Sixth and final Iron Throne found in the Quest #ForTheThrone!

The 'Quest' portion of "#ForTheThrone came to an end this morning with the discovery of the sixth and final Iron Throne.
The ‘Quest’ portion of “#ForTheThrone came to an end this morning with the discovery of the sixth and final Iron Throne.

A global search has been underway since last week for six Iron Thrones placed in carefully chosen locations as part of the #ForTheThrone marketing campaign — and now, with the fifth recently discovered in Canada, the sixth and final throne has been claimed today!

Barely an hour after posting the final installment this morning of the “Quest,” part of the sprawling marketing campaign for the final season of Game of Thrones, the “Queen of Queens” claimed the Throne of the Crypt in what appears to be Fort Totten Park, in New York City’s Queens borough (hence the “Queen of Queens” title):

HBO’s Twitter account posted the link to the YouTube video with the hint “A new city flying a starry banner seeks protection from the Great War.” Some initially speculated that it would be a New York City location, considering the word “new,” although the “starry banner” part still has us scratching our heads. Looks like it didn’t confound the Queen of Queens for long, though!

The Quest #ForTheThrone has been a unique, challenging activity in which YouTube videos were posted showing an Iron Throne in an undisclosed location, with only glimpses of the setting and cryptic clues accompanying the posting. Viewers then sought out the real-world location of the Thrones. Congrats to all the winners!


  1. Do they get to keep the thrones ?
    Attend the premiere?
    Help Martin finish the next book?
    What’s the rewardapart from a pic

  2. Sansa’s Knight,

    Each winner was given a reproduction of the Bartheon crown, plus each location came with a fully costumed pair of guards to take pics with. Twitter gave this blow by blow coverage and pretty much gave the 411 as far as locations went as soon as it was figured out to everyone since most of us just could not make it. We shared well…

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