Royal Mail and HBO to auction off stamps signed by cast members for charity


Lena Heady gives this print her stamp of approval. Get it? Stamp?

Grab your checkbooks, if you’re so inclined: The British Royal Mail service and HBO are auctioning off several signed versions of the Mail’s Game of Thrones stamps it released earlier this year — not actual size, fortunately, but rather enlarged prints — to raise money for the Mail’s charity partner, Action for Children.

The prints were signed by Lena Heady (Cersei Lannister), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister), Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) during filming of the eighth and final season (which, as we reported a few days ago, is said to be finished for good and will be celebrated with a final wrap party tomorrow).

Peter Dinklage Stamps

The auction opened last night on Action for Children’s eBay charity page and runs until July 8th. All proceeds from the auction will go directly to the charity, which helps nearly 300,000 children, young people and their families across the UK.

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    1. Β£ 1.00 = $ 1.32 US, is that about right?
      The auction prices are in British Pounds (Β£). I guess that means I multiply the highest Β£ amount x 1.32 to calculate the $ dollar amount I’d need to match it?

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    2. Hm.. I’d consider paying a few hundred $$ for that Arya stamp.. πŸ™‚

      On a related note, could this be a first glimpse of Arya in season 8? The GoT Twitter account just posted about reading awareness that included this picture:
      Arya reading

      The costume looks pretty much the same as last season, but slightly different hairdo.

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    3. Enharmony1625,

      Dunno, but I like the look and hope it’s for season 8. It’s similar to last year, but with a more personal touch.

      I like giving her a bit more personality in her outfit instead of just doing a Ned Stark 2.0 like they did last season with Arya and Jon. Of course, ymmv.

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    4. Mr Derp,

      I like it too, and I totally agree about giving her a bit more personality in her look. It’s fine to an extent to reference Ned, but I hope this means they’re evolving her look (and Jon’s too for that matter) in season 8.

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    5. Enharmony1625,

      1. every few minutes when I refreshed the eBay site, the high bid increased. The signed Arya stamp will probably exceed my price range in about ten minutes, if it hasn’t already. And there are still 9? days left before the auction ends. ☹️

      2. I just learned something I never knew before about eBay auctions: “Snipers.” That’s apparently the term for people who wait until the last 5-10 minutes before the auction ends, and then furiously enter incrementally higher bids from multiple accounts to ensure they win.

      3. Because the proceeds are going to charity, I suspect the bids are going to be ridiculously high: Speculators and memorabilia collectors are likely going to get shut out – along with die-hard fans.

      4. Maisie Williams supports several charities. I think I’ll select one and make a donation that’s within my means. Because I am virtually certain each of the autographed enlarged stamps are going to exceed several thousands of dollars before the bidding is over.

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    6. Ten Bears,

      Very true. It’s already at $255 as of this writing with nearly 9 days to go. Oh well, I’m still super happy with my limited edition Classic Stills photo of Arya and Brienne. πŸ™‚

      Great idea to donate to one of the other charities that Maisie supports!

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    7. Ten Bears,

      It would be more like $480 Canadian dollars for me, so.. And it’s only going to go up from there. It would be so cool to have though, being autographed and for charity. Oh well..

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    8. Enharmony1625,

      I’m going to tune in during the last thirty minutes of the bidding. According to an experienced eBay bidder & seller, that’s when the action gets fast and furious – and the prices skyrocket.

      Except for the autograph, my tech-savvy 10-year old nephew can make me a color poster, and adhesive labels, of the Arya stamp.

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    9. Enharmony1625,

      As of this morning, there were only 19 bids on the signed Arya stamp and already the price is close to my max. I just know that years from now when the show is over, I’d love to have that autographed enlarged stamp on my wall. πŸ€”

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    10. Ten Bears, My dh has bought on eBaysince the be ginning. snipers have always been it seems.ith so many sellers using by it now it’s been better. A seller can still ask to make an offer but that’s all done on email

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    11. Enharmony1625,

      I made a bid as soon as I read about this. Someone topped it within five minutes. So I am going to resist … at least until I check back in seven days. Though I doubt I’ll be able to outgun the “snipers.”

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    12. As of 7/2/2018, 10:35 am…

      With 6 days, 2 hours left to go in the auction,
      the signed enlarged Arya stamp, with 26 bids so far, is up to $475.29 + $27.94 shipping [= Β£ 360 British pounds + shipping]

      Current high bids:
      Dany $1,326 + shipping
      Jon Snow $1,082 + shipping
      Tyrion $1,346 + shipping
      Cersei $409 + shipping
      Arya $475 + shipping
      Sansa (I forgot to look)

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    13. Enharmony1625,

      Let’s check back in 6 days. If the Arya stamp is still available at a reasonable price, I promise I won’t try to outbid you. ($475 current price is still – barely – within my range. I doubt it will be that low once the clock starts ticking down and the “snipers” arrive.)

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    14. Ten Bears,

      I was thinking around the same as your for my price limit: ~$500. But yes, I’m going to check back near the end to see where it’s at, and maybe my impulse will compel me to put in a bid. I expect it will be quite pricey by that time though..

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    15. Enharmony1625,

      Well f*ck me. As of 5 pm EDT today, 7/3/18, after 38 bids, the stamp of A Girl is up to….

      $905 + $34 shipping.


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    16. At $905, Arya is closing in on Jon ($1,076), and has more than doubled Sansa ($446) and Cersei ($439).

      I can only imagine what the prices are going to be when bidding ends 4 days, 19 hours from now.

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    17. Enharmony1625,

      Yeah, I’ve resigned myself to not owning it. (I was considering, but rejected the idea of “time-sharing” it for 3 months at a time with a group of three other investors each chipping in 1/4 of the price.)

      However, I’m kind of enjoying the “horse race.” As I type this, Arya trails Jon by only $13. Cersei and Sansa are bringing up the rear, with bids still in the $400 range.

      I wouldn’t mind if Ed Sheeran swooped in at the last minute and outbid everyone.

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    18. After 40 bids, Arya is now up to $1,067 + $37 shipping. 7/4/18, 3:50 am EDT

      4 days, 9 hours left. I’ll bet the final price tops $5,000.

      ( Meanwhiie. Cersei is holding steady at $441.36. That’s surprising. Sansa is trailing the field at $421.)

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    19. July 5, 2018, 11:50 am

      With 3 days, 1 hour left, high bids (not including shipping of ~ $37) have stabilized somewhat – for now:

      Dany: $1,412
      Tyrion: $1,347
      Jon: $1,083
      Arya: $1,070
      Cersei: $442
      Sansa: $422

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    20. Correction of typo: Same price ($1,268.16 + $40 shipping) for Arya and for Jon.

      Also, Sansa is up to $660.50. Dany is holding steady at $1,412.15. Tyrion is at $1,373.84. Inexplicably, Cersei is now trailing the field at $462.35.

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    21. Overtired tinfoil speculation time.

      The eBay item descriptions for the six character stamps (Arya, Jon, Sansa, Tyrion. Dany, and Cersei) say that:

      “The enlargements were signed by the cast while filming the final season of the hit HBO series which will air in 2019.”

      Query: Why no signed Jaime stamp then? Was NCW no longer around while the rest of the cast was filming S8?

      There are ten total character stamps. Understandably, the three actors for the character stamps of long-since departed characters Ned, Tywin and Olenna wouldn’t be on set.

      But a signed Jaime stamp is conspicuously absent from the eBay auction. Hmmmm…

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    22. As of Friday, 7-6-18 at 5:30 pm:

      Arya: $1,269.50 (960 British Pounds)
      + $40.04 shipping

      Jon Snow: $1,269.50 (960 British Pounds)
      + $40.04 shipping

      Jon β˜ƒοΈ and Arya πŸ‘ΈπŸ» may very well finish in a dead heat.

      Auction ends 1 day, 19 hours.

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    23. If i was rich i would literally buy every one and keep / display them as a collection….how dope would that be the only one in the world with not only the individual ones but the whole set

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    24. Joey9927,

      Somebody with big bucks may very well do that. I’m going to be monitoring the furious last few minutes of the eBay auction tomorrow. I expect the prices will skyrocket as the clock winds down. I think it ends tomorrow at 1:00 pm EDT

      I would’ve loved at least one (well, preferably Arya), but the high bid is already $1,274.

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    25. Enharmony1625,

      You gonna be checking out the final minutes of the auction tomorrow? I hope I don’t do something stupid like put in a last-minute bid for Arya at a price I can’t afford….

      Easy to rationalize though: “Well, I just won’t eat lunch or go out to dinner for the next few months.”

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    26. Ten Bears,

      Hm.. it’s so tempting.. The Arya stamp is up to ~$1,667 CDN though, and I really shouldn’t be spending that much. So no, sadly I won’t be bidding on it. Instead I’m going to be on the lookout for other high quality GoT memorabilia to decorate my walls with that is a little easier on the pocketbook. πŸ™‚

      For example, I’ve always been ruminating over getting the Needle replica sword. It’s only $190. (here) It’ll also be interesting to see what comes out after season 8 as far as merch goes.

      Ten Bears:
      Easy to rationalize though: β€œWell, I just won’t eat lunch or go out to dinner for the next few months.”

      Yes, it’s always easy to rationalize things like this, but I know me and I’m not near disciplined enough to follow through on it. πŸ™‚ If you do decide to bid, I wish you the best of luck!

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    27. Ten Bears,

      My original reply is stuck in moderation for some reason, but in short, no. The Arya stamp is ~$1,667 CDN now, so..

      Anyway, I hope my original reply comes through, but until then, the best of luck to you if you decide to bid!

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    28. Enharmony1625,

      “If you do decide to bid, I wish you the best of luck!”
      Maybe you should have said “I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.” I got myself an experienced eBay sniper…though she’s got strict instructions to abandon the mission if the price exceeds a prearranged amount.

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    29. 7/8/18, 10:50 am
      With two hours left to go, we have a new front runner: the Imp! Jon & Arya remain tied:

      Tyrion: $1725.69
      Dany: $1419.04
      Arya: $1274.35
      Jon. $1274.35
      Sansa: $781.87
      Cersei: $491.16

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    30. Enharmony1625,

      Almost. With 3 seconds left a sniper outdueled me. All for the best though. Hard to justify ~ $1,425 + shipping. (Final sale price = 1080 British Pounds I think. )

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    31. Ten Bears,

      Bummer! But yeah, that is a tad on the pricey side..

      I was curious to see the final numbers, but it looks like the link above no longer works, so I can’t see what the other stamps went for. Oh well..

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    32. Enharmony1625,

      Cersei sold for 550 British Pounds, I think. (I placed a bid for her because the price started off relstively low – about $440 -but decided not to match any higher bids.)

      I couldn’t see the results of the others. However, for some reason the Sansa stamp expiration time was 30 minutes after the others; once she was the only one left, bidding got furious – $1800 the last time I looked.

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    33. Ten Bears,

      wow, that makes sense as a strategy though, should have staggered all of them by 15-30 mins so people interested in multiple auctions could bid at the end… and not have to choose just 1

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