WotW Awards Season 5: Best Comedic Scene – Preliminary Round


We’ve reached the last of the Scene categories in the Watchers on the Wall Awards preliminaries. Next week, we’ll finish up with the Quote categories and dive into the finals.

Today we’re celebrating the funniest scenes of Game of Thrones season 5. We’ve collected the suggestions of our readers here for your voting. As always, there’s a wide selection, ranging from scathing and witty exchanges to visual humor and gags. Some of these scenes may even be serious in some ways, but still make you laugh hard. That’s Game of Thrones for you.

Choose the five scenes that made you smile and laugh the most, and vote!

The Standard Rules: This is the preliminary round! Narrow this selection down to the top 5 contenders. In order to find your top 5 picks for Best Comedic Scene we’re asking that each of you select up to FIVE nominees from the poll. You can choose fewer if you like, but you cannot choose more than 5.

At the end of 72 hours (Tuesday 9/15/15 at 2:00PM EDT), whichever five scenes have the most votes will continue on to the final round. (Note: in the finals, you will only have one vote to cast in each category!)

The results will be revealed when it’s time to vote for the final winner of Best Comedic Scene, in a few weeks. Debate the possibilities and vote for your favorite choices

*Reminder: you may choose up to five nominees in this poll!*

As always, thank you to our readers for their help with the WotW Awards, and especially to Greatjon of Slumber for his help with the tallying!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of WatchersOnTheWall.com


  1. “Tyrion and Varys bicker in coach on way to Volantis” might need to be reworded to include the punchline at the end, with the jump cut:

    Tyrion: “How many dwarfs are there in the world?! What’s Cersei going to do, kill all of them?!”
    (jump cut to yet another dwarf head being plopped on a desk in front of Cersei)

  2. The funniest thing about this season is the claim that it is an adaptation of ASOIAF. But I didn’t see that on the list Sue.

  3. How is Wun Wun vs Wights or Brienne missing the Candle “comedic”? Also, things like “Bronn and Jaime rowing” and “Jaime can’t dig” are basically the same scene. There’s way too many choices already.

  4. Mother of God. I’d never thought there would be a trickier category than the dramatic scenes and death scenes. Guess I was wrong. This list reminded me of something often ignored when talking about Game of Thrones and in particular season five; just how hilarious it can be sometimes.

    Jon and Sam talk, and Sam admits to losing his virginity…very carefully. I love their relationship. “Very carefully!” ; “HUR HUR HUR!”
    Tyrion and Varys ride the coach together to Volantis. A couple of choice quotes should suffice: “Are we really going to spend the entire road to Volantis talking about the futility of everything?” ; “You’re right, there’s no point.” / “I can’t remember the last face I saw that wasn’t yours.” ; “It’s a perfectly good face.”
    Bronn humors Lollys Stokeworth, and cringes when he sees Jaime. A scene out of a fun adventure movie, which is what Jaime’s whole adventure is at the beginning.
    Team Khaleesi commiserates after being abandoned by Dany. Not so much “funny” (though it is that too) as it is “fun.” Just to have all of these great characters together, not knowing exactly what to do, only for Daario of all people to take the reins (“The queen’s closest confidante, the commander of the Unsullied, and a foreign dwarf with a scarred face. Good fortune, my friends. Meereen is ancient and glorious. Try not to ruin her. Looks like it’s you and me, Jorah the Andal. Let’s find some good horses. We have so much to talk about.”) It’s just an amazing scene.
    Tyrion runs into a guard at the brothel. Well, of course.

    Notice a trend? If I remember correctly, in Season 4 the Hound’s scenes got most of my (and many others’) votes. Apparently this is the year of Tyrion.

    Your misconception of what “adaptation” means is way funnier.

  5. Greg,

    Did you really need to throw insults? Especially when they are off-topic.
    This article is to vote for a comedy scene you enjoyed. I see no point in coming here just to throw insults, besides a petty anger of course.

    I will never understand you people, if you have only bad things to say of the show, or are dissapointed in some choices they make, why don’t you simply stop watching? Or why do you come to a site dedicated to disscussing the show?

  6. I had to throw a vote to Stannis correcting the grammar of the NW men. It’s how he would want to be remembered.

  7. These comedic categories are always difficult really, because humour is very subjective, and not that many of these were actually comedic. I did vote for five, but I’m going to wait until the final round before go through my full thoughts, because I don’t really see a stand out scene (or scenes) and I’m not sure if any of my five will get in the top five. Its very different to last year when The Hound dominated these categories.

    Still, it will be interesting to see which five get the most votes here, because I think it’s very open.

  8. Didn’t think Brienne missing the candle was funny. I don’t think it was meant to be funny. But ok. *Shrugs*

    “Fewer” does it for me. *Thumbs Up*

  9. RosanaZugey,

    Didn’t think Brienne missing the candle was funny. I don’t think it was meant to be funny. But ok. *Shrugs*


    “Fewer” does it for me. *Thumbs Up*

    Agreed, one of the funniest moments, this season.

  10. Tyrion and Jorah together were amazing but the circumstances were too dire for me to find them funny. So were Jon/Sam and Sam/Gilly, and bittersweet rather than amusing. But for me, the most comedic scene was Wun-Wun and Edd. Hands down. It made me want to see more of these two.

  11. I voted for Olenna-HighSparrow sparring because they were delightful at it, and for Bronn’s scenes because he nails them every time, even when the scene is not so great, but on the whole I don’t find any of the contenders particularly funny 🙁

  12. Well it was a strong showing this year, ultimately I voted for:

    1 – Wun Wun asks Edd “What the fuck you looking at?” — the added human was that we’ve never actually heard a giant talk at all before, so it was the shock of seeing something subtitled — plus the nerdgasm at getting Old Tongue in some form for the first time.

    2 – “The dwarf lives until we find a cock merchant!” — Great actor from HBO’s Oz, comically serious delivery. On paper it sounds ridiculous but the delivery is everything.

    3 – Tyrion and Varys on coach to Volantis — I”m considering that this vote counts towards “how many dwarfs are there in the world? What’s she going to do, kill all of them? (jump cut)

    4 – High Septon “worships” the Seven — I thought this scene was pretty damn funny.

    5 – Cersei/Margaery war of words after wedding night

  13. I find many of those scenes are not very comedic, while one of few scenes that i found funny is missing – Tommen´s dialogue with Margaery after losing virginity. I voted for Tyene´s striptease, that scene was great and deserve to be praised in some category.

  14. jennyofoldstones:
    Tyrion and Jorah together were amazing but the circumstances were too dire for me to find them funny. So were Jon/Sam and Sam/Gilly, and bittersweet rather than amusing. But for me, the most comedic scene was Wun-Wun and Edd.Hands down. It made me want to see more of these two.

    Totally agree with you on this. More of the Wun Wun/Ed comedy team!

  15. I miss the Karsi quote:

    Loboda: “My ancestors would spit on me if I broke bread with a crow.”
    Karsi: “So would mine, but fuck ’em, they’re dead.”

    Maybe not the funniest moment but I’d say top 10 material.

  16. Olenna T arriving outside of King’s Landing and enjoying the smells was my fav. How can we get Olenna and Yohn in a scene together?

  17. I found Ramsay’s smile after Sansa said “It’s the people who are strange” very funny.

  18. GaiusB,

    Well, you should’ve nominated it. 🙂
    I think the lines from that scene are in the quotes category though.

    I agree that some nominees are not comedic, but humor is subjective.

  19. It’s tempting to just be a dick and pick stuff like the Sand Snakes fight and Brienne’s candle antics, but I’m gonna’ go for the stuff that’s actually intended to be funny in some way and give the artists credit where credit’s due.

    (#6, Honourable mention: Tyrion accidentally saying “nostril” in Valyrian. Was great, but I wasn’t a big fan of the rest of that scene, and #1 does this joke better anyway.)

    #5. Gilly takes Sam’s virginity. John Bradley was perfect.

    #4. Jon assigns a new latrine pit captain. Worked so well in conjunction with the other, more serious stuff going on in that scene.

    #3. Daario’s small man speech followed by the conclusion to that fight. Laughed my arse off. Daario’s character is obviously going to be important in the story somehow, but I never really got any enjoyment out of him until this episode. That whole Daznak’s sequence earned him a lot of fans, I think.

    #2. Stannis’s grammar policing. I’m actually not a big Stannis fanatic normally, but in that scene, I joined the party.

    #1. Wun-Wun’s subtitled grumpiness. I’ve never seen anything like that before. Completely CGI’ed character, speaking a completely made up language; painstakingly crafted fantasy assets being to use in a very crass – almost silly – way. Genius.

  20. Rat Kook,

    Wun Wun is not CGI. All giants are tall guys in costumes, shot in a green-screen room and inserted into their scenes to appear even larger than they already are. So, while there is “computer wizardry” involved around them, the creatures themselves are men in old-school costumes. The same goes for the direwolves, who are simply wolves shot on green-screen and inserted into their scenes to seem larger than real wolves.

    The only CG creatures in the show are background birds, the dragons, the manticore that tried to kill Daenerys in 3×01, and the mammoths. Well, and the Night’s King in season five (not in season four) was (almost?) entirely CG.

  21. -Wun Wun the giant doesn’t care for Edd’s staring

    -Mace Tyrell surprises Tycho Nestoris with a song

    -Stannis quietly corrects the grammar of the Night’s Watch

    -Gilly takes Sam’s virginity- oh my

    – Bronn & Jaime go boating; Jaime is not much for rowing

  22. Wow…Sweetrobin for best action scene and best comedic scene? Excellent! He does steal his scenes…like last year when Sansa had her Sweetrobin smackdown.

    All in all though…I didn’t laugh much this season. It was more of a perplexing and sad season.

  23. Sullied by Knight,

    In season four the Night’s King was a guy in costume, and there was almost no CGI involved —the eyes (as with all White Walkers and wights), and some rather unconvincing icy reflections. However, one of the recently season five VFX reels shows that, though in season five there was also a guy in costume, there is a lot of CGI in his face, in order to properly achieve that “icy” look; so much so that it’s difficult to argue that the original guy remains as more than a point of reference for the animators. That’s why he looks much better in season five; they actually achieved the icy, translucent look they were going for, as opposed to the VFX work on season four, in which the CG modifications simply made him look airbrushed and nothing else. There was none of the obviously intended translucency.

  24. 1. Bolton family dinner
    2. Bronn, Jamie and the Dornish patrol
    3. Bronn & Jamie go boating
    4. Olenna & HS
    5. Stannis as a grammar teacher

    I find it strange that people vote for Mace’s singing when there are much superior comedic moments in the whole season than this one… Oh well

  25. My first choice is Stannis correcting grammar. This was said pre ‘you know what’ to poor Shireen, when I still liked him.

  26. Jon- The Citadel will make you swear off women too
    Sam- They can bloody try

    Team Khaleesi
    Daario- so you mostly talk
    Tyrion- and drink,,, I have other skills too

    The clock merchant scene “guess again”

    I also like the sand snakes in prison when she smack the s*** out of her sister

  27. Sou:
    Oh Lord. I didn’t find anything funny…

    My problem as well, that’s why my final vote (if selected – doesn’t look like it) will go to the sand snakes fight.

  28. RosanaZugey,

    yes – Ironic perhaps, but not funny. In fact several of them weren’t funny; but then I didn’t think highly of the chicken quotes from last year so what do I know?

    -jon and sam

    -Tyrion and the slavers

    -Bolton family dinner

    -Olenna and Cersei

    -Oleanna and High Sparrow

  29. A number of posters have pointed it out: humour is subjective. I smiled at most, but the one that had me laughing out loud was the “fewer” as opposed to “less” coming from our dour and matter-of-fact Stannis. He has grown on me the last seasons. I will miss him. I have forgiven him for burning Shireen. He was misguided.

  30. Sue the Fury:

    Well to be fair it actually was a scene, albeit an extremely short one. And then followed up by Olennas scene with Maergery where she tells her “get some rest dear- you look dreadful” which was equally funny.

    That’s a line, not a scene.

  31. Apollo: What about “you can smell the shit from 5 miles away!!” ?


    It was my favorite Comedic Scene this season, and it’s not in the poll! 🙁

    Also Bronn singing the Dornishman’s wife needs to be in there. All Westerosi singing, all the time!
    Stannis the Grammar MACHINE!
    Bitchfest 300 AC : Marg vs Cersei!
    and now I can’t remember the 5th one I voted for.. lots of good choice.
    But for me, none this season can top Every Fucking Chicken! RIP Sandor Clegane / long live the gravedigger 😉

  33. GaiusB:
    I find many of those scenes are not very comedic, while one of few scenes that i found funny is missing – Tommen´s dialogue with Margaery after losing virginity. I voted for Tyene´s striptease, that scene was great and deserve to be praised in some category.

    By the old gods and the new, I forgot about that. “But it’s all over so quickly!” Oops, poor lad.

    My choices:

    Wun Wun doesn’t care for Edd’s staring. Brilliant.
    Cersei and Queen of Thorns’ insults – Had me howling with laughter at the time. “And the famous tart, Queen Cersei”. Yes!
    High Septon ‘worships the Seven’ – Arseless leather chaps! Oooh, I say.
    Stannis corrects the grammar of the Night’s Watch – if not Stannis, it would be done by me.
    Mace Tyrell singing.

  34. I was hoping for the scene where Shireen taught Gilly to read while Sam talked about Ostritch Stark.

    Gilly: I know S.

    Fewer for the win!

  35. I dont think mine will be a shared opinion, but for me the winner of this category is the episode 10 scene in Meereen, with the Tyrion, Jorah and Daario exhange.
    Michiel “Daario” Huisman was brilliant through that scene !
    “Does he always talk so much ?” – “So mainly you talk.” – “Meereen is glorious and ancient, my friends, try not to ruin it !”

    Close second is Mace singing though !

  36. Lady Wolfsbane,
    Even in the books, Stannis says epic stuff like
    “Weddings have become more perilous than battles.”
    “We will not have such abominations(Gilly’s son who is also her half-brother) here. This is not Kings Landing”
    “Would that all the lords in seven kingdoms had but one neck” (while dealing with too many traitors)

  37. Arkash,

    You have my agreement!

    Though I may not vote it as the funniest scene (I’ll have to think if it applies), this is certainly the funnest scene —the one during which I had the most consistent grin, especially if you also count the very next scene, the hilarious reunion of Varys and Tyrion. In a particularly depressing finale, it was so fun and entertaining to have such positive prospects —Tyrion and Varys governing a city under siege again, with the help of Grey Worm and Missandei, and action men Jorah and Daario on a quest to rescue the Queen they love. Though more ominous, Dany’s Dothraki cliffhanger also promises much excitement. The Meereen storyline ended on a high for me.

    Basically, it was just so fun!

  38. Sullied by Knight,

    Not sure about previous seasons, but in season 5, the Night’s King is played by a guy called Richard. Kit Harrington mentioned getting creeped out by that guy (in costume) while having lunch together on set.

  39. aabe,

    Davos: “Lord Celtigar said it was admirable”
    Stannis: “Had I shown him the contents of my privy, he would have called that admirable as well”

  40. Jon&Sam on losing Sam’s virginity
    Roose one ups Ramsay
    Tyrion&Varys in coach
    Stannis the English teacher
    Cersei&Margaery after wedding night.

    I hope Stannis’s scene wins.

  41. Hodor’s Bastard:
    All in all though…I didn’t laugh much this season. It was more of a perplexing and sad season.

    I feel the same way overall. However I voted for the irony of the situation in the following scenes:
    – Jaime not helping to dig because of his hand yet he could fight fine with it;
    – Daario talking to Dany about smaller man winning while something else was happening in the fighting arena.

    And of course my personal favorite: Stannis’ “Fewer”. It is the one time I can remember I burst out laughing. It is as much the one word line, as well as the dark humor of the situation. Here he is at the Wall where all are debating life and death decisions and he corrects the grammar. And it would not even be half so funny without the genius in Dillane’s delivery. Right up there with last year’s “They don’t have enough men between them to raid a pantry.”

  42. Greg,

    You know, when you see a movie pitch going about how it’s “Inspired by true events” then somewhere in the movie a 5’2 90lbs woman beat up half a football team with her bare hands?

    I think that’s about what GoT has become.
    Very, very VERY loosely adapted from ASOIAF.
    And if you think S5 was bad, S6+ will almost certainly gonna be a million times worse because they still had some book material for S5 and look what they did.
    In S6+, all they have is a few big events given by GRRM – that they might ignore anyway – and they’ll do everything else by themselves.

    Try to think of the last O.C. scene that was real quality on the show… Ugh.
    This is gonna be bad.

  43. I liked “The Dornishman’s Wife” – I’ll upvote Westeros songs. I liked Lady Olenna and the High Sparrow because of the two excellent actors. Sadly, there weren’t many funny scenes for me this season.

    Miss the days of the Hound. His timing and potty mouth are still memorable.

  44. A difficult category, if only because of not having the Hound around this time, but still, plenty of laughs here and there. While I love the idea of putting in Essos’s most dejected band hanging around after their lead singer takes off for a solo career, I didn’t end up using that one, though it’s a worthy Top 5 candidate, so I went with:

    –Tyrion annoying the hell out of Jorah. If only because Jorah’s so straight-laced and Tyrion such a crack-up, the contrast works very well.

    –Daario explaining how he’d always pick the smaller man over the bigger, punctuated, of course, by the smaller man getting beheaded at that instant. Hysterical.

    –Bronn and Lollys Stokeworth. The loving couple, with him clearly taking all of her silliness in stride. One imagines that for a woman like Lollys, he might actually be a devoted enough husband, in between killing people. Plus, Jerome Flynn.

    –The cock merchant discussion, because really now.

    –Tormund beats the hell out of Rattleshirt, if only because it was a rare moment of releasing tension through a savage beating. And then his calm “gather the elders, and let’s talk” that kind of breaks through all of it, plus, the nature of a Wildling culture where if someone’s going to do such a thing, you don’t interfere (though that may be more because of Tormund’s reputation than anything else).

    I didn’t include Wun Wun’s line, because that’s more about the one line than the scene, and Stannis saying “Fewer” is again, about that line, and not an extended scene. I’d vote for both of those for funniest lines, rather than funniest scene.

  45. Not a Stannis fan, but as a grammar dominatrix myself, I have to give him this season’s laurels for best laugh line for ‘Fewer.’ Second place to Tyrion for ‘You’re right; no point.’

    I hope that eventually grim, earnest, honorable Brienne will get a chance to say something funny besides telling Jaime to can it.

  46. TormundsWoman: And of course my personal favorite: Stannis’ “Fewer”. It is the one time I can remember I burst out laughing. I

    Yeah…I chuckled at that as well. Stannis’ finest moments were at the wall. It got my vote as well.

    For the other votes, I was a bit cynical…selecting the silly SS skirmish, Tormund pummeling Rattleshirt, and Sweetrobin’s most excellent sparring practice. The look on Sansa’s face during that scene was priceless.

  47. ash:

    yes – Ironic perhaps, but not funny.In fact several of them weren’t funny; but then I didn’t think highly of the chicken quotes from last year so what do I know?

    The only good thing to come from the chickens quote were all of the KFC memes. Just like the only thing funny about the candle thing is the, “You had one fucking job!” meme.

  48. Edd – “Fuuuuuuuuuuck!”
    Edd and Wun Wun – “The fuck you looking at.”
    Karsi – “Neither would mine but fuck ’em they’re dead.”
    Stannis – “Fewer.”
    Lord Commander Snow – the latrine appointment

  49. Regarding comedic scenes, I would have liked to be able to vote for all the scenes with Tyrion or Bronn.

  50. aiad,


    Try to think of the last O.C. scene that was real quality on the show… Ugh.
    This is gonna be bad.

    Hardhome? Wich is entirly off-books, and has a 9.8 score on IMDB, and is easly one of the best scenes in GoT’s history.

    Seriusly, some of the best scenes are off-book.

    Some that most of the fandom agree are very good:
    Oberyn’s convo with Tyrion in the dungeons.
    Arya and Tywin in Harenhall.

    Some I consider to be very good scenes:
    Tyrion and Jorah in Valyria.
    The Stannis/Shireen scene.
    Everything with Varys, that was not in the books,….etc.

    You can easly say you didn’t enjoy the season, or even hate it, but to say that no one liked this season, or that it’s bad, is simply not true.

  51. The scenes that brought a smile to my face:

    1. Ser Barristan telling Danaerys stories about Rhaegar singing on the streets.
    2. When Tyrion’s cock was about to be cut by the pirates.
    3. Jamie and Bronn’s fight where Bronn was kind of mocking Jaime.
    4. Podrick riding the horse like a lunatic.
    5. Olenna Tyrell barging into the sept like a badass and confronting High Sparrow.

  52. aiad: Try to think of the last O.C. scene that was real quality on the show… Ugh.
    This is gonna be bad.

    What about what’s probably the best rated episode in the whole damn show? Hardhome. The most lauded scenes in the episode happen to be Tyrion meeting Daenerys, and… you know, the whole Hardhome setpiece. Both of them just happen to be the only scenes in the episode which are completely made out of whole cloth, as Dany hasn’t met Tyrion yet and the off-page Hardhome events of the books merely served as inspiration for the showrunners. Yet they are the best scenes of the episode, and the episode is considered one of the best if not the best of the whole show.

    That’s, of course, not going into the many, many great scenes that we’ve witnessed thanks to the show either because D&D had a stroke of genius (e.g. Arya & Tywin) or because they simply couldn’t have happened in the books, as they didn’t involve POV characters. Too many to count!

    But yeah. D&D are such hacks.

  53. Luka Nieto,

    He’s still bitter that the books will never be finished and he will be forced to watch the show ending the story,poor guy i really feel for him……..no,not really!

  54. The Tattered Prince,

    A diiferent situation, with a different purpose. While Oberyn mocked Tyrion in the books, He actoully feels a bit of pitty for him on the show.
    And Tyrion’s reaction to it is also not the same. While in the books, he replies with a joke, and is angry, in the show that story actoully hurts him.
    And all that storyline. is much better with Oberyn offering himself as Tyrion’s champion, after the trial, rather then before, as it makes Tyrion more desperate, and also the impact is much bigger when Oberyn offers to be Tyrion’s champion. The entire trial storyline was much better on the show in my opinion. Tyrion demending a trial by combat, without a champion, just because he had enough of it, Oberyn’s help afterwards. Makes it far more dramatic then the in books.

    While the dialogue, is the same, the way they did that scene, the timing, the much different emotional impact it had, is vastly improved. Thats why I consider it a original scene, only inspired from the books.

    Somewhat like HH, here we actoully see the entire battle, the wildings dispair, Jon actoully taking charge,..etc. While in the books we get only 1 letter.

  55. Tyrion’s fast talking with slavers…: There’s never been a funnier conversation about cocks.
    Roose Bolton one-ups Ramsay…: Seeing Ramsay dumbfounded was priceless.
    Daario talking about how a small man…: It’s nice to see Hizdahr getting a little personal revenge.
    Lady Olenna and the High Sparrow spar…: Do I even need to explain it?
    Tormund beats Rattleshirt to death…: That moment when you realise Tormund’s your new fan-favourite.

  56. Mihnea,

    The new placement of Oberyn’s monologue about meeting Tyrion was a baby was genius. It made for a much more heartfelt scene, for both characters.

  57. As badly executed as Dorne was the Jaime/Bronn banter was great (better than last season as Jaime is sarting to give it back a bit more). Glad it seems that they’re keeping them together again next season.

  58. Mihnea,

    ita. The show also made other good decisions:

    Cutting LSH. By the time Jon got stabbed in the novels, I’d seen so many resurrections and returns from supposed deaths that I assumed he’d rise, somehow, in Winds. First time I worried about Jon staying dead was after the show.

    Cutting Aegon. That simplified the King’s Landing plot and got Tyrion to Dany, which added interest to Meereen. Meereen chapters in the novels were repeats of one another, until the Pit.

    Cutting Quentyn and Penny.

    Incorporating Brienne’s story into the rest of the novel, which Martin gave up on in Feast.

    Making Cersei more human by cutting some of her more idiotic decisions.

    Dorne sucked, but “bad pussy” and the Ellaria-Sand Snake plots were no worse than the scene between Arianne and Arys, and Arianne’s decision to crown Myrcella.

    I don’t believe that this was the strongest season by any means, but a lot of its problems had to do with the works it was based on.

  59. Jeb,

    I found Diana Rigg’s scenes as Queen of Thorns with Cersei and with the High Sparrow to be some of the funniest and most sarcastic displays of wit this side of Shakespeare. Clearly the actors in these scenes brought their “A” games. I particularly enjoyed the exchange about what body parts hurt when kneeling in prayer, hips vs. knees. I guess you have to be old enough to experience these discomforts.

  60. Um… how was the Brienne candle scene comedic??

    This poll makes me realize, this wasn’t the funniest season of GoT…

  61. Maria,

    I agree, also bringing together Bronn and Jaime in the Dorne mission was great, even if the rest of Dorne sucked.

    Cutting Aegon, Penny and Quentyn were among their best decisions ever. But Dorne and Sansa’s arc were among their worst.

  62. O_o,

    Dorne was just as mediocre as the book version.

    But I will argue that Sansa’s story, was among their best decision. You know, you have to give, too one of your main character, an actoul story.

  63. Mihnea: Dorne was just as mediocre as the book version.

    But I will argue that Sansa’s story, was among their best decision. You know, you have to give, too one of your main character, an actoul story.

    I could argue that show’s Dorne was worse, but that’s not the point in any case. If something it’s bad in the show it doesn’t really change anything if it’s just as bad or worse in the books, bad is bad.

    And Sansa’s arc, well, beyond the “I’d like to see you convincing any girl to marry the family that butchered hers and go to live alone in their castle” part, it destroyed a main character’s arc. I understand what they tried to do, give something to do to Sansa and give more time to the Boltons, it could make sense, but it victimized Sansa again. Forget about the character’s development, it was more like “ok, Joffrey 2.0, so what’s new?”

    I kept expecting that Sansa would turn the Boltons against each others, gain some allies, manipulate them. But let’s face it, the actress may have been the same but the arc was not Sansa’s, but Jeyne’s Poole.

    So, D&D took some very good choices but they blundered in these two, but that’s ok, let’s hope they fix it in this new season.

  64. Lex,

    It really wasn’t. Some people seemed to nominate in a mean-spirited way, which is frankly against the spirit of the WotW Awards.

  65. O_o,

    Sansa not doing what you wanted is not bad writing. You have absolutly no idea what she will do in TWOW, you simple argue that the writers are bad for not writing what you want.

    I want Robb stark alive and Ned, not going to heppened, never would have happened.
    People need to let go of this idea of Sansa ”playing the game”, from all evidance we have, that is simply not her storyline, just like Rob winning the war was not his story.

    I fully expect Sansa to be hurt by Harry and used by LF in TWOW. Not the same fashion as in the show, but I’m certanly not expecting her to ”play the game” or anything like that.

  66. O_o,

    I think they had a good idea with Sansa, but didn’t execute it right. A fake Arya adds little. Jon’s outraged, as he should be given his sister’s marrying a psycho, but a lot of the emotional weight disappears as the reader knows that she’s fake. Jeyne is raped, but this is only important as it allows Theon to enter a redemptive arc. Other than being a tool to help Theon, Jeyne, the individual, means little in the novels.

    Sansa is at least real. She has a motive; she wants revenge on the Boltons. Her suffering is important because SHE is suffering, not because it helps Theon become a better person. Sending her to Winterfell adds weight to the story, and moves her into place, and letting her know that Bran and Rickon are alive moves her further.

    Despite that, the show didn’t give her enough to do. Promising stuff like “North remembers,” came up, but didn’t go anywhere.

  67. “Brienne misses the candle in the window”
    If by “Comedic” you mean heartbreaking and depressing, then, yes, certainly a comedic scene.

    #1 — Stannis quietly corrects the grammar of the Night’s Watch
    #2 — Bronn humors Lollys Stokeworth, and cringes when he sees Jaime
    #3 — Robin Arryn begins long-overdue combat training
    #4 — Tyrion and Varys ride the coach together to Volantis
    #5 — Mace Tyrell surprises Tycho Nestoris with a song

  68. Mihnea: You have absolutly no idea what she will do in TWOW, you simple argue that the writers are bad for not writing what you want.

    When did I ever said that the writers are bad?? They made some mistakes, but overall they have done an amazing job.

    And I’m not one of those guys for whom the word of GRRM is sacred, if Sansa gets victimized again in TWOW I’ll criticize it. Not because I don’t like it, but because it doesn’t make sense in the story.

    For instance, Jon cannot die now, maybe in the future but not now, the same applies to Arya and Daenerys. Their stories are not done. Same with Sansa, we spent 5 books/ seasons watching her grow from a silly bird to someone hardened, manipulative, and then.. we see her go back to where she started? What’s interesting about it??

    Next season she could do other interesting things, even if she never gets to play the game. But this season was a repeat of Joffrey.

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