Rock Band Bastille Rumored To Cameo in Game of Thrones Season Seven


Game of Thrones has a fruitful history of cameos, and the best of them are from European bands, so much so that their appearances have become a tradition of sorts: Snow Patrol‘s Gary Lightbody sang The Bear and the Maiden Fair with his Bolton buddies after apprehending Jaime and Brienne; Will Champion from Coldplay played an enthusiastic drummer at the Red Wedding; Sigur Rós played a somber cover of the The Rains of Castamere at Joffrey’s wedding… until the little bastard of a king threw coins at them to shut them up; though Mastodon didn’t get to go rock out, they played wildlings raised from the dead by the Night King at Hardhome; and Iceland’s own Of Monsters and Men played theater musicians in Braavos —Which was an exclusive from us too.

Considering this tradition, which sprung up once the show truly became a hit, it may not be surprising to learn that another European band may be joining the others soon. As of yet it’s not officially confirmed, but Bastille is reportedly set to appear this coming season, and in quite an intriguing location. We’ll walk you through it below the cut!

Our source tells us the British indie pop band filmed a small cameo yesterday, dressed as wildlings, and will be appearing in the final episode of season seven. Though none of this is official yet, there is something so juicy about it that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to report on it: the scene is said to have been filmed at Wolf Hill, a quarry we thought had already been vacated after three weeks of intense filming.

Spoiler-philes will already know what Wolf Hill Quarry filming has mainly entailed, so I will not elaborate on it here. Let’s just say it’s a crucial scene involving a lot of main characters, hundreds of extras, and a three-week shoot. So, have they returned to film more for this particular scene? Or is this a new sequence using the icy set?

Sophie Turner in Bastille's "Oblivion" music video
Sophie Turner in Bastille’s “Oblivion” music video

Now, that is an interesting development, and it does line up with Bastille’s recent comings and goings: in an interview with VOGUE published yesterday, the band’s lead singer and founder Dan Smith said they have been on tour on the US and UK lately, and that they will get to check out the set of Game of Thrones soon, which will be wicked.” While this doesn’t confirm the band did anything more than visit the set, it would be a bit of a coincidence, wouldn’t it? The guys from Bastille are longtime fans of the show, and even featured Sophie Turner in the video for their song, “Oblivion.” Would they pass up the opportunity to film a brief cameo, as many other bands have done in the past?

I think not. But we’ll see soon enough if this pans out! At last, after a much longer wait than usual, season seven is about half a year away from its summer premiere.


  1. Nice little info in these quiet days, but I’m voting for this Leonard Cohen Song to be in the first full trailer…

  2. @kaka Give it up, not like it’d mean anything (and it contradicts the original leak) That BS has already been proven fake. The troll has messed up.

  3. Catspaw Assassin: Rumor has it that he now owns a chain of taco trucks called El Lobo Grave.

    And here I was hoping he’d open an oysters, clams and cockles business with Arya…

  4. 1. This post is about Bastille, not about leaks.
    2. If you don’t cover spoilers,they’re getting deleted. You know better, and I’m tired of adding coding.

  5. sellsword_23:
    Nice little info in these quiet days, but I’m voting for this Leonard Cohen Song to be in the first full trailer…

    Much as I love and mourn LC, I don’t think this particular song works on Planetos. Too much of his imagery is anachronistic: either too modern or too Biblical.

  6. Pretty awesome if it turns out to be true, I love little cameo’s a wildling one would be especially interesting

  7. Well that set at wolfhill

    had a pretty hyooge icy channel / cavern so I’m guessing they used this for the Wall being breached in ep7.
  8. Man. Sure wish writing was a priority instead of cameos and God knows what else goes through their mindless slop.

  9. Apollo,

    The show has had band cameos since the original pilot,but hey let’s ignore that and take another cheapshot at D and D for no reason .

  10. Hmmm, now that we’ve learned that an FOS (Friend of Sophie) has a cameo, should we be on the lookout for Joe Jonas?

  11. Can they ask HOZIER to write the “Song of Ice and Fire”? Give him a harp; slap a white wig on him and have it sing it too? His song “In the Woods Somewhere” from the season 4 dvd trailer was fantastic, should have been used for a main trailer instead of “Wicked Game” or “Heroes”. It was the best matched song to Game of Thrones since “Seven Devils” by Florence and the Machine.

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