraldic colors).

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    5. The only thing I wish for is the funko Pop Darth SAnsa figure. I just need to find a shop that delivers worldwide or at least to Europe.

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    6. StellaFleuret,

      Amazon won’t have Dark Sansa/Alayne until Jan 31, 2015 (according to their website, which is loosely tied to the HBO shop). The current price is $20 + $10 shipping only within US. Hopefully, prices come down. European distribution will probably be quite a bit more expensive. Ugghh.

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    7. There are some very cool items available. Thanks! As nice as some of them are, (I especially like the glasses)I’m still fixated on the baby Drogon from the Noble Collection. (hint hint)

      I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day…of those who celebrate it. I ate way too much food and watched lots of college basketball. It was a good day!

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