Tweets of His Name: House of the Dragon Twitter Recap

A few points before we get to the Twitter recap for this week’s episode of House of the Dragon, “Second of His Name.”

#1: I am solemnly ignoring your rude tweets about how pugs don’t belong in a medieval-influenced Westeros. They’re an ancient breed, possessed by royalty, and perfectly suited to the period and class depicted. (At least that’s what my dog told me.)

#2: though opinions on the episode varied (as usual!), people were generally excited to see new families with familiar names.

#3: fans love it when a Thrones show lights everything on fire. And it’s a Labor Day barbecue up in here.

As always, give the recap a moment to load!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. My boyfriend Daemon is mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

    Harwin’s “How YOU doin’?” face was too perfect. I’m sure he’s thinking “Rhaenyra needs a STRONG man.”

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  2. My tweets never make it in here, but probably for the best, because I got a bit drunk, Viserys – style and am pretty sure I accidentally called Criston “Crispin” and not even ironically as a joke.

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