Watchers on the Wall 2019 Holiday Ornament Giveaway Winner!

holiday giveaway

This past Thanksgiving we revealed our holiday merch giveaway and, though many of you participated, only one could take the Viserion Ice Dragon and Iron Throne ornaments home. A week later, it’s time to announce who the lucky participant is!

And the winner of the Watchers on the Wall holiday giveaway is….

Megan Renee!

Congratulations, Megan Renee! We’ll be in touch shortly. As for the rest of you, thanks for participating in the contest. Keep an eye out for more giveaways in the future!

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    1. As a former contest winner I say, congratulations, and its going to be awesome when you see your name in large bold lettering!!!

      WotW rules!

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    2. Congrats Megan!

      Also, just spoke today with Hodor. Literally dude’s family name was Hodor. I thought he was joking. I forgot to ask him if he could hold the door for me… Bet he gets that every time he’s presenting himself to GoT fans lol

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