Game of Owns: Love Jail

Episode 243 – Love Jail
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Starks upon Starks. Arya and company are greeted by a merry group of new friends, while in Riverrun, Catelyn’s noble first born returns with a crowd of surprising news.

Discussion Topics
People coming
Woody banter
A familiar inn
Horse bribery
Harwin kneels
Robb returns
The wedding story
Send the wolf away
A question of strategy
Owns of the Chapters
Lovely listeners
GoT merchandise giveaway

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    1. Deathdreams:
      My own goes to Jeyne Westerling’s vagina for causing Rob so many problems….so much like real life.

      I don’t know, one could also give the own to Robb’s penis and argue that it was the one who caused the problems.

      I think it would be most fair to give a joined own to Jeyne’s vagina and Robb’s penis.

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