Game of Owns: Stormborn Part Two


Episode 375 – Stormborn Part Two
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A podcast returns with firepower. INSIDER senior reporter Kim Renfro joins the show to talk pirates, prophecies, and hot pies.

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Thank you for the excellent feedback and conversation! And thank you to Kim Renfro for joining us!

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    1. I believe this episode set up both Varys and Tyrion turning on Dany in the future and siding with somebody else (most likely Jon).

      They keep hammering home season after season that Varys is about “The Realm” and the little people. Of the 3 current leaders (Jon, Dany, & Cersei), Jon is the only one who continues to care about his people the way they deserve.

      Tyrion keeps giving her weird looks, especially when she said she will make Jon Snow bend the knee.

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    2. Love the enthusiasm but this ep was a little remedial. Like to hear robust discussion not the rehashed theories.

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    3. Jorah’s role is a bridge.

      Dany is ticked at the world. She suspects a mole. Tyrion’s plan failed. Varys is a previous betrayer. Oleanna has her own agenda. The Greyjoys are unreliable.

      Then Jon shows up and she’s not having it. She’s done with strange men and that Davos guy worked for Stannis.

      She’s about to banish or burn these clowns. Then Jorah shows up and takes one look at Longclaw and realizes his dad trusted Jon.

      Jorah is the one who she trusts the most. He vouches for Jon.

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    4. The podcast also mentioned Nissa Nissa and how this may lead to either Dany or Jon killing the other, but I also thought of how this could be one of Dany’s dragons and that she may be forced to kill one of her dragons in the future. She considers them her children so it would be heartbreaking for her to do it. Also, what better way to imbue a sword with magical abilities than dragon’s blood? .. But that’s just one of my crackpot theories.

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    5. Violator:,

      Why would they want to do that when Jon and Dany will be in bed, both figuratively and literally speaking?

      Uhmm…you’re not spoiling right now, are you?

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    6. One thing I have learned. Across nearly 7 seasons. There are artisans in the background we never see. Except for the start of season 2 Dany has dress makers , somewhere, and seemingly jewelers and other like-stuff gets made. In Dany’s case book wise she had a camp following of about 100,000 or more from the slaver cities she took, we even see some of them , once, as camp followers in season 4. Never see them again. At least the work force is there in the background. Flag makers and sail makers galore , at least those ship outfitters made a hundred , several hundred? , more?, Targ sails for those ships, well Meereen was a rich place. So on….
      Like any good sword and spear army the Unsullied can make their own stuff, like the catapults before Meereen.
      Even in the distressed conditions , in the north, a statue of Ned has been made by off screen statue-makers. Someone must have survived at Winterfell and the surrounding country side to make new duds for Sansa and Jon.

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    7. A Jon/Dany romance is inevitable (perhaps it won’t last for various reasons), but doesn’t anyone care that she is his aunt? I know they are Targaryen’s but its gross and I just can’t get excited about it.

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    8. Jennipeg,

      I care that she’s his aunt lol! To each his own opinion but I’m not really rooting for them hooking up. I won’t be shocked if it happens though… it’s GoT after all. I think they’ll do a Luke & Leia will they-won’t they thing until find out they’re related. I don’t see Jon going for it but who knows.

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    9. Worfwworfington,

      I like your “Jorah Bridge” theory. In addition to Jon-Longclaw-Jeor connection, if Jorah does show up cured of greyscale, the Samwell Tarly-Jon Snow-Jeor Mormont good will comes into play too.

      So far, Jon’s gotten glowing reviews from Tyrion and Mel. Despite Jorah’s dislike for Ned Stark, Jon and Sam have done right by the Mormonts.

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    10. Enjoyed the podcast! Glad they brought up the fact Ned Stark did not want to kill young Dany and Varys being a witness to that fact. For some reason, I think that is going to come up again in an important way.

      I like the “Jorah bridge” idea, at least that Jorah and Sam make it to Dragonstone while Jon is there. Jorah vouching for Sam who will also tell of the WWs may help convince Dany to help Jon. Oh the conversations and actions that could come from such a meeting!

      I wonder if Jon will say anything to Dany re Aemon, the maester from Castle Black since he was a Targaryen? Or will that be another wonderful conversation that will happen off screen? Just a few sentences, please!

      Wasn’t it Aemon that told Jon that love was the death of duty? Or am I mis-remembering that?

      Less than 24 hours to go!

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    11. Aryamad,

      I’m glad i’m not alone! Nobody seems to mention it, so I thought it was just me lol.

      Its not weird for Targaryen’s, but Jon hasn’t been raised that way. So if they get together and later find out they are related, I can’t see him going ‘oh well never mind’. At least Viserys told Dany she would have married Rhaegar if she had been old enough.

      I could go along with a Luke/Leia type thing, I hope thats what happens, a sweeping love story will just make me gag.

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