A Captain and a Frey return to Game of Thrones for season 5

Gary OliverWith filming beginning this week, the casting updates are rolling in, and we have news for you on two minor characters from season 4.

In the season finale, Arya Stark escaped Westeros with the help of a Braavosi sea captain played by Gary Oliver. According to the actor’s CV, he’ll be back in season 5 as the captain, Ternesio Terys. No doubt we’ll see him as Arya continues on her voyage and arrives at her destination.

And back in Westeros, there’s Frey news. Well, Bolton now.

Elizabeth WebsterAccording to her agency, actress Elizabeth Webster, who appeared in season 4 as Walda Frey, will be returning to Game of Thrones in season 5. The agency says she’ll be filming this autumn.

Walda Frey first appeared in the show only as a reference during the notorious episode, “The Rains of Castamere”, when Roose Bolton mentions his new bride at the Red Wedding. Walda herself finally turned up in “The Lion and the Rose,” meeting her step-son Ramsay when she and Roose return to the Dreadfort.

Sue the Fury says: Of course, the first thing I did when I learned Walda was returning was tell Bex, who apparently screamed in a crowded restaurant. It would be nice to see some resentment between Ramsay and Walda next season, and some fun dialogue for Walda, as she’s one of those minor characters I’ve always enjoyed. As for the captain, continuity is always good and I liked him in “The Children.”

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    1. I wonder if she’ll be more than a cameo this time. I could see her appearing throughout the Winterfell storyline next season. And I could see her

      becoming a victim of the murders in Winterfell

      . But that’s probably not going to happen.

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    2. Okay, confirmation that the Northern storyline will be shot in autumn… rises the hopes back for characters there not being entirely cast yet.

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    3. Arkash,

      I wouldn’t jump to conclusions here. It is conformation that one actor starts filming then. That doesn’t mean that all actors who are in the northern storyline do.

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    4. I share Bex’s reaction – she’s by far my favorite Frey! I hope that they’ll keep her personality from the books, as a lot of “fun” characters (Mance, Tormund, etc) have tended to appear more somber on the show. She’s great for lighthearted moments, despite the storyline she’s involved in.

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    5. I like these news. ‘Fat’ Walda and the Captain that better makes sure, Arya knows all the names from the guys on the ship.. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    6. When I read “Frey return” I was hoping it could be Black Walder. We need a Frey in Winterfell right? He could replace Hosteen. And Lame Lothar could be the new Little Walder (as an excuse for having a conflict with the Manderlys)

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    7. To All…

      We realize the frustration with the spoiler issue and are working to resolve it as we write this. Please be patient as we get the bugs fixed.

      Thank you all for supporting WotW! This is your site and we will work feverishly until all issues are resolved.


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    8. It would be awesome if they could somehow connect the Braavosi captain with the ship insurer (if he’s indeed the 50ish guy they want to cast).

      And go Walda! People will be very excited by this news.

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    9. It would be awesome if they could somehow connect the Braavosi captain with the ship insurer (if heโ€™s indeed the 50ish guy they want to cast).

      Indeed ! Or if he ends up being the one to carry

      Sam and Gilly from Braavos to Oldtown.

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    10. Arkash,

      Nice thinking. That might actually be the recently leaked ship captain being cast, though.

      He’s probably either that or part of the new Jamie stuff. I’m slightly leaning towards the former.

      In any case, use spoiler tags. [_]text[/_]
      Replace _ with spoiler

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    11. Arkash,

      What is the shooting schedule like for GoT? I assumed they spread out the crews/actors and did the whole thing at once (though that would mean directors would be jumping all over the place).

      Has there been an article describing the process of shooting a season? (or is it available on any of the BluRays? [I’ve been a horrid fan in not watching all the extras…])

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    12. Walda and Roslin Frey are the only Freys whose names I remember that i want to see live. And Merry, I guess.

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    13. BTW i bet Fansided feels bad now that they don’t have you guys anymore for the first news scoops,lol .

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    14. Abyss:

      Umโ€ฆ Yep, looks like it. Should the mods mark it as NSFW?

      NSFW? More like Not Safe For Any Place Any Time Whatsoever! I still can’t un-see that image from the book XD

      Thanks for the link–can’t wait to see what they do with Oberyn!

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    15. Darquemode:

      Good to know!
      Iโ€™m thinking they will streamline the LC election arc and just use Yarwyck, Slynt and maybe Thorneโ€ฆ.

      Having Yarwick be a contender for the election would be a great way to establish the character a little bit more if he ends up being the one to… you know. ^^

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    16. Isabelle,

      Given the fact that Kit Harington is campaigning for more male nudity, we might even get the moment in the show! Good luck with un-seeing that! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    17. I presumed Fat Walda would be back again, after they went to the effort of introducing her.

      Is she going to appear as anything other than a background character though? I would like her to appear more than once next season!

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    18. I am wondering lately if we gonna see again Lancel Lannister.
      I think we should – in first place Jaime and Cersei have to break up.
      I am not sure if I remember correctly from the books that it was Tyrion with infamous line: She f***ed Lancel, Moon boy,….etc who gave to Jaime the last “proof” of his sister s true nature. It would not happen that in the show that s for sure, but somebody should bring the last strike to Jaime.

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    19. The_Rabbit01,

      I wonder about Lancel as well…
      My gut tells me he will not be back ,but

      he would be the perfect person to tell Jaime about Cersei’s promiscuity and/ or a nice way to add to the Sparrow arc by joining the Warrior’s Sons!

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    20. Darquemode,

      Yeah, I though it as well. He would fit perfectly. And I think he would be back, because he just disappeared after he fell down in Blackwater episode. On the other hand no News on dead Lancel in the show.

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    21. Abyss:

      Given the fact that Kit Harington is campaigning for more male nudity, we might even get the moment in the show! Good luck with un-seeing that! ๐Ÿ™‚


      But in all fairness, JBW may surprise us all. And if he doesn’t, well, if Kit gets his kit off, it may just even out.

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    22. Hello all. Just found the new web site and I’ll say I am soooo happy. Feels like the “site that shall not be named” in the old days. So with that being said can someone tell this old fart how to see the spoiler tags? Feels like I’m looking at blurred out porn.

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    23. The_Rabbit01:

      Yeah, I though it as well. He would fit perfectly. And I think he would be back, because he just disappeared after he fell down in Blackwater episode. On the other hand no News on dead Lancel in the show.

      Lancel is supposdedly still alive in the show since Jaime mentionned him in 4.06. I wouldnt be surprised at all to see him back in S5.

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    24. The_Rabbit01,

      He was basically confirmed as living by Jamie in his conversation with Tywin, which gives me hope that he’ll be brought back (though I’m still not completely confident that he will).

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    25. Good to see the new site! This will be my first stop from now.

      Lancel will be back; his absence will be attributed to his wounds (and possibly some soul searching.) I know we all have a tendency to write something off as cut when it is not revealed to us immediately (and why would it be, given the secrecy of the production?) but I do not doubt that Lancel will return. Jonathan Pryce’s character may need him…

      What I’d like to know is will Clive Mantel be back? The absence of the GreatJon is very noticeable on a rewatch, especially given Mantel’s lively performance. With Last Hearth and the Umbers being mentioned in season 3 and 4 (iirc) I’d love to see him back in the fold.

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    26. Valaquen,

      I’ve been hoping for Clive Mantle to be back ever since the second series began. Sorely missed the Greatjon at the RW. Completely tanked up, still took 8 men to grapple him and yet he still manages to kill one, wound others, and somewhat ironically bite the ear of another! Would have been incredible to see that.

      Somehow doubt he’ll ever be back now though, which is a damn shame.

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    27. Jospeh,

      I wanted to see that part of the scene so badly too!
      Cuts have to be made of course and some cuts affect me more than others,.I really wanted to see the GreatJon at the RW!

      I wonder about many of the characters I want to see return like the Blackfish, Beric, Lancel Lannister, Kevan Lannister etc

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    28. Darquemode,

      At least his absence did allow for Michael McElhatton to start shining as Roose.
      I still think the cut that affected me the most was no Strong Belwas. I may fully understand why he was cut, but it doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.

      I don’t reckon we’ll see Beric anymore. If LS ever does come to pass and the Brotherhood comes back in to things I think it more likely we’ll just hear about what happens to him.

      Still have to wonder where Gendry has gotten to. Did he just get lost adrift and end up with his daddy ร  la Mark Addy in Atlantis

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    29. Gendry’s location and upcoming story is a bit of a mystery isn’t it?
      Atlantis! XD

      I thought he may appear again in Brienne’s arc for a while, but no real evidence of that. If he remains in KL then he is a target for Cersei as long as she is in power…

      One of my friends was hoping Gendry could

      replace Aegon in some way… Have the houses rally to a Baratheon heir instead of a Targaryen heir,

      but I do not see that happening.

      I honestly have no idea what they will do with him or for that matter if they even need to bring him back!

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    30. Jospeh,

      It seems to me that Beric could well appear instead of LS in Brienne’s arc.

      There is no reason to think that the Brotherhood wouldn’t still capture her without Lady Stoneheart in charge. Brienne and the Brotherhood are still geographically close, even with the show changes, and the showrunners need to find additional material for Brienne. As Beric is an already established character it seems obvious to have the two interact.

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    31. Jospeh,

      Yes, I doubt Clive Mantle will be back, sadly, as I know not only the ear incident and some personal losses in his life prevented him from coming to the Hooded Man Convention earlier this year, he left all the fans there a message with words to the effect that he was taking some time out from everything.

      A shame as not only was he brilliant on the show he’s such a lovely bloke ๐Ÿ™

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    32. Tom,

      I think that it’s unlikely. Roose and Walda are already married in the show. They actually got married before the Red Wedding (Roose mentions this to Catelyn at the Twins before the massacre begins).

      Obviously it’s hard to judge a character from one brief line in a single episode, but based on how surprised and genuinely pleased Walda seemed to be by Ramsay greeting her as “mother” and kissing her on the cheek, she does seem to be a sweeter and more innocent character than she is in the books.

      I doubt that she’ll be the one who bonds with Theon, however. Ramsay is far too smart to abuse his father’s wife. It will either be Jeyne Poole or a random new character posing as Arya, or the entire plot will be dropped.

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    33. Darquemode:

      I wanted to see that part of the scene so badly too!
      Cuts have to be made of course and some cuts affect me more than others,.I really wanted to see the GreatJonat the RW!

      I wonder about many of the characters I want to see return like the Blackfish, Beric, Lancel Lannister, Kevan Lannister etc

      Same here. I want to see the BWB and the Blackfish again. And Kevan has been missing in action for two seasons. He has to return for S5. Wonder if they would recast that role?

      I would also like to see a few Northern lords cast. I can get past the absence of the Greatjon but we need a few Umbers and a Manderly, at least.

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    34. mariamb,

      Something I thought of that relates to Kevan’s anticipated return…
      If D&D

      cut Aegon, do we need Varys to return and kill Kevan?

      Butterfly wings! XD

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    35. Darquemode,

      I’m not ready to say that the Griffs have been cut. I still believe that they are essential to Varys’ story line. However, I have lots of problems with the Griffs and their supposed role going forward. If they have been cut, is it conceivable that Varys will kill Kevan in support of Dany? I’m not sure.

      Here’s hoping the spoiler tags work…

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    36. Ragman’s Harbor: Winds of Winter speculation: Spoilers wonโ€™t work!!

      Do not use the spoiler button for tonight, it’s not functional. Please see the FAQ for how to create spoiler coding. This should be sorted by tomorrow afternoon.

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    37. By the way:

      @iainglenfans ยท 15h
      Jorah Mormont is in series 5 of Game of Thrones. I met Iain Glen yesterday & he told he was to start filming soon #iainglen #gameofthrones

      Good to have it confirmed.

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    38. mariamb,

      I feel the same way.
      I was ready to say Victarion was cut last year when Daario gave Dany a fleet of 93 ships. I was worried Arianne and Quentyn were cut with the first new cast leaks, but have come to see how it could make sense… However I still hold out some hope for Young Griff and company!

      I can see their elimination streamlining the eventual endgame of the series quite nicely, but like you I wonder how it would affect Varys’s arc going forward. I’m not as concerned as some about how the cuts would affect Tyrion’s arc though.

      At this point every new production or casting leak can help narrow down how things will play out in Season 5! Bring on the news!

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    39. Jared,

      I don’t see how fArya can be dropped, unless they are eager to throw Theon’s entire storyline (which just happens to be one of the best in the series and would be the highlight of season 5 if they stick to the book) down the drain.

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    40. Here’s something interesting:
      On Gary Oliver’s CV, he’s listed as a recurring character under various directors during this season. Now this could mean a few things. It could mean that Arya doesn’t arrive in Braavos until episode 3 or later, which is unlikely. What it probably means is that the character will also appear transporting Sam and Gilly to Braavos.

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    41. Annara Snow,

      Agreed. I get the vibe D&D are Theon fans. They’ve put most of the pieces in place for the

      Winterfell storyline to happen. Everything is laid out on a silver platter. The casting is some of the best in the series: Theon, Ramsay, Roose — all amazing. They just need to find fArya, Manderly, and a few others.

      Theon’s storyline is a slow pitch right across the plate, just waiting for them to knock out of the park. This is one plot I hope sticks close to the books. I don’t see how they can improve on what GRRM did.

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    42. Insomniadict,

      You could be right…

      Or maybe they could be using the Titan’s Daughter to transport

      Sam to Oldtown

      at the end of the season like in the books…

      I wonder if they could have his character be in Braavos for a while after Arya reaches the HoBW. She could see him on the docks maybe… I think it more likely he is seen in the first episode or two and the last episode or two of the season though

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    43. I’d be a little disappointed if they shoe-horned in the fake-Arya plot line at this point. Obviously I don’t know how important that whole thing is to the end of the story, but I can’t see its inclusion as anything more than clunky a la the return of Ser Dontos last season.

      I’m not sure if anyone’s suggested this before, but what if they skip the King’s Moot entirely and have Yara directly succeed Balon? As queen she then goes to settle things in the North, only to be captured by the Boltons. She’s then forced to marry Ramsay as a way of subduing the Iron Islanders once and for all. Plus, think how disturbing that Jeyne-Theon bedroom scene would be with Yara-Theon instead!

      I know I know, this theory involves a LOT of character/plot cutting and rearranging, but it’d streamline things quite a bit.

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    44. Sunfyre,

      I think fArya will be that brunette bitch he has been screwing. Reek’s job will be to feed correct answers to her under the table. Yara is probably going to be captured and to save her from torture will push reek to become Theon again. I just don’t see anyone else that could make Theon risk running away.

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    45. Fuelpagan,

      That literally makes no sense,why would Theon help her considering she helped Ramsay hurting him ?
      BTW the spoilers are not working for me sorry

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    46. Sad that they aren’t including Euron Greyjoy. He is such a cool character. A pirate magician crazy dude. Im sure the viewers woulda loved him! Also sad for Victarion and Arianne too. Greyjoys and Martells were the most interesting part of Feast in my opinion

      Edit: Amazing job on the new site guys. I must admit I find it a struggle to get here each time though. Everytime I search the watchers on the wall or thewatchersonthewall the site doesn’t come up. I have to search for a good 4-5minutes. Anyone know how to get here easily?

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    47. Unbowed Unbent Unhodor: Everytime I search the watchers on the wall or thewatchersonthewall the site doesnโ€™t come up. I have to search for a good 4-5minutes. Anyone know how to get here easily?

      ?? just type in watchersonthewall.com in your browser and favorite it.

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    48. I’m confident Ternesio Terys will also be the one to carry

      Sam and Gilly to Oldtown.

      It makes sense to use established captains to different journeys, after all, the books do it as well.

      As for


      it’s possible they use an established character, but I really dont see who the heck it could be… and I wouldnt be surprised if her announcement is kept under wraps as well, as Aegon’s might be.

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    49. I like your new site, glad it’s back to what it used to be. How does one reveal spoilers when on mobile, or is that something still being worked on?

      Fat Walda returning is good, her character is quite funny. The Winterfell S5 stuff could be really, really exciting if done well…

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    50. Ser who says Ni,

      Now you mention it, I could see that happening.

      It does seem as though most signs are pointing away from LS so an established character in the same position could work just as well. It would also work as a good place for Brienne to relay the news she ‘killed’ the Hound and Arya got away yet again. Its definitely a possibility.

      First attempt at using spoilers, so hopefully this should work
      EDIT: Success!

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    51. Darquemode,

      Thanks for the reply. Seems it doesn’t work on my iphone. I’ll sort through my settings and see if I have something off. I figured it was just a touch on the screen but wasn’t working. Maybe my fingers are a wee too fat.

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    52. Johnny3toes,

      Sorry I mislead you!
      I assumed you were on PC where a simple touches makes them become clear. Like Jentario said above, the spoilers do not seem to be working with mobile devices.

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    53. TaviColen123,

      He doesn’t need to save fake Arya, he is going to save the captured Yara or a new character. Yara is the only person I see with a chance of getting Theon to resist Ramsay and may be captured after the kingsmoot. The only other option I see is a new character who is nice to Reek that Ramsay finds out about later in the season and starts to torture for talking to Reek. With everything else needing time, I don’t see D&D having the time to develop a new relationship convincingly enough for Reek to betray Ramsay.

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    54. I think the answer is in the bigger picture. Ultimately, I think that

      Aegon was simply a tool to get GRRM out of the Meereenese Knot. I.e., In the books, Aegon will be the motivation that gets Dany to finally go to Westeros. He serves other smaller purposes as well, but this is the most important one. Maybe the entire diversion into Dorne serves this purpose. That being said, is this particular “motivation” or “purpose” going to be needed on the show? I don’t think so. They can find more efficient ways of getting Dany out of the morass that is Slaver’s Bay. And since Arianne’s story arc is linked to Aegons, if they can cut Aegon they can cut Arianne. Hence her absence. I have to admit some bias here. I didn’t like the Aegon story line. It just seemed to come out of nowhere for me (although I did like the Tyrion Heart of Darkness aspect to that portion of the story). The answer has to lie in what is the overall purpose of the events surrounding the Dornish contingent.

      Also, many here have said maybe they’re saving her until next season but I don’t think so since they’ve already described Tristane the heir of Dorne. Her character would serve no purpose (if all that I’ve speculated here is true). And I don’t mean this to be a slight to those who value the female primogeniture aspect. I think it’s important too and I’m sad that it won’t be a part of the show but it can’t be what drives the show. I believe D&D are progressive minded but I think they will put efficiency before making a statement, and I’m okay with that.

      As for the inclusion of Victarion, Euron, etc next season, I’m okay with that but again, I don’t think they’re necessary. Daario can get her ships and Yara could easily replace all of those Ironborn and

      deliver ships to Dany as well (although we’ve heard hints from Cogman that her failure to rescue Theon will cause her problems with the Ironborn so the likelihood of her ruling them will become much more difficult). For me personally having Yara play such a prominent role will go a long way to ameliorate the loss of Arianne in regards to female empowerment.

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    55. Ms. D. Ranged in AZ,

      He has nothing to do with the Meereenese knot.

      George talked about the Meereenese knot. One component of the knot was perspective that could tell the story he wanted without revealing too much. The Barristan POV solved that issue. The other part was the arrival and exit of certain characters and how it changed the story. He wrote 3 different versions changing the arrival time of Quentyn to see how each would effect the story going forward before deciding on the one he used.

      fAegon is more important than you realize. Accepting fAegon has always been in GRRM’s plans is the key to unlocking the mysteries of Varys. It explains why Varys was the rot in Aerys reign and then switch to being pro-Targaryen. Viserys and Dany were only ever decoys for Robert (and probably Bloodraven) to focus on, hoping to protect Aegon in hiding.

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    56. fuelpagan,

      It explains why Varys was the rot in Aerys reign and then switch to being pro-Targaryen.

      I understand what you’re saying about

      “Varys being the rot”

      but I don’t understand the second half of the sentence. Can you expand upon it?

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    57. Sunfyre,

      Another one that thinks the producers like the Theon storyline, the character and plan to stick with it as close as possible. They made a huge point in keeping Theon on screen for the Unsullied for a whole season. It would seem very odd should they choose to gloss over it now. Plus they seem to have developed the Boltons as well.

      fArya would work for both, so I think she’s in.

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    58. TaviColen123:
      I was kinda hoping for the Late Lord to be mentioned but iโ€™m fine with this too .

      I’ve heard rumors he’s been besieged by vampires. But that might only be on Basic Cable ๐Ÿ™‚

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