Iwan Rheon contemplates his career shift to playing baddies and Dean-Charles Chapman says Tommen isn’t Westeros’ best option for king


Iwan Rheon chats about an upcoming film role and the “honor” of being the most hated character on Game of Thrones and Dean-Charles Chapman discusses Tommen’s ineffectiveness as king.

In an interview with The New York Times, Iwan Rheon discussed playing a young Hitler applying to art school in his upcoming film, Adolf the Artist. “Oh, I’m typecast already!” he said, referring to his career shift from playing sad-eyed sweethearts like Moritz in Spring Awakening or Simon Bellamy in Misfits to playing maniacs.

Rheon hinted that next season we’ll see Ramsay experiencing something akin to grief for Myranda, which Rheon said surprised even him. However, that doesn’t mean Ramsay’s exactly on the road to redemption.

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have said that Ramsay will be up to “very bad things” in season 6 and Rheon concurs: “Sometimes you just think, ‘Oh God, can’t we just do something nice?’ On this show, the heroes aren’t necessarily standard heroes, so I guess your villains need to be even worse.”

However, he considers the mantle of Worst Character on Television “an honor” of sorts. “Apparently I’m scarier than a White Walker. And a giant. And a dragon.”

“I’ve been trying to figure out what it is, but it’s so difficult to objectively look at why you get cast as all these strange people,” he said. “The big eyes, maybe. But I’m not complaining.”

Dean-Charles Chapman spoke to IGN about the political and familial quagmire Tommen finds himself in, in season 6 and his general ineffectiveness as king.

Chapman said Tommen feels guilty over his failure to take action against what’s happening in King’s Landing. “He could do whatever he wants, and he could have changed the whole fate of the show, or the situation that’s going on in King’s Landing – and he hasn’t,” Chapman said. “Now it’s eating him away. But he’s got to think about his own back. He’s got to do something himself. Whatever he does, I don’t know.”

While Chapman thinks Tommen would “make a good friend,” he doesn’t think Tommen’s “got it in him” to be an effective ruler. “He wasn’t meant to be king, was he?,” Chapman said, “He was just meant to be the brother of a king, I suppose. He’s just been trapped in this mad story by George R.R. Martin, and it’s all kicking off… Unless he turns into a Joffrey.”

Tommen turning into Joffrey would be an interesting development. Would Chapman prefer Tommen become a second Joffrey or die the sweet innocent that he currently is?

“Well, as an actor, I’d rather turn into Joffrey,” Chapman said. “But for Tommen, I’d say, ‘Just die, mate. Just get out of there.'”


  1. You know what happens to ineffective rulers … “all rulers are butchers … or meat” Think Maggy got the right of it … one more golden shroud ….

    and then the white neck and the hands, perhaps one of the golden variety … we shall see … probaby season 7
  2. So Ramsay is going to feel grief for Myranda. Ok. I really hope he feels grief over Roose favoring his unborn child over his war-winning adult son, or struggles with the idea that he will never truly be a Bolton in his fathers eyes.

    I’m far more invested in that than his relationship with Myranda. Contrasting his sadistic nature with his want for approval from his dad makes him a more interesting and 3-dimensional character, much more than him feeling sad cause he lost his sadistic girlfriend. Hopefully that takes a backseat to his tepid relationship with Roose.

  3. I guess this is a hint that Tommen will continue to be ineffectual? Not surprising. But it will be cool to see him struggle with his impotence.

  4. King Tommen my boy, I’m sorry to say, you have already lost the game. But at least Margary made a man of you first

    And Rheon, I haven’t seen him in anything else but he plays Ramsey well. He definitely makes him creepy as shit. I will miss him when he dies horribly.

  5. 2 most immediate things I cannot wait to see:

    How Theon and Sansa are rescued and of course the fate of Jon Snow.

  6. Making the 8,

    If you have the chance, you should watch him in “Vicious” on PBS. It’s a half-hour British comedy starring Ian McKellan and Derek Jacobi as two gay tenants who live togather in the same apartment building as Rheon’s character. I was surprised to see Rheon playing such a different role; he’s quite funny!

  7. *Speculation:
    So of Chapman just thinks Tommen will die….gold crowns and gold shrouds…. Hype.

  8. Misfits was a great show. And if you haven’t, listen to Iwan’s music sometime (particularly in his native Welsh). Lovely.

    Chapman: ‘Just die, mate. Just get out of there.’ I lol’d. I think Tommen is what many people thrown into power without expecting it would be – completely lost. Dare I say that if Grandpa Tywin was still around, he could be great?

  9. Kamali,
    Does anyone care about Myranda and Ramsay’s relationship? I hope it isn’t something they spend much time on because zzzzzzzzzz.

  10. msd,

    I mean… she’s dead, so aside from Ramsay missing her for a while, they can’t possibly spend much more time on it.

  11. *Potential spoilers* I’m sorry, I can’t figure out how to put the spoiler tags in.

    Yeah, I don’t expect either Ramsay or Tommen to make it through this season. Ramsay will probably die in Episode 9 and Tommen will probably die in Episode 10. Aren’t there supposed to be a lot of deaths in King’s Landing in the finale or am I incorrect?

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