The winner of the Game of Thrones Seasons 3 & 4 Steelbooks Giveaway is…

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We want to thank everyone for their participation in our giveaway this week, everyone who entered to win the Game of Thrones Season 3 & Season 4 Steelbook Collectors’ Set! There were hundreds of entries across platforms, but only one lucky winner can take home this beautiful new set of Blu-rays, packed with bonus features. They’re sure to make a special addition to a Game of Thrones fan’s collectible shelf, and the time has come to announce the winner.

Taking home the Game of Thrones Steelbook Collector’s Set is….

Rory J!


Congratulations, Rory! We’ll be in touch about getting you those prizes.

Thank you to HBO for providing the winner’s prize, and thanks again to all who joined in the giveaway.

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    1. Congratulations Rory,
      May your adventures not be gory,
      And not cut short
      by some lesser known sort
      Slitting your throat from behind.

      Well, that’s a wee bit depressing, and badly rhymed, innit? What I mean is enjoy! 😉

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    2. A commenter (nick)named “Rory” winning on the week after McCann’s return to the show.
      How cool & appropriate. Congrats!

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