Game of Owns: The Lord’s Kiss

Episode 249 – The Lord’s Kiss
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Following a visit from the Lady Melisandre, two former Hands greet one another in a dank, warm prison. Beyond the Wall, Jon parts with an old friend, and grows even closer to Ygritte.

Discussion Topics
Season 5 teaser
Reading, and seeing
A flicker in the dark
Belief in the Mannis
Melisandre’s terms, and words
Slashed velvet
You know something
Destined struggles
Caverns and caves
Owns of the Chapters
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    1. Balerion The Cat,

      GRRM mispronounces the name of his own characters. For example he calls Tommen “tow-men” (as in towing a car). Ofcourse this pronunciation makes absolutely no sense and i’m glad the show pronounces it “Tom-en”.

      Just pronounce the name the way that makes you comfortable.

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    2. arden: Is this even possible? Not all words are phonetic you know.

      Well, it would be more accurate to say that he spells some of his characters’ names in very strange and unlikely ways, considering how they’re supposed to be pronounced. If the show pronunciation of “Margaery” as “Marjory” is correct, I really can’t wrap my head around it. How can “g” before “a” be read that way? I still can’t accept the show pronunciation and I keep pronouncing it as “Margery” , as in “Margaret”.

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    3. Another great episode, made all the better by you reading my own (yay!). đŸ˜‰

      Regarding gods: Melisandre says there are two; the Faith of the Seven says there are seven – or one god in seven aspects; the Old God religion says there are many of them, and then there’s also the Drown God and the Storm God… who’s to say what is true? Maybe some of those supernatural beings exist (the Lord of Light seems real enough), maybe they all do, but should they all be considered gods? What are their relative power levels? All those are open questions.

      There’s just one comment in this episode I really don’t understand – the apparently sarcastic comment about the upcoming Dany and Sansa chapters. To me, the comment would have made a lot more sense without the sarcasm. Why wouldn’t everyone be excited about them? Or Catelyn’s chapters, for that matter? I can see why Bran’s chapters wouldn’t be seen as the most exciting, since not a lot happens to him (even though we get some great information, like the Knight of the Laughing Tree story), and I can understand why Essos in general would not be seen as the most exciting location – but Dany’s chapters in Astapor are really strong and much more exciting than most of what’s going on in Westeros at this point in the book. But Sansa has great chapters in A Storm of Swords, and so does Catelyn – we see the entire Stark campaign and her and Robb’s tragedy, and one of the book’s high points is in her chapter. Whose chapters are supposed to be better at this point? Davos’ and Jon’s chapters were really nice, but they’re not nearly as big in terms of events as the two upcoming chapters, Daenerys III and Sansa III, which are among the strongest and (IMO) best in this book, and they certainly the most eventful and important of the book so far, in addition to Sam’s chapter, the two latest Catelyn chapters and Jaime’s latest chapter.

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    4. I guess some of the hosts don’t like these characters, which is their right of course. Plus, given how we bitched about the last Sansa chapter, I can see that Kate for instance isn’t too keen. đŸ˜‰

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