Game of Thrones season 5 red carpet premiere set for the Tower of London

Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell and Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister _photo Helen Sloan_HBO

Red carpet premieres have become the norm for Game of Thrones but the one for season 5 looks to be something special, as this morning Sky Atlantic announced that this year’s premiere will be held in London for the first time, at the Tower of London. The location, a historic castle that long served as a prison and now hosts the Crown Jewels, is an exciting choice for the event.

The premiere will take place on March 18th with stars of the show in attendance.

Sky is offering the opportunity for 25 fans to win a pair of tickets to the red carpet premiere. Details of the contest aren’t confirmed yet but will be announced soon, according to the Sky announcement.

The UK Director of Sky Atlantic, Zai Bennett says, “Game of Thrones is the must see show of the year and a massive show for Sky Atlantic so I am delighted we will be hosting the World Premiere for this epic show at the Tower of London. I can’t think of a more fitting venue to give what promises to be another unmissable series its big launch.”

Season 5 of Game Of Thrones premieres on HBO on April 12th, and will start on Sky in the UK on April 13th.

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  1. Sweet 😀
    I expect reviews and maybe just maybe .. a leaked screenshots.

  2. Great news! I just hope we get the 2nd trailer first though, btw guys if you’d have to guess when do you think we’ll be getting it? I can’t remember when we got it last year

  3. This is great, it only serves to remind us that Season 5 is almost here. I can’t wait. Will they have a US Premiere also? I sure hope so.

  4. I love this idea, really cool, atmospheric experience for the premiere…but

    Where are they going to place the giant screen? Outside? I’ve been there.
    The Halls aren’t very large in the Tower, perhaps 250-300 tops attendance, but they could have it set up for viewing in multiple halls. Unless there is a really large hall where tourists aren’t allowed.
    Maybe someone in the know can give their best assumption.

    Then of course there’s Catherine Howard’s ghost, but I’m sure she’ll enjoy the proceedings, especially the women’s fashions such an outing exhibits.

    Concerning the U.S. premiere, hopefully FSU is the recipient of one, I know the FSU London campus has GoT night in it’s student hall when the show premieres on Sky.

  5. Ser Low-Res,

    This is the only story about this and it’s 8 days old. Pretty sure there would have been an article on this site or anywhere else besides the Mustang Press if this were legit. It seems random and out of character for HBO.

  6. Ser Low-Res,

    I think it’s legit, but it’s too early for HBO to announce it yet (this is just one school apparently in talks with them spilling the beans), we’ll keep an eye on it.

  7. Oooh nice location! Parts of it are nearly 1,000 years old and only very important prisoners were held there, royalty and the aristocracy. Has a reputation for torture and death too. It’s like GoT in building form, only without the bewbs.

    I’m fairly near there so will go down nearer the time and report back/try and take some photos if there’s anything to see.

  8. CAN I ONLY WIN TICKETS? I want to buy them 🙁 But I’m so excited, I’ll be going even if it’s just to watch people go in

  9. Nippled Breastplate,

    It’s legit. They did the same thing last year. I saw the first episode at Illinois State University the week before it aired on HBO. But iirc there was also a “premiere” in LA with all the Hollywood hoopla.

  10. Hoyti Von Totiy: Ofcourse you do, a smart person knows what the “tower” was used for before.

    It’s primary purpose was as a royal residence but also the Tower has served variously as an armoury, a treasury, a menagerie, the home of the Royal Mint, a public records office, and the home of the Crown Jewels. Can you be more specific.

  11. Of the Night: It’s primary purpose was as a royal residence but also the Tower has served variously as an armoury, a treasury, a menagerie, the home of the Royal Mint, a public records office, and the home of the Crown Jewels. Can you be more specific.

    stop trolling

  12. Hoyti Von Totiy,

    Sorry couldn’t resist that one. Alright serious question. What has led you the belief that the season will stop at that point and the issue will stretch beyond season 5? How does this news relate to the timing of the events on the show?

  13. Of the Night:
    Hoyti Von Totiy,

    Sorry couldn’t resist that one. Alright serious question. What has led you the belief that the season will stop at that point and the issue will stretch beyond season 5? How does this news relate to the timing of the events on the show?

    I cant explain it i simply know.
    Remember my words and when the season ends you will see i was right.

  14. Hoyti Von Totiy,

    Also for the record trolls try to create arguments and disruption. I was just trying to create humor. Probably not that successfully, but please know that my intent was to amuse you (and others) not annoy you.

  15. Jofrey’s Cunt,

    Just a prediction, they always release their second trailer four weeks after the first one and on Sundays. Unlike everyone else I don’t care about the trailer because I won’t watch it. I have seen enough footage for Season 5. I don’t want to recognize every scene, it ruined Season 4 for me.

  16. Phalange,

    I don’t see Mira Forrester in the background in that picture?????

    She’s the one with the blue shirt, in the game Mia ALWAYS has the blue undergarment.
    I figure she’s the one on the far right because of her sad expression, seems to be far away in her thoughts.

  17. That picture of Margaery and Cersei is funny.

    I’m expecting a second trailer shortly before this premiere. If they hadn’t changed the promo for this season, that is. If they had… can’t say I’m excited for a new sight teaser.

  18. Does anyone know what happened to Dino and Byron?

    They took down all of their episode reviews. They were the best unsullied reviewers by far 🙁

  19. Does any1 else think maybe the queen finally watched all 4 seasons after her trip to the sets last year and she plans to sneak in (in disguise ofcourse) to watch the premier so she insisted they have it here (they cudnt possibly have it at Buckingham palace and maybe she just doesn’t wanna admit she loves the show or have people know)
    I can imagine her watching season 3 and when episode 9 starts some1 bends over and says your majesty robb dies in this episode(so she doesn’t have a heart attack) oh and she probably watches with a bucket of chicken and some red wine in her best Cersie cosplay hehehe

  20. Josh,

    I think the author has things confused. Sophie was talking about the books not being out before season 5, not season 6. When she says “this season”, I would assume she means season 5, and not season 6, as the author wrote.

  21. Tyrion Pimpslap,

    Oh I know the author of the article has her numbers confused (and can’t spell Daenerys). The part I was referring to was her comments about the end of season 5. It’s not actually much to talk about but even the littlest thing can generate interesting discussion around here in the absence of big news.

  22. Wimsey,

    Reading her name spelled out a few hundred times in the books does tend to help in this regard. Once I reached ‘A Clash Of Kings’ on my first read, I had figured out that it was ‘Daenerys’ and not ‘Danaerys’,’Danerys’, or ‘Daneris’.

  23. Ashara D,

    I’m not doubting you at all, but there does seem something a little funky at least about the schools in California. Other than Cal Poly, the tree other schools are all in LA. I’d think HBO would be smart enough to spread it out a little more than that.

    The Tower of London sounds like an amazing place for the premiere of Season 5!

  24. Well, Vikings was awesome tonight.

    Went so fast, great set up for episodes to come.

    Also some great skirmishes that so far only battles on GoT can top. IMO anyways..

    Also, one of the kings guards actors was a king who Floki killed… First GoT/Viking crossover…

  25. Tyrion Pimpslap,
    Well, I can always read it. That doesn’t mean that I can remember how to spell it afterwards!

    Nymeria Warrior Queen: I’d think HBO would be smart enough to spread it out a little more than that.

    LA has such a huge population that this is probably what they would do if they are spreading it based on population / km2 rather than just km2.

  26. Nymeria Warrior Queen,

    Last year’s promotion was tied to a deal the university had made to provide HBO as part of the housing package, so locations might have more to do with student on campus population and whether or not the university is interested in providing such a perk. *shrug*


    Me too! I missed it last year. 🙁

  27. Turncloak,

    I just went to their page and you’re right – all of their reviews are gone. I’m afraid I don’t know what happened. I remember that after they discussed the finale of Season 4, they said that they were planning to convene later to do some form of post-season wrap-up. That video never materialized, and I assumed that they had just decided to wait until Season 5 was about to premiere. I suppose it’s possible that they might simply be moving to a new channel, but I expect that they probably would have announced such a development if that were truly the case.

    If Dino and Byron aren’t going to be reviewing Game of Thrones going forward, then that’s a tremendous shame. I always found their discussions to be comprehensive, entertaining, enthusiastic, and insightful. Furthermore, while they were both Unsullied, they frequently had a better understanding of the various characters and plotlines than many viewers who had read the books. During the season, I generally prefer reading/listening to Unsullied reviews over Sullied ones, and theirs were the best of the lot. Whatever led them to take down their videos, I hope that the decision was made for positive reasons and that there were no unfortunate circumstances involved. They’ll be missed.

  28. Roxie: This is great, it only serves to remind us that Season 5 is almost here. I can’t wait. Will they have a US Premiere also? I sure hope so.

    This has been on the WEB for a while.
    The Red Carpet premiere on March 23 in Los Angeles:

    Does not say where, but my guess same place as in 2013.

    Odd to have the London premiere before the LA one after the London one.
    Will they be showing episode 1 or just have a party???

    I am not sure there was a Red Carpet for season 2?
    Anyway since season 3 was LA and season 4 was NY I kind of thought they would rotate it to London, now it seems there will be two Red Carpets for season 5?

  29. tyjon,

    I have run a big event at the Tower in a marquee in the moat – its a regular temporary structure that sets up for summer parties and also for winter/Christmas parties – they sure have enough budget to do something like that, if they are going for a larger audience as that could do more like 600. Only problem is the sound there – not so private as it echoes through the structure (note to all – if it is in a structure like that, get yourself down there as you may hear quite a lot!).

    As you say, the New Armories would do 250-300 but that’s one of their bigger halls. Doing multiple screenings would be kind of cool too (and cheaper than the outside structure).

    I love Sky Atlantic – got me into the #GoTExhibit and now this competition – I wonder if it will only be for Sky subscribers as with the exhibition?

  30. We should start seeing some episode names soon enough too. I remember for season 4 it became easy to work out what was coming and when, once we had the titles.

  31. Goochbot,

    Last year we found out through HBO’s online schedule. As of today, you can watch the schedule until March 29th, so in 2 weeks time we should know the first episode’s title.

  32. Just been looking at Sky Atlantic’s website and this sunday at 9pm they have a top 20 GoT moments programme voted for by viewers. Some people on here like compiling lists and comparing bits they love/hate, so here’s something to keep them entertained for a while – what are your top 10 favourite and/or most disliked moments? Lines, whole scenes, bits cut out or changed from the books, whatever.

    I suppose I ought to start it off – series 4 is freshest in my memory and things that immediately come to mind as yays! are the scythe and giant shooting the guy off the top of the wall with a giant arrow in 4.09 – nothing against the people killed but they both looked great :O) Boos! include Brienne and the Hound fighting in 4.10 because I want them to be on the same team fighting other people, not each other :O( Aaaaaand cue I can’t believe you like that, it’s AWFUL! No it’s the greatest thing EVAH! type discussions.

  33. Turncloak,


    People who do videos (AA podcast, whoever they are admitted to it) aggressively turned on Preston Jacobs and got artists to report copyright infringement and Youtube took down his channel. Now no more Dino and Byron too? What a crappy day…

  34. Preston’s back up now at least.

    Where can I find (or could have found) this Dino and Byron? I’ve never heard of them… Which is strange since I try to watch all the GOT reviews I can (especially by Unsullied) after the episodes come out.

  35. Big Mac,

    That’s the link to their old YouTube page. As you can see, all of their videos have been removed, but the comments are still visible under the “Discussion” tab. The last time that either one of them posted anything was seven months ago, but in that comment they were still extremely enthusiastic about the show. I doubt that they just suddenly lost interest.

    Looking over some of the more recent comments on their page, someone mentioned that the two of them had been talking about doing things a bit differently, maybe even getting sponsorship for their videos. If they are, this is the first that I’ve heard of it. I do know that they both have busy lives (one’s in law school, and the other might work for the Chamber of Commerce), so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were just focused on other things at the moment. However, both Dino and Byron were very engaged with and appreciative of their viewers, so if they had decided to stop reviewing Game of Thrones permanently for whatever reason, I’m reasonably sure that they would have posted something to let people know. That being said, I’m not expecting them to return. If they do, it will be a pleasant surprise.

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