San Diego Comic Con 2018 to Feature Exclusive Game of Thrones Funko Figures!

Funko Pop Dorbz Dragons Header

At this year’s San Diego Comic Con, after so many consecutive years, Game of Thrones will be skipping its usual appearance at Hall H, but there’s a silver lining for attendees: HBO and Funko have announced an Olenna Tyrell vinyl Pop! figure as a Comic Con exclusive, as well as an exclusive 4-pack for the Dorbz dragon figures!

Lady Olenna Tyrell of Highgarden will be available as an exclusive Pop! at SDCC. You can see the design for the “Queen of Thorns” below, in all her glory, glass of wine in hand and wearing her signature ornate headdress. Quick wit and sharp tongue not included!

Funko Pop Dorbz Olenna Tyrell

The dragons will also be available as an exclusive Dorbz 4-Pack! How did they get four figures out of three dragons? Well, along with Drogon and Rhaegal, there are two versions of Viserion: the traditional one, and the “Icy” version raised from the frozen depths by the Night King. But don’t worry, alive or undead, they all look cute as hell:

Funko Pop Dorbz Dragons Box
If you were planning on going to SDCC and were disappointed by the news that there would be no Game of Thrones presence, this may alleviate your pain a bit. The Olenna design is dead-on; and look how cute those smiling dragons are! Even zombie Viserion!


  1. Silver lining indeed! Buying this overpriced crap is still more preferable then sitting through another boring Q&A from mostly uninterested actors. I can’t blame them, how many times must they get asked what type of dire wolf are they are how they want to die in the show.

  2. Olenna will be a shared exclusive with Boxlunch, so if you aren’t attending SDCC, you’ll be able to get it through them. A lot of the exclusives are shared with Boxlunch, Gamestop, FYE, etc.

  3. Mr Derp:
    Jack Bauer 24,

    Yes, but what I really wanna know is…when will the red carpet premiere date be?

    😀😀 Hey, I’ve been good so far. Stayed away from spoilers and really haven’t posted on any articles on here since Season 7 ended except for maybe a couple that weren’t Season 8 related. I’m just hoping to see some kind of promotion before the year ends. Either a trailer or maybe a short clip in HBO’s year end trailer. I know the red carpet and episode titles are a ways off. Just hoping for a Spring ’19 premiere. Filming is over, so if S8 premieres in April that gives them 10 months of post production.

    Speaking of Pops, I collect the GoT ones and cannot wait to pick up Olenna. I just got The Mountain gold armoured and Lyanna Mormont pops. I have 51 of the 63 main numbered pops. From 30 on (Edition 5-7) have then all but 3. And then I’m missing some of the older ones, but they go for too much money now to snag.

  4. Mr Derp,

    Ha! Smart-ass! 😀

    I suspect that it will be closer to the end of the year before there’s a “proper trailer” released. Those limited teaser things they put out never do a whole lot for me.

  5. Clob,

    Me too. If it ain’t new footage from season 8 then I don’t have much use for it.

    I’m hoping for some new footage soon too, but I’m trying my best to maintain discipline and take things casually for this last season. It’ll all be over before I know it and then there’s just a whole lot of nothing after that. I’ll just have to focus on fine-tuning my smart-assery till then 😉

  6. Will Watchers be covering the new tease from HBO Luka? I know there is no new footage and it’s only 16 seconds but it is our first promotional material for S8.

  7. Jon Snowed:
    Will Watchers be covering the new tease from HBO Luka? I know there is no new footage and it’s only 16 seconds but it is our first promotional material for S8.

    I don’t think there’s really much to say or discuss about it. It’s little more than a photo of the NK. They did the same effect and general tag on the gif like the others they used for their “stories like no other” promo so there doesn’t seem to be anything there.

  8. as previously biased pop collector, the 4-pack of the Dorbz dragon figures will be a hopeful new addition to my collection; my only problem is they seem to have 4 legs, and not 2 like they do in the show…

  9. I know there wasn’t much but is still the first S8 promotional material. Also didn’t Watchers once run an article for S7 posters appearing on the sides of a bus? These sorts of teases is probably all we can expect until a proper trailer towards the end of the year but hopefully the next one confirms the air date or month.

  10. Awww…I wish these were regular figures, especially Olenna. =[ Still bummed that Jaqen was an exclusive as well. Here’s hoping they finally do a Varys Pop for the final season (although I do have the mini, which is acceptable.)

  11. Funko said on their Twitter that there will be more and potentially another Sansa pop. About time, although the future queen of Westeros deserves better than 2 pops.

    Speaking of Twitter, Sophie Turner just confirmed that Jonsa is happening in season 8! And people are pressed about it…

  12. OT for those of us in UK Action for Children site on EBay is auctioning off the large publicity stamps issued earlier in the year signed by the actors upto now my King in the North is in the lead but you can get a couple for £50👍

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