Promise Me, Nerd: Part 2

twitter2As promised! More nerds! Part Two– and it’s all for you!

What, you need me to hold your hand? It’s the last godsdamned episode of the season! Dive in, people!

Game of Thrones! The Winds of Winter! Twitter! Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags!

(Here’s Part 1 in case you missed it.) Seriously! Dive in!


The rest is down yonder.

See you next year, nerds! And we’ll… talk about your mothers.

I promise!

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    1. Aisling Franciosi
      I’m gonna go ahead and pretend this means I can take credit for his good looks… ?

      Love it!

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    2. Sorry but…

      I can’t stop laughing!! I hope I won’t get banned for posting this. Love little Lyanna Mormont.

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    3. “Can’t believe Jon jetpacked from Dorne to Winterfell in one episode. And he was a baby!” #Continuity

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    4. The cast of this show is really so lovely…

      It is wonderful and bittersweet eading their farewell messages at the end of a season.

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    5. Loved Sarah Walsh’s twitter rant. Thanks for including that!

      On first watch I didn’t notice the Martell and Tyrell ships in Dany’s fleet so did a double take when I saw Varys there. But once you see those ships and realize that a few weeks are supposed to have passed between those scenes then it all makes perfect sense. Varys secured the alliance with Ellaria and Olenna then sailed back to Meereen with their ships. More ships means more of Dany’s troops, horses, and supplies can be brought for the invasion. Then Varys joins Dany to set sail for Westeros with the full fleet.

      Again, it makes perfect sense, but some people just cannot let it go and continue to bring up the tired old jetpack nonsense.

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    6. I’m finally listening to the soundtrack. I think “Light of the Seven” just bumped “Reek” down one notch on my list of favorites of the whole series. So haunting and beautiful. Makes me wish I could play the piano.

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    7. Probably not the place to leave this comment, but I am confused as to where I should put it, as well….. its old and I dont know if it was ever mentioned back then (yeah I am a little late to the Throne)

      When the witch gives Cersie her prophecy, she says 3 children, but in season 1, Cersie tells Cat of her first born who died. The fact the child was born should the prophecy not have said 4 children, all died so “gold their shrouds” still fits…. it bugs me, that one Baratheon child forgotten.

      Oh and will Jon return to Castle Black? He ends a sentence to Edd with “while I am gone” ??

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    8. I have to say Jon and Sansa loked like Ned and Cat while sitting in hall. But we know i will turn sour for them. Season 7.

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    9. Fleabottom’s home,

      Maggy meant her children with Jaime and not Robert. Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen. She said that she will marry the King and he’ll have 20 children but not with her. She will have 3 children.

      Jon just got out of NW so returning there would be pointless. It was probably foreshadowing for one big event in the future.

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    10. But surely if you give birth to it, it is your child.

      I get it was saying your three that survive wont be the kings, but she still had 4 children.
      Just an fyi I will struggle to see it differently, but understand your explination.

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    11. Reading the Twitter recaps are the best part of the season – thank you to everyone who highlighted the best tweets for S6.

      Next season’s recaps should be terrific. 🙂

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    12. AXEY!!!! I am going to miss you and the Twitter crew for a long ten months. Can’t you people come up with some off season games? *joking* I would imagine with all the effort and time it takes to put it together every week, you are ready for a break.

      Thank you, thank you and thank you. One of the highlights of every week is reading the Tweets and YOUR responses.

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    13. Axey, you have outdone yourself this year. Tell me you are coming to the Con of Ice and Fire! Please come visit us fleas and say “hello”. Always look forward to the tweet thread. Thought I would love TOJ the best but, behold, it was the pie 🙂 Best regards until we read you again.

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    14. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. This is why we do this stuff!


      I will do everything in my power to be there, barring weird life disasters. 98% chance! Look forward to meeting our peeps in the souf!

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    15. Fleabottom’s home,

      What some have failed to mention, in their efforts to make sure that nothing D&D write could ever be construed as a mistake, is that the explanation is even simpler:

      It didn’t happen this way in the books. Cersei never had any scene with Catelyn where she confesses an infant death, because that never happened. She did only have 3 children, just as Maggy said she would.

      This was one of the earliest attempts at humanizing Cersei. It struck me as a false note.

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