Game of Thrones returns to Banbridge and joins EW’s Entertainers of the Year


The year-end accolades have begun! The cast of Game of Thrones has been named to Entertainment Weekly‘s 2015 Entertainers of the Year list.

“There are so many ways this show could have died in the crib, but the most likely killer would have been the cast,” executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss tell EW. “It’s difficult enough to find a single actor who is perfect for a single role, and more difficult still to find, say, five ideal actors. But to find 30, 40, or more? The odds against that are astronomical.”

Given the debates and controversies over season 5, it should be interesting to see how many end of the year Best-Of lists Game of Thrones lands on this year. The Emmys (awarded by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences) don’t always line up with the opinions of critics.

In other news, Emilia Clarke shared this photo on Instagram yesterday, of a Daenerys-wig-in-progress, along with a furry friend.

It looks like Dean-Charles Chapman finished up his filming this week and headed out of Belfast. With season 6 filming ending completely within a few weeks, we can expect fewer sightings and trips for the actors.

Home Time A photo posted by Dean Charles Chapman (@deancchapman) on

In line with our report from last week, Game of Thrones has been busy filming again out at Banbridge’s Linen Mill Studios. The Northern Irish night sky has been lit up by filming.

Given that Linen Mill Studios houses several sets and can handle multiple filming units one time, it’s difficult to guess what they’re up to at the moment. Not only do they have the studios, but the exterior Riverrun set built this year is also located at this site. Last week, a local source told us that more shooting would be done at the Riverrun set there in Corbet-Banbridge this week involving a huge amount of people.

Rumors have been flying as to what is being shot this week, but I’d urge caution in making assumptions since more than one storyline can be filmed there at the moment, as was the case in October.


IrishThrones has reported this rumor today:

Nairn did make a public Facebook post from Banbridge two days ago. Given the multiple studios and outside sets, however, I wouldn’t assume that Nairn is necessarily involved with any one other storyline/character. There’s a great deal of confusion involved with the Banbridge filming so until we hear more solid info, proceed with caution.

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  1. Sophie instagrammed a picture last week that she was home, so that might mean she’s wrapped for principle photography on S6, too.

  2. The dry days are coming. The gap between the end of filming and the first teaser/trailer footage is the hardest

  3. Hodor in Baindbridge… Well, we’ll see if the rumor holds but I keep thinking that Bran will send Meera and Hodor back to Life (as in having a life on the Weterosi side of The Wall), and maybe with them Summer (for Sansa to have?). Speculations, I know, but still, D&D HAVE TO DO something with Meera and Hodor…
    Can’t believe season 6 is five months away ^_^

  4. jentario:
    The dry days are coming. The gap between the end of filming and the first teaser/trailer footage is the hardest

    My god, just reading the words “Teaser” and “Trailer” and “Footage” gets me hyped AF. Is that normal?

  5. The filming will end soon. But i think will dure until december end, like day 25 of december or more.

    I have the felling that season six will have episodes with more minutes, we never had so many plots in one season.

    I have the hope every episode in season six will have at least 1 hour. Or at least 58 minutes.

  6. jentario,

    Yep. Brace yourselves, dry spell is coming. January is always the worst month (the first trailer usually comes at the end of that month).

  7. Hodor, Wildlings and White Walkers? This could something Beyond the Wall related or the Wall. Not really battle in the North. Where is Meera and Summer? What is going on here.

  8. Geralt of Rivia, bite your tongue man…, or woman.

    i thought last yrs dryspell was hard?… this one coming up is gonna be painful enough waiting til end of jan, lets not jinx us & be sputtering out feb for next media blitz lol?!?

    hbo shouldnt leave us w/nothing through the holidays. its just cruel

  9. Wizard of Oz,


    Yes she is

    I think you are referring to HBo year ender video

    Geralt of Rivia,

    I hope you are wrong …iam expecting trailer on Jan 26 doesn’t matter shoot took long to complete…they can simply not show them in the trailer …

    Other than that i also expecting dany promo poster on monday ..
    And next month year ender video will keep us entertained till trailer …

  10. dragonbringer,

    I wouldn’t be so sure about Daeny’s poster. It could be Tyrion for all we know. Maybe in the middle ofthe next month sometimes, but with trailer you might right or wrong. I would prefer if they drop their fist trailer in January instead of February like they usually do, but given tha fact that they will shoot for a bit longer period of time and the season starts late. Maybe first week in February. We’ll see.


    Believe me. I would rather for them to drop the trailer earlier, but you can see why they might be delaying a bit. It’s the worst to wait for trailer with no news from the set or casting.

  11. I want crazy news!!!! Like somebody saw Kit with a white haired wig and purple eye contacts!!! 😉 😉 😉

  12. Geralt of Rivia,

    youre scarin me smalls

    i do understand the logic of your thinking (filming later & later premiere dates (may)=later 1st trailer date)

    my mind cannot entertain such ideas, no matter how logical they may be, it goes into denial 🙂

  13. Alex G,


    sam raises an actual ice dragon w/his horn?!?!

    tyrion training & riding a dragon?!?!

    arya & her wolf pack destroying boltons?!?!

  14. Alex G,

    Why would they give him purple eye contacts when Daeny’s eyes are green? A white haired wig? Curly girly dark hair rules. 😛


    I don’t want to stress you, but let’s hope for the best. Shall we. 😉 😀

    Btw Arya and her pack with Nymeria destroying Freys sounds much better.

  15. Ravyn,

    She’s probably done with most of her scenes, though might come back for a couple of days of shooting and wrapping things up in Dec.

  16. Guys, anyone have the link to the doc file listing all new castings and names (the one created by Luka if I’m correct).

  17. Ravyn,

    Per some Twitter pictures, she was in London the other day working on that video documentary she signed on to host. Since we know there’s both Vale and Northern filming remaining in December, I suspect she has at least a bit more to shoot.

    On the mention of Chapman leaving, I was thinking, we really don’t know anything about what happens in KL in the second half of the season, do we? Pretty much all the filming spoilers relate to Jaime’s midseason march on the Great Sept of Baelor, after which he evidently leaves for the Riverlands.

  18. Moosse Bolton,

    They have limited cannibalism by the “good guys” quite a bit. Remember, they didn’t get any “pork” at Crasters, either. Moreover, they have said that they are skipping the training stuff because training stuff is pretty damn dull.

    Alex G,

    They would have real problems getting eyes as dark as Kit’s to look purple. However, the eye color will not be that important. It was not even that important in Harry Potter where eye color itself was so stressed. (That threw a lot of fans who were convinced that it was the green that was important, not that they looked like his mother’s eyes.)

    Daughter of Winter: She’s probably done with most of her scenes, though might come back for a couple of days of shooting and wrapping things up in Dec.

    It’s not like traveling from England to Northern Ireland is so arduous that she cannot even take a weekend off at home. (Something Yanks in particular have problems grasping is how damn easy it is to get around the entire UK: even though it has about one fifth of the US population, it has the area of only a moderately big US state! So, Belfast London is not exactly like LA NY: but, then, the “stars” often weekend in one and work in the other.)

  19. Arkash,

    Wasn’t me… Well, not exactly. I do regularly update the cast section of season six on the GoT wiki, which is a kind of compendium, and I’m pretty sure it’s very thorough. The compendium you are probably talking about, however, is the one Jared’s mentioned. It’s a bit prettier than the one on the wiki, too 😉

  20. I really hope they put some light makeup on those dark eyebrows. With her Targaryen platinum hair they’re distracting.

  21. Alex G,

    You can’t even put that as crazy news. That is simply impossible since they couldn’t care less if our only known Targaryen on the show has green eyes. Well, eye contacts were uncomfortable for Emilia and Harry. CGI or some other digitally added colour would be a bit off.

  22. I feel the windlings spotted are wildling wights. Hopefully we see a big army of them when the Wall comes down (I am thinking it has to happen this season).

  23. Geralt of Rivia,

    If I remember correctly, they tried to go with purple contacts for the Targs and grey ones for the Starks, but for some reason they didn’t read on film.

  24. By the way,I´m terribly curious to what the ratings will be for season six…Is there a chance for a 9M opening?

  25. Nymeria Warrior Queen:
    Geralt of Rivia,

    If I remember correctly, they tried to go with purple contacts for the Targs and grey ones for the Starks, but for some reason they didn’t read on film.

    I am not surprised about that happening. They probably made silver wigs for Emilia and Harry too. Then they tested on film and it probably came off badly. Too metallic and cheesy with the purple contacts. I could understand them opting for white blonde and no contacts. Plus those contacts are most likely uncomfortable.

  26. Daughter of Winter,

    I remember the first time that I needed to get to Cardiff from the States. I wasted days trying to figure out how to fly there, but it was really tough. Then someone told me: “don’t be daft: fly to Heathrow and take an express train to Cardiff.”

    Now, Cardiff really is not that far from London: but from an American point of view, almost nothing in the UK is that far from anything else in the UK!

    Nymeria Warrior Queen: If I remember correctly, they tried to go with purple contacts for the Targs and grey ones for the Starks, but for some reason they didn’t read on film.

    That would not be too surprising. So few people actually have violet eyes that they always look damn weird. Part of Elizabeth Taylor’s claim to fame was that she had violet eyes: and even though the violet was fairly subtle, it still looked like the color had been distorted somehow! (I always thought that they looked like a faded color photograph of something purple.) Keeping peoples’ eyes looking the same is almost impossible with all of the different lighting effects as it is.

    And, as many a brown-eyed person has discovered, getting contacts that actually make your eyes look blue or green (or violet) is really tough. Basically, if they are thick enough to do it, then they often are painful to wear. (A lot of people cannot handle normal contact lenses as it is.)

    Sou: Why would Jon have purple eyes??

    If the old conjecture about Jon’s mother is correct, then he had a violet-eyed parent. Some people are thinking that Jon’s revival will be more than just “you were flat-lined and then Melisandre revived you” and some physical transformation. (I am very dubious of this myself, so I probably am not representing this accurately!)

  27. KrakenDaughter: Does this mean Hodor has joined the WW army?

    No: as the article notes, they film a lot of stuff in the same general areas, and they cluster it so that the director of the episode has access to the different sets quickly.

    On the other hand, it is a possibility that this is happening. I, myself, am skeptical: as it has been setup, I don’t see how Hodor could get back to the Wall without getting killed. However, maybe their underground tunnel systems provide some better access. (However – however: if so, then why didn’t the bloody Tree Gods lead Bran & Jojen there rather than into the middle of Wight country?)

    Upshot? Yes, it might happen, but, no, this does not mean that it is necessarily happening. (The fact that Hodor was not spotted at “Snowbowl” suggests that it is not happening, too.)

  28. Nymeria Warrior Queen,

    If I IIRC (hell, the time when the information about that was given was a long time ago…) then it was only for the Targs and the problem was that Emilia Clarke and Harry Lloyd didn’t feel comfortable wearing them all the time.

  29. Abyss,

    We’re both correct in that purple contacts were tried, but both incorrect as to why they were not used:

    Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss gave them the chop, though, after concluding that “actors act with their eyes, and [the lenses] really hurt the emotion.”

    I may just be imagining things regarding using grey contacts for Starks (and I wasn’t specific in my statement, I really meant for Jon). It could be along the lines of what Wimsey said, though…it’s just too difficult to turn brown eyes grey, especially under some of the lighting.

  30. Wimsey,

    Anyway i think they’re shooting until end of the year, last year they were done by mid Dec but filming started a bit late for season 6 if i remember correctly.

  31. Nymeria Warrior Queen: Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss gave them the chop, though, after concluding that “actors act with their eyes, and [the lenses] really hurt the emotion.”

    I can buy that. I remember what it was like when I first started wearing contacts: it was almost like “limping” in terms of how you’d blink, stare, etc. Once you get used to it, then it goes away. However, if the actors are not used to it, then I could see it messing with reactions.

    I’ve also read stuff similar to what you (or someone else) noted above: the lighting issue. Contacts don’t reflect light like normal irises do, and sometimes they wind up with wonky side-effects that puts red-eye to shame!

    In the end, it really does not matter what color Jon’s eyes are: just as long as those eyes can do a “full on BROOD” that shouts “Jon Snow!”, then they could be Bowiesque blue in one eye and brown in the other for all it matters….

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