Game Of Owns: Doran’s Grand Plan

Episode 365 – Doran’s Grand Plan
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Two Dornish chapters, separated by theories, years, and books. Two Dornish siblings, separated by their father’s noble work. Arianne and Quentyn Martell are here!

A Feast For Crows: The Princess in the Tower
A Dance With Dragons: The Merchant’s Man
From our A FEAST WITH DRAGONS reading order.

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Differing opinions
Quentyn and Arianne
A hero’s journey
Feelings for Arianne
Doran the Darkhorse
Missing Arys
What’s next for Arianne?
20 days in Volantis
Which path to take?
The Windblown pitch
Chapter Owns


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    1. God, how glorious would it have been to see Doran’s plan on the tv show. Man, I love book Dorne…such a waste! 🙁

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    2. Fear not, Oberyn, we will avenge your death by killing your brother and nephew. I know that’s what you would’ve wanted.

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    3. aiad,

      Lol…wait you think he wouldn’t want his daughters eradicating his family line?

      Kind of makes Oberyn look foolish for saying “we don’t hurt little girls in Dorne” to Cersei.

      The Queenmaker plot would have been great on tv and added more girl power to combat those critics of the show who only focus on the sexual violence.

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    4. Na Hannah you’re totally right about Dorne and Quentyn in particular, feels a bit like a waste of time in retrospect. I actually think the Dorne chapters apart from the Quentyn travelogue are really good, it’s just unfortunate that they don’t really lead to anything other than an epic speech by Doran (and epic it really is).

      You guys should talk about the Arianne sample chapters since you talked about the Greyjoy one, I think that’d be good to listen to

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    5. Thanks for noting the Black Wall of Volantis and the Demon Road. All the instances of fused black stone throughout Planetos are significant. I hope this is discussed in the Crackpot theories session or Lovecraftian influence session at the con.

      I recall that Arianne’s sample chapter has clues about the extent of the underground weirnet.

      This was a great episode. I have so many chapters to re-read before Defending Dorne!

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