Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 4 “Sons of the Harpy” Comic and Facebook Recap

Time for the latest batch of Game of Thrones funnies, which this week are all about those pesky Sons of the Harpy, Lancel’s crazy new gang-mates and Ser Barristan’s situation. (Spoiler alert!)

The new edition of Comics of Ice and Fire  checks out an alternate look for members of the Faith Militant:

Lighten up, eh, Lancel?

This week’s Facebook recap is up over at the ever excellent Someecards.  Click through the image to read the full recap.


And there’s more! Courtesy of two excellent videos from Ozzy Man!  First up, a eulogy to our dear departed Ser Barristan Selmy:

And my personal favourite, Game of Thrones meets Streetfighter!

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    1. Ozzy! He did Selmy justice with that eulogy. I’m still in pain. RIP show-only!Barristan the Bold!

      At least we have the books. Sound the attack!

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    2. About that Dornish patrol…

      Even freshwater is hard to come by, and the seas south of Dorne are rife with whirlpools and infested with sharks and kraken.


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    3. “Like jennifer Lawrence with physical coordination and silver hair” many lol’s in that whole post, many many lol’s

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    4. Greenjones,

      Ugh….I guess I’ll have to cope with the inevitable.

      Roose should know it’s bad luck to have a pregnant woman at a Westeros wedding.

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    5. Greenjones,

      Book Roose and show Roose are two different entities for me. I also didn’t really expect D&D to add it.

      He also stated in ADWD that he doesn’t want a child inheriting House Bolton.

      Roose reveals to Theon that if Walda were to give him any children Ramsay would most likely kill them, which Roose states is just as well, since he most likely will not live to see the child reach adulthood. Roose believes child lords are the bane of any house and does not want a child to succeed him as Lord of the Dreadfort.

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    6. Turncloak,

      ‘The Dance Of The Dragons’ or ‘A Dance With Dragons’ sounds better. After this I’m expecting ‘Jon Dies At The End’ to be the title of episode 10.

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    7. Greenjones,

      Wow… thank you for posting that.
      All five of them at the dinner table.
      That really Does stoke the vicious fires at Winterfell.

      Chaffing at the bit now for episode 5 😀

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    8. Tyrion Pimpslap,

      Could there be Any chance that they go with “Azor Ahai” as the title for Epidode 10??? 😀

      I know the series isn’t big on prophecies but it would be lovely to see them reuse the asian actress playing the Red Priestess from Volantis and for her to inform Daenerys of it sometime this season?

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    9. OSN has the video for “Inside the Episode” for Episode 5

      I am not sure if it is ok to post the link, so just do your own cybersleuthing

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    10. ace,

      O wow… this post is turning into a veritable treat for glimpses of next week.
      Thank you for that Ace 😀 😀 😀

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    11. Damn! maybe I shouldn’t have watched this… it gives away quite alot and I was so good resisting the leaked episodes 🙁

      HBO seem to have a strange way of tempting and revealing our expectations for this episode.

      Guess it’s a case of Be careful watch you search for … you may not like being Spoiled!!!

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    12. Possible Episode 10 titles:

      Long Term Parking
      Can You Believe Dany Is Still Not in Westeros?
      Four Boobs, Three Penises and a Funeral
      “Fuck It, Let’s Kill Hodor.”

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    13. Episode 10 will probably be called Walk of Shame IMO… Seems like the way to end this Cersei-centric season

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    14. ace,

      Damn it… Not your fault ace … but I feel Sure we weren’t meant to see this clip til After Episode 5 aired…?

      Surely OSN have broken some form of agreement with HBO…???

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    15. Stanislav,

      Stanislav … if you avoided watching the leaked episodes… I would recommend you avoid this too til after you’ve watched Episode 5! 🙁

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    16. Yung Wolf,

      Yung? I really don’t want to and don’t blame you for been angry with me. 🙁

      Moderaters HELP???

      Surely this clip wasn’t meant to be seen or discussed yet??? 🙁

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    17. Video Contents

      aemon says kill the boy
      jorah & tyrion travel through valyria and see drogon
      Walda Baby
      Jon makes pact with wildlings

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    18. Justice,

      Thank you. I don’t want to watch the video yet, but I do like discussing what is coming up in each episode. You just skimmed the plot points and that is perfect for me.

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    19. I’m not clicking on anything, and if that is some kind of leak, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the posts on this thread regarding it get deleted. With the leaks of the first 4 episodes, we were told in no uncertain terms not to post links to them.

      Moreover, by virtue of people summarizing the contents, it spoils it for those who don’t want to know, and think spoiler codes are simply being used for what they’re intended for…book spoilers. People could enter this thread, click reveal spoilers at the top, not knowing what may be going on, and be spoiled.

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    20. The OSN teaser, the Boltons clip, on Instagram seems okay to share. Sometimes non-American networks use different trailers or teasers, so it is what it is. HBO has to suck it up- we’ve had different episode trailer before from other countries.

      Something longer, like an Inside the Episode, just hide it all behind spoiler coding and label the hell out of it (since many people have spoiler coding turned off by default because they think it’s just book spoilers). Releasing an Inside the Episode ahead of schedule is surely a mistake for sure but a little less damaging than a full-episode leak. (I mean yeah I could delete like thirty comments but I really don’t want to. Ugh. Leaks.)

      But the teaser and the episode title, those I’ll post and that way anyway discussion can be moved to that thread as well.

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    21. On a more humorous and sporty vibe, CBS sports art department created
      Game of Thrones football helmets.

      My vote for funniest goes to House Bolton and my fav being a Nole is House Martell.

      CBS NFL GoT helmets

      Poor Walda, after seeing that I know who Ramsey’s gonna flay next

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    22. Sue the Fury,

      Well, I’m glad to know it wasn’t more major leakage.

      That said, and I know you can’t do anything about this, I guess it’s back to avoiding any thread about the episode until the episode airs, since someone already posted an uncovered tidbit about what the video shows. *facepalm*

      I guess I should try and look on the bright side, at least I don’t have to try and moderate this stuff, just avoid it. We should all send you a big ol’ bottle of Maker’s Mark, or something.

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    23. caliopesnow,

      Have you tried to replay this video today? I’m getting blocked messages; that it’s a private site, etc. I’d love to see this and if you or anyone knows of a way to access it, would you please post the site/instructions?

      Many thanks.

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    24. Keira,

      Thanks for the link, Keira, but were you able to see the segment in which Kit reads “lyrics” to the Game of Thrones theme? I’ve seen the parts about his GOT audition and his new movie, but I’m still getting the “private video” message for the lyrics portion.

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