Sophie Turner shares the secret ending of Game of Thrones (but not with us) & reveals the one Sansa item she took from set

Sansa Stark Spoils of War

As she so often is, Sophie Turner was interviewed, this time by W Magazine, where she is asked about her hair (uh, again), but she also tells them of what she took from set, and of the fact that she’s terrible at keeping secrets; so much so that the Game of Thrones ending may not be such a secret anymore! But fear not, you will not find it online…

Though the actress is immediately asked about her hair by W Magazine, Turner takes it somewhere a bit more interesting, discussing the one item she took from the set:

“It gets very greasy. It never used to be like that. I think it’s because I wear a wig on Game of Thrones, so the glue gets stuck in my hair, so I had to wash it every day and my hair is now used to that. If it’s any longer than two days, it gets greasy. I am very glad [the wig’s gone.] I didn’t want to keep it. I was like, ‘Goodbye!’ The only thing I kept was a corset,” Turner reveals. “I was thinking about framing it, but people might think it’s a bit weird. Wearing it would be weird. And it’s not the one that covers your boobs.”

Regarding the much-discussed secrecy around Game of Thrones, especially for this final season, Turner says it makes her “terrified. I’m so bad at keeping secrets. I don’t think people tell me things anymore because they know that I can’t keep them. I’ve already told the ending of Game of Thrones to a few people. I was like, ‘Hey, if you want to know, I’ll tell you.’ But it’s people that I know, not random people. It’s people that I know will keep the secret.” The secret is spreading! How weird must it feel to know something like the end of Game of Thrones, especially when one isn’t involved in the production.

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  1. The fandom desperation is really reaching its zenith when so much time is being spent obsessing over the characters’ hairstyles and the actors’ hair care. (Examples: Was Sansa’s hairstyle in the teaser and homage to Dany, to Catelyn, or nothing at all? How much should we commiserate with Sophie Turner that in prior seasons she was instructed not to wash her hair? Does Kit Harington with a mustache, sans beard and flowing locks, look like a live action version of the character in the Super Mario Brothers video game? Were Sophie Turner’s latter-season red wigs up to snuff? Why couldnt Jon’s crypt statue in the teaser accurately depict his beard and hair? Was Arya’s S7 hairstyle a nod to Ned? How come some mounted White Walkers wearing only loin cloths have long stringy white hair like aging ’60s hippie surfer dudes?)

    On the other hand, I’m aware that characters’ costuming and hairstyles are intended to have significance, e.g., to show how they’re influenced by the locations they’re in and characters they emulate. Unfortunately, I don’t pick up on these things – which is a shame, because I know how much time the (award-winning) wardrobe department, stylists, and costume designers spend on such intricate details.

  2. Foreshadow or Red Herring or Revealed Secret?

    My guess – The First of her Name – The Younger more beautiful Sansa Stark – Queen regent of the 7 Kingdoms

  3. firstone,

    Hot Pie = Show Patchface. Deeper truths within off-hand comments.
    Melisandre: “He is the Lord’s chosen.”
    Renly: “What is he, a ham?”
    Hot Pie: “Face like a half-burned ham.”
    Pod: “The Hound.”
    Hot Pie: “That’s the one.”]

    So I’ll go with Arya “You’re Pretty!” Stark aka The Many-Faced Goddess as the younger, more beautiful queen.

    (There’s actually more set-up for this result, especially in S1, as well as casting Aisling Franciosi – with features similar to MW – as Lyanna Stark.)

  4. Ten Bears,

    I have to ask, because I just don’t see it, what foreshadowing is there to suggest Arya (or even Sansa for that matter) will become queen of the 7 kingdoms. I like the Arya character, but I just don’t see what the die-hard Arya fans in this fandom see when they place her at the centre of all importance in the story. She is an important character, but (so far and I doubt will be) isn’t one of the most central importance to the story. If Arya were to be queen at the end it would make my jaw hit the floor because there has been (in my view) no development for such an ending to ASOIAF. (I also don’t think Maisie looks all that much like the actress they cast as Lyanna Stark).

  5. firstone,

    Maisie Williams & Aisling Franciosi

    Here’s how I see it: According to Maggy the Frog’s fortune-telling session with tween Cersei, the YMBQ is going to cast down Cersei and take all she holds dear.

    Young Cersei expected to marry Prince Rhaegar. But in the S5e1 cold open, Maggy told young Cersei she wouldn’t marry the Prince. And that’s because Lyanna took him away.

    Maggy told Cersei she’d marry the king, and she did marry King Robert, but even in death, Lyanna took Robert from Cersei. In a S1 scene between Cersei and Ned, Cersei told Ned she was thrilled to marry Robert but soon discovered he would never love her, a live girl, because he’d always love Lyanna even though she was a corpse. In a S1 scene between Cersei and Robert, they talked about Lyanna’s “ghost” haunting their marriage. Cersei admitted to Robert she had feelings for him at the beginning, but he told her their marriage never had a chance: Lyanna was all he ever wanted.

    Lyanna, even in death, took both men Cersei held dear.

    That’s why it should be Lyanna’s lookalike – Lyanna’s ghost, so to speak, who comes along and finishes the job.

    Put Maisie in a dress and give her the right hairdo… and Cersei will think Lyanna’s ghost has materialized.

    Then it’s just a matter of Arya’s slashes and tears to Cersei’s torso causing Cersei to drown in her own blood before Jon aka Aegon “the little brother” Targaryen wraps his hands around Cersei’s pale white throat and chokes the life out of her.

    Of course, I think this confrontation might be precipitated by Cersei trying to harm Sansa.

    (Tinfoil alert:) That is the only reason I can possibly imagine for the otherwise worthless S7e2 scene between Jon & LF in the WF crypts. LF yammering away and pissing off the KitN made no sense and accomplished nothing – especially since Jon then rode off to board the ship to Dragonstone, and in his absence LF was executed without Jon’s participation or knowledge. I initially dismissed that S7e2 encounter as a throwaway, filler scene.

    But then I started to wonder if the (only) purpose was to show what would cause the usually even-tempered Jon to lose his composure. That scene concluded with LF professing his “love” for Sansa, which finally triggered Jon’s anger.

    Jon then threw LF against the wall and started choking him, while warning LF:

    “You touch my sister, and I’ll kill you myself.”

    [end tinfoil extrapolation]

  6. Che,

    She doesn’t necessarily have to be “queen” – just “another”, younger and more beautiful woman.

    (The rest of my explanation – the follow up to my previous comment – is trapped in Moderation Purgatory as of 3:48 pm EDT)

  7. I think the “great houses” will all die out by the end of the series. That means Sansa and Arya can live, because even if they go on to have kids, they won’t be Starks. And Bran will never have kids, so he can live. But Jon has to dies, because his kids will either be Stark (if his secret is not out) or Targ (if the secret is revealed). And Tyrion and Jaime will have to die so the Lannister line disappears. And Sam will have to die, so the Tarleys will be gone. Same with Jorah.

    Dany and Cersei are iffy. On the one hand, women’s last names don’t really count, but because each claims to be the true monarch of the seven kingdoms, any kids they have might be considered Targs or Lannisters. So I think both will die.

    Males from lesser houses and most females are safe. Just my opinion on how the wheel gets broken, and all their “kingdoms” disappear.

  8. MoaKaka,

    Uhm… Arya is No One sooooooo??? she couldn’t care less about any of that haha

    The wheel will only be broken once the powerful learns to co-exist with the powerless. All the throne aspirants could die by series end, yet that doesn’t mean Westeros would be better for it. Someone outside a great ‘House’ could be King/Queen and be just as monstrous as some of the crazy Targaryens or Joffrey.

    You need someone with a clear vision on how to usher in Westeros own ‘golden age.’

  9. Ten Bears:

    She doesn’t necessarily have to be “queen” – just “another”, younger and more beautiful woman.

    (The rest of my explanation – the follow up to my previous comment – is trapped in Moderation Purgatory as of 3:48 pm EDT)

    I believe it’s a group effort, Arya, or Sansa may finish it off.
    One way or another Sansa will have, or did figure into it and “what harm could the Ghost of Lyanna Stark do to us ” will also be involved. But Cersei is the blame for her own downfall, everyone else ( Marge, Brienne, Sansa, Danny, Arya ) just helped to get her there.

  10. MoaKaka,

    That would be an interesting end. I would prefer this outcome to many other options I see floating about. I think it is unlikely though.

  11. When a greater house only has a female heir their spouse adopts the greater house’s name. That way it continues.

  12. If she’s telling people that she knows surely something will leak out. The good thing is it will likely be lost in all the tinfoil speculation at least until the trailer drops or we get a few episodes in and events can validate it.

    Anyway I for one am glad nothing is leaked and at this point it looks like we will fine at least until the trailer drops.

  13. kathy:
    Sophie I promise not to tell anyone the ending if you share it with me…really I do

    Genuine question would you really want to know the ending now with little to no context rather than just watch it with excitement of not knowing at all what is going to happen? I’ve avoided spoilers but everything I am led to believe is that there isn’t really any and production has been water tight beyond a few set pictures and the idea of two big battles.

  14. I predict

    Sansa and Tyrion will both be decapitated, put back together by Qyburn…. Tyrion will be the Night King and Sansa will be the Night Queen


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