Watchers on the Wall “Take the Black” Friday!

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Not to be outdone by every other retailer in the world, the Official Watchers on the Wall Store brings you our “Take the Black” Friday event!

All items in the store are on sale and priced to be the perfect gift for yourself or the true Game of Thrones fanatic in your family.

For the event, we’ve added three new items to choose from. And as an added bonus, we are offering a free gift for orders of at least $35.00 USD or more.

Give the Gift. Take the Black. And check out the new items and the free gift below the cut!

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Grim Weirwood T-Shirt

Regular Price: $20.00

Sale Price: $15.00

The 2nd place vote getter in the WotW design contest and added to the store by popular demand.

Design: Jenny S. (Congrats! your shirt is on the way!)


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Limited Edition Distressed Raven Hoodie

Regular Price: $50.00

Sale Price: $35.00

Distressed Raven Hoodie with “Take the Black” slogan on back. preshrunk 80% cotton/20% polyester 8.5 oz. double-needle neck and sleeves shoulder-to-shoulder taping matching drawstring on hood rib-knit cuffs and waistband pouch pocket

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Watchers on the Wall Holiday Ornament

Regular Price: $15.00

Sale Price: $10.00

Made in the USA, 3 1/4″ Round Shatterproof Black Ornament with Raven graphic on one side and Watchers on the Wall logo on the other.

FREE GIFT, BLACK FRIDAY ONLY: The free gift today is the ornament for any orders over $35.00.



NOTE: The free gifts will NOT show up in your cart!  The ornament will be added to any order over $35 and a decal will be added to any purchase!

Of course, all of our regular items are available and on sale as well. Giving a gift from the WotW store is a great way to support your favorite Game of Thrones site and helps us continue to give you the most up to date information we can provide.

Thank you for Taking the Black and supporting Watchers on the Wall!

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    1. dee:
      Is this US only? And if not, what are the delivery rates to Europe?

      From the FAQ
      Yes. We ship all international orders utilizing U.S. Air Mail. International Orders require a physical street address and phone number. We are required to provide a commercial invoice for all International Orders. Deliveries will not be made on Weekends or holidays. The shipping time for international Postal Air Mail orders usually takes 5 to 30 business days depending on the country of destination. Please check with your local post office or customs office if you have not yet received your package.

      Please Note: International orders may also be required to pay additional duty fees depending on the country of destination. Please check with customs officials within your country. We are not responsible for any customs fees, nor can we accept a package (or have a package returned to the United States) that is stuck in customs.

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    2. Great stuff with the grim Weir Tree shirt

      The distressed Raven Hoodie looks quite fantastic as well it has to be said

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    3. There’s some issues with the “shipping method” in the Checkout fwiw

      Hoping the international shipping rates have gone down

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    4. I was planning to avoid all of the “Black Friday” frenzy. When I decided to check up on WotW, however, there it was–the Grim Weirwood shirt for sale! Just finished my purchase (and probably will be back for the hoodie in a couple of days when I swear off “Cyber Monday”).

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    5. Kundry,

      Thank you! I hadn’t made an account yet.
      Looks like shipping costs to Europe are, as usual, forbidding. I’ll never understand how it is so much more expensive to send things from the States to Europe than the other way around. I mean, it’s literally 5 or 6 times more expensive. So much for my wish to own that awesome Grim Tree T-Shirt.

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    6. dee,

      We are working on negotiating a better international shipping rate, and apologize for them being ridiculously high.

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    7. Watchers on the Wall,

      You guys are marvellous. It’s not your fault – the shipping prices are this high at almost any online store in the States.
      I think it’s the postal services/shipping companies – I think there must be a cartell or something where a few years ago they all agreed that they would take ridiculous amounts of money to ship things overseas no matter the actual cost. I lived in the States for a while before that and when I went back I sent all my books and stuff back to Europe for about 15 Dollars. Now, it’s 35 Dollars for a T-Shirt and I can’t see any reason for that other than some people wanting to get rich and not having any competition on that.

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    8. Aryamad:
      I caved and ordered the hoodie. Winter IS coming!!

      Me too. 8 days expected delivery date. Can’t wait. I have two of the T’s from when they first came out and I am so happy with them, I am sure the hoodie is going to be great. I THINK to take a photo, but then I think again. 🙂

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    9. Quick question, I ordered some WotW stuff and got a delivery date if December 9th. The date came and went, still no hoodie and shirt. My order status states ‘prepared’ for the last two weeks. I sent the maker an email and got no reply. What’s up, are they swamped with orders? As long as I know I still get it before Christmas it will be all good. Would just be nice to know what happened to my order.

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    10. Newbietothegame,

      I have the same issue. It’s been since the date of this article. My delivery date was 12/9 as well. I emailed Somethinginked twice and they finally replied that they were having production issues and the latest expected ship date would be 12/16. We’ll see…

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