Watch these new Game of Thrones season 4 bloopers


With the Game of Thrones Exhibition wrapped up in London, HBO has one last reward for visitors of the event: a new reel of season 4 bloopers! These are a new batch, different from the ones aired last summer during San Diego Comic Con.

Check out the video:

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Sue the Fury
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  1. Oberyn isn’t nearly as scary after watching this. Is like that white walker falling of a horse πŸ™‚

  2. That wink at the end… I’ll be in my bunk.

    On a side note – the Exhibition was absolutely awesome, and if anyone has got tickets for the next dates, you are in for such a great time.

  3. DonalNoyesArm,

    Don, I thought I saw some youtube vid last year with some bloopers scenes from 3rd season. Will look later. Or were you referring to actually putting them on previous seasons DVDs?

  4. Flora Linden: Did you notice that the photo tagline is β€œUnite The Seven”? Lol. . .

    I love how the director, Zack Snyder, is using GoT cross-references with Momoa in his recent tweets: “There is only one true King.” I’m very interested in how he handles this film after “The Watchmen,” which I enjoyed.

    “Unite the Seven”?….maybe some sort of emergency signal for the Justice League to gather from disparate locations around the world? Snyder seems to be single-handedly taking over the DC-comics film adaptations.

  5. Game of Thrones FB page posted a new video with behind the scenes stuff on Bran and Co’s fight with the wights. I’d post the link but it’s not letting me.

  6. Rygar,

    Yeah…that is the current silly debate…if the phrase is intended specifically for aquaman’s realm or the 7 Justice League members. πŸ™‚ If we see Wonder Woman depicted in all her bountiful glory with the same phrase, we’ll know.

  7. Wish , sometimes, they would stay on the take one second longer.
    I know they have four seasons of this stuff , I say more.

  8. OT: The Emmys have made some rule changes to try and adjust to the increasingly varied TV landscape and fix a few loopholes (for those of you who don’t care about the Emmys, feel free to scroll past this comment). For the most part, Game of Thrones is unaffected, but there are three notable parameters that could play a role in what awards it could be eligible for and win going forward.

    1. The Series fields (Comedy and Drama) will now have seven nominees apiece instead of six. Given that Game of Thrones has been comfortably established in the Drama Series field for four seasons, this likely won’t have any impact on its annual nomination in that category, but it does change what it will be competing against (it appears that the performer fields are staying at six). Furthermore, the rules about limited series/anthology miniseries competing in the drama series category have been tightened. So shows like True Detective won’t be eligible to compete in the Drama Series category going forward unless they petition for a special exception to do so (although True Detective won’t return in time to be eligible for this year’s Emmys anyway).

    2. More interestingly, all members of the academy eligible to participate in the nomination round for a given category can now vote for the winners in that category as well, provided that they swear that they watched all of the submitted episodes. Previously, voting for the winners was panel-based. If Game of Thrones and its actors are more popular with the general membership of the Academy than the old select judging panels, this may increase its chances of winning the top awards. I think that’s a real possibility – remember that Game of Thrones led all series with 19 nominations last year.

    3. In order to be eligible for the Guest Actor and Guest Actress categories, the performer in question must now appear in less than 50% of their show’s episodes that season. This means that Pedro Pascal, who appeared in 7 episodes last year, would have been designated as a Supporting Actor instead of as a Guest Actor (though obviously he didn’t get a nomination anyway). By contrast, Diana Rigg, who appeared in four episodes, would still have been eligible for Guest Actress. What is not specified is whether or not actors who are nominally series regulars but appear in less than 5 episodes per season will now be able to submit in the Guest Acting categories. If they are, that would open up some interesting possibilities for Game of Thrones on that front.

  9. Felt Pelt,

    Unless that’s how they’re rating it by default until a later date, yes.

    The nudity should be Stalwart Shield’s “Meereenese Prostitute”. The graphic violence, his demise. Among other scenes of course…
  10. Greenjones,

    So, exactly as the season 2 premiere, which was the shortest premiere and one of the shortest episodes overall. Oh well, I’m greedy πŸ˜›

  11. I wonder if Peter Dinklage was actually pissing in that scene with Jamie when he starts laughing…it wouldn’t surprise me.

  12. Ghasterly Rock,


    He’s GoT a throne to sit and groom upon.

    Seriously though, D&D should sneak a shot in an episode of Ser Pounce on the throne, and Tommen or Marg scooping him up as they sit down, or shoo him off.

  13. Ah, so happy these came out, a good way to start the weekend. Because of this post I also just now saw the ComicCon set of bloopers, which were even better (I strongly dislike musicals, but believe the world needs a Tyrion – Jaime one).

  14. Dolorous Edd & olly for Emmy for supporting actor then. Edd would probably be the winner with the least amount of lines vs. appearances in an episode. Does someone have that stat?


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