Game of Thrones wins 8 Creative Arts Emmys!


Game of Thrones received a total of 24 Emmy nominations this year and the celebrations started tonight, with the handing out of the Creative Arts awards at a ceremony at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

At the Creative Arts ceremony, the technically oriented and guest acting categories are announced, and Game of Thrones picked up 8 (!) well-deserved awards in several categories!

dragonsOutstanding Special Visual Effects – “The Dance of Dragons”

Outstanding Makeup For A Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic) – “Mother’s Mercy”

Outstanding Production Design For A Narrative Contemporary Or Fantasy Program (One Hour Or More) – “High Sparrow” –  Deborah Riley, Production Designer

Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series – “The Dance of Dragons”

HardhomeOutstanding Casting For A Drama Series – Casting Directors Nina Gold, Robert Sterne and Carla Stronge

Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series – “Hardhome”

Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour) – “Hardhome”

Outstanding Stunt Coordination For A Drama Series, Limited Series Or Movie – Rowley Irlam, Stunt Coordinator

The Creative Arts Emmy Awards will air on the FXX channel on September 19th at 8:00pm ET/PT and 10:30pm ET/PT.

The Emmy Awards live ceremony, with the announcements of categories such as Best Drama and Best Supporting Actor/Actress will air on Sunday, September 20th at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

Congratulations to HBO and the cast and crew of Game of Thrones for their splendid showing at the Emmys tonight!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. They are soooo winning that Best Drama award next week. They have never won this many and the awards that this level of importance
    And pretty important ones too; Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Casting. They used to only win Costumes, Makeup and such.

  2. Like I said over in the earlier thread, I expect Gold’s win will please a lot of fans, since I think the casting people not winning was one of the more notable recurring complaints. The show is definitely well-cast.

    Cinematography I expect they would have won but for splitting the vote between four different nominees. Though I haven’t seen the episode of Boardwalk Empire in question, so maybe it is just out-of-this-world good.

    Emmy Winner,

    This is certainly their best shot, but it should be kept in mind that the connection between the below-the-line categories and the top tier is quite tenuous at the Emmys (unlike, say, the Oscars).

  3. So which ones / how many did we lose?
    Some were double nominations too right (more eps for the same thing)…
    So not that much possibly.

    Also… Casting was won! A bit ironic since it was lost year after year when arguably much better casting was done / made.

    Cinematography I expect they would have won but for splitting the vote between four different nominees. Though I haven’t seen the episode of Boardwalk Empire in question, so maybe it is just out-of-this-world good.

    People called this! Pretty ridicilous of course… it’s clear what happened here.

  4. Congrats to the winners. I’m so happy my boy Drogon won in his category! 😀 As he should have, despite some amount of complaining.

  5. Eight wins. That’s insane. For reference, the record number of wins for any Drama series in a single year is nine (The West Wing in 2000). Game of Thrones has almost equaled that total in one night, and it’s still up for seven awards at the Primetime telecast. I have to believe that it will take home at least one or two of those trophies next Sunday.

    As Sean C notes, the connection between the technical categories and the major awards tends be far more tenuous at the Emmys than it is at the Oscars. Nevertheless, I think that tonight’s results are an extremely promising sign for Game of Thrones’ chances to win Outstanding Drama Series. Remember, under the new voting system, there are no more judging panels. All Academy members eligible to vote for that category, provided they voted in the nomination round. It’s pretty clear that no show has more broad-based support within the Academy at the moment than Game of Thrones.

    Mad Men, an all-time great show that just ended its run, is widely considered to be Game of Thrones’ biggest competition in the Drama Series category. A wave of sentimental support could certainly help it win for a fifth time, which would be the all-time record. However, it’s also worth noting that Mad Men was up for six awards tonight and won nothing. Indeed hasn’t won a single Emmy since it captured its fourth consecutive win for Drama Series back in 2011. There’s also the matter of it much-publicized streak of its actors having never won despite 34 nominations. I do think that streak will end, at least, with Jon Hamm deservingly considered to be the favorite in the Lead Actor category.

  6. I hope Lena wins next week. She deserves it. It may be the show’s time to finally win best drama. The 5th season was the magic number for ‘The Sopranos’ and ‘Breaking Bad’. I’m assuming ‘Mad Men’ is the biggest competition.

  7. Emmy Winner:
    They are soooo winning that Best Drama award next week. They have never won this many and the awards that this level of importance
    And pretty important ones too; Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Casting. They used to only win Costumes, Makeup and such.

    I wouldn’t put money on it. It’ll probably be all Mad Men night, frankly. Lena Heady seems to have the best chance to win in her category.

  8. Toby,

    Boardwalk Empire has turned in some episodes with incredible cinematography but I don’t think that episode was necessarily one of them. It was pretty standard. I think it won because BE was in its last season, and because GOT had so many nominations it split its own vote.

  9. Jared,

    I would be a lot more confident about GoT’s chances for Best Drama were it not for Mad Men’s final episode, which, imo, was pretty brilliant. Of course, that could have something to do with it ending with something I recognized from being a young child. That’s not to take anything away from that episode, but I have to think the “oh, wow” moment I had was because I remembered that commercial, or at least a version of it. I remember it being a Christmas thing.

    Anyway, I still think GoT has a great shot, I guess I just don’t want to get my hope up too much.

    I’m so glad Casting finally won.

  10. Finally Nina Gold gets acknowledged. Now what about Ramin Djawadi?

    It’s taking stupidly long for one of TVs best scores.

  11. This is proof that Game of Thrones will sweep the Emmys next week!!!! Lena has no competition, the Emmy is already hers!! I can’t wait for her acceptance speech. Game of thrones has best drama in the bag too. Mad Men lost then and will lose now. It’s Game of Thrones time to shine

  12. jentario:
    Finally Nina Gold gets acknowledged. Now what about Ramin Djawadi?

    It’s taking stupidly long for one of TVs best scores.

    I know, right? I’m still pretty baffled that he has been ignored all this time. He has been consistently awesome.

  13. Just wondering…is this a win for the casting of this particular season? Or is this an award for the casting for the show generally?

  14. Congrats to *all* the winners, but really… !!!Nina Gold!!! Finally…

    Now let’s take the big one as well next week. Not despite Sansa’s wedding night controversy, but because of it. Such a sadly all-too-real issue should always make people feel uncomfortable, and lead to (ideally constructive*) discussion. It should make people consider the ugly truths about society. The fact that GOT’s (extremely well written, directed, acted and edited) rape scene raised so much more attention than rape scenes normally do is because, much more than any other show, it makes us care about the characters. It is for this same reason that many of the shows death scenes are so extremely painful to watch. I don’t know if it will happen this year or one of the next, but it would certainly be a travesty if GOT never got Best Drama.

    ( * the discussion completely de-railed in the media and online – but sadly that’s the nature of present-day’s media/people, not GOT’s fault)

  15. Hodor Targaryen,

    In principle it’s just for the past season, although in this particular category the limits are not so clear, since many of the actors still on the show appeared already in previous seasons. Anyway, it was a long overdue win.

  16. This is cool. Gold deserved this years ago. As an audio engineer, I am thrilled with the wins for mixing and editing for Hardhome. That episode felt very real and so intense not only because of the direction; camerawork; vfx; stunt work- but very much so because of such great sound design (an element that seems to get overlooked a lot).

    Cheers, big ears. On to next week! (go Lena, go drama!)

  17. Congratulations all, especially Nina. Very well deserved. There were a couple of other categories I think we should have won, but eight wins is marvellous.

  18. Daughter of Winter:

    God don’t start with ramin i simply can’t believe all this ignorance towards his work it’s bloody ridiculous.

    Nothing comes close to snubbing Bear McCreary year after year for his groundbreaking work on the new BSG.

  19. Only 2 Drama shows in Emmy history has won Best Drama for their swan songs: And they were Breaking Bad and The Sopranos. Sentimentailty factor is not as big as for the Emmys as everyone might think. Your final season should really be outstanding and revoulatinary in order to be recognized again. And keep in mind that both of those shows had been considered the best ones in their decade, everyone was feeling they were undertepresented in the Emmys for their first seasons and they were over due for a second win. Mad Men isn’t overdue. They won 4 times. All the other shows that have won 4 Emmys went their home empty-handed for their final seasons.(See:LA Law, Hill Street Blues, The West Wing) I still could have believed Mad Men could pull this off but they don’t even have a Directing nomination for their finale, or any other episodes for god’s sake. Even U,U,U got in ahead of that. There is no excuse for this. And now considering all of this news too( Dance of Dragon’s editing>>Mad Men’s finales editing) I literally don’t see a scenario how can they win it. It’s not %100 impossible, but it would be really a travesty if they win somehow. This year’s new popularity rule will also help GoT because voting has been opened up to all Academy members. And those who gave GoT a 8 award will also vote for it in the Best Drama Category. Case is closed.

  20. I think GoT will almost sure win for the best Drama Directing and the best Drama Supp. Actress.

    I think they have good chance to take the best Drama Series.

    So I expect 10 or 11 awards. That will mean that GoT has the record number of wins for any Drama series in a single year!

  21. mau,

    But of course, when that happens, the Emmys will mean nothing, or HBO bought them.
    And when Martin writes how happy he is, like he already did, it’s only a lie, truly deep down he hates the show. That brought him millions.

    Can’t you see how obvious it is!

    P.S. Sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂

  22. Luka Nieto,

    Well, in directing category, they don’t have any competition. And for actress, WoS is too powerful scene to be ignored.

    At golden derby Lena Headey is the front runner

  23. Im gonna be super salty is Lena doesn’t win this year.
    I don’t know if the popularity thing will hurt or help her. Her scene will hopefully stand out enough to take it away from Aduba or Hendricks.

    All 4 guest actor wins were out of left field on goldderby predictions, so Im expecting Baranski to pull a ridiculous win now over Headey, Aduba, or Hendricks, lol.

  24. If Lena didn’t use a body double for her walk of shame she might have the award wrapped up already. I don’t think it’s set in stone that she will win.

    I don’t expect season 5 of GOT to beat Madman. If Season 3 or 4 were going up against it than I think it would be possible.

    As for best Directing I hope Miguel “Hardhome” Sapochnik takes it.

  25. Tar Kidho: !!!Nina Gold!!! Finally…

    Right?! It was about time! Got is sitting on 70 awards according to wikipeida. I think it’s save to say that it will crack the 100 before the series is over.

  26. jentario:
    Finally Nina Gold gets acknowledged. Now what about Ramin Djawadi?

    It’s taking stupidly long for one of TVs best scores.

    Hear, hear!!

  27. It wasn’t right to award 4 nominations to GoT for cinematography, it’s a given they would cancel each other out. If a show garners that many noms in a category, it should win by default. It isn’t sporting to the GoT cinematography crew, and the winner’s award is tainted because of this.

  28. As a *huge* Mad Men fan who has been watching since the pilot aired live, it is much more important to me that Jon Hamm finally gets his Emmy for bringing Don Draper to life than for the show to win its fifth Best Drama Emmy. I think any Mad Men fan would agree. That’s not to say that I didn’t think the final season was brilliant, because I did.

    Honestly, the biggest thing standing in the way of Thrones winning Best Drama isn’t Mad Men, per se. It’s the Academy’s long history of snubbing fantasy and similar genres (see: sci fi) in general.

  29. Fantastic news to everyone who won! Especially the casting team as they have done a stellar job and have been overlooked in previous years. Can’t say I am overly surprised that Diana Rigg didn’t win to be honest.

    I have a feeling that next Sunday will be a wee bit disappointing for Game of Thrones. I don’t think that they are gonna win any of the awards that they have left to win though a lot of places seem to have Peter Dinklage as a favourite which surprises me.

    Since it’s been announced the Supporting Actress category I just have a feeling Uzo Aduba is gonna clinch it. Although Christine Baranski is a long term consistent performer, Joanne Froggatt won the Golden Globe this year, Christina Hendricks has the always the bridemaid never the bride/last season momentum on her side, Emilia Clarke is probably the most recognisable household name/plays the most famous character (and could split the GoT vote) and Lena Headey had all the publicity her infamous WoS brought with it so it really could be anyones. Though I really really hope Lena wins it! (I think I want this more than the series to win Best Drama but both would be brilliant!) Peter – I don’t particuarly agree with the nom but any awards for the show are great in my eyes.

  30. Sue the Fury,
    As good as the four nominated episodes of GoT were the season premiere of Boardwalk Empire have a beutiful cinematography with a stunning under the water scene. BE absolutely deserved that award.

  31. LOL Dance of Dragons wins all the awards over Hardhome… Proof how much the Emmys *love* Darlings Clarke and Dinklage! What a crock of shite.

  32. Sean C.,

    It’s called a tie, give one to each of them.

    The voters are suppose to watch the episodes in question, but do you think they actually did, they voted based on show, some for each of the GoT episodes nominated. Of course you have the A.H. who voted for the others, primarily because GoT is a genre show, and they turn their nose at anything that’s not traditional melodrama.

    Ser Matt the Sullen,

    That may not bode well for Ms Headey, which I pray is not the case.

  33. tyjon,

    Why should all four win, just because they all work for the same show? Their work was individual. Vote-splitting is unfortunate, but your proposal would be unfair to all the other nominees.

  34. Sean C.:

    Who should win?Each of GOT’s four nominations for was for a different cinematographer.They can’t all win.

    I feared this would happen back when nominations were announced. I hope we’re not treated to the same result with the directing award due to vote splitting.

  35. Yeah, no question the special effects are top notch, although there might be a discussion made about their cost. What I am really curious about is the Emmys they’ll get next weekend.

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