Official Watchers on the Wall podcast, The Night’s Cast, launches today!

Left to right: Oz of Thrones, Patrick Sponaugle, Bex, Vanessa Cole, Petra Halbur, Matt (JoeMagician), Sam Wallace, David Rosenblatt, Luka Nieto, Susan Miller (Sue the Fury).
Left to right: Oz of Thrones, Patrick Sponaugle, Bex, Vanessa Cole, Petra Halbur, Matt (JoeMagician), Samantha, David Rosenblatt, Luka Nieto, Susan Miller (Sue the Fury), at the live podcast taping at this year’s Con of Thrones in Dallas.

Prepare yourselves, Westeros — a podcast is coming!

After lots of planning, some trial runs and lots of cursing from our first-time podcast editor, The Night’s Cast, the official podcast of Watchers on the Wall, launches today!

Released twice per month and hosted by a rotating cast of Watchers contributors, The Night’s Cast will include recaps of recent stories, discussions on filming news, episode re-watches, the best GoT tweets the internet can offer, and more. Any news discussion in the podcast is clearly warned of in advance so there’s no spoiling unless you want it!

You can find the podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud, and we’ll post on Twitter and here on the website every time a new episode is up.


  1. The podcast may be past this old trout’s bedtime but sounds as if it could be fun. I have a random question and wonder if anybody knows the answer. In GoT we had the artificial languages Dothraki and Valerian. In real life I have only ever heard of one made-up language, Esperanto. I used to know some people who had learned it. Does anyone know if there are any other made-up real life languages besides Esperanto.

    Apologies I see the podcast can be listened to at one’s leisure or downloaded.

  2. Congratulations. It gives gives us all something to look forward to. I had a chance to meet many of you at the Con, but this way watchers will get to know you better too.

  3. Great talk! And Bex, you’re hilarious. Thanks for all the fun, the theories and spoilers. 🙂 May the Force be with you. Oooops! Wrong series. I meant: Anha zalak meme vallayafa yera, jin athvashar okrenegwini!

  4. Whee-eeee!

    Excellent news, I’m really looking forward to listening to each and every podcast by your good selves. I enjoyed the Con of Thrones panel podcast, and this will hopefully be more of the same (with technical issues re. sound fixed, I hope), and even more and better!

    Also, from a purely personal perspective, I need more good GoT/ASoIaF podcasts because I have a lot of knitting to do before Christmas (presents for all the family) and I can’t knit and watch at the same time but listening and knitting is perfect.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    (This is before actually listening to the first podcast, but I trust you guys, haha.)

  5. Umm, I’ll throw out some probably very stupid questions. How can you control the volume on that “soundcloud” thing (embedded or actual page) or how can you alternately download it?

  6. A man was going to suggest Klingon as well, but the Master (or would that be Maester?) of knowledge, Ten Bears, beat a man to it.

    Don’t really think Pig-Latin would count, so…I’ve got nothin’.

    Respect, Maester Ten Bears.

    Insert new “Letter tag” acronym, “MTB” in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

  7. Great podcast guys and I am really looking forward to listening to more of these however please also continue to give us Game of Owns podcast articles. I would hate for GoO to drop because of this and believe there is more than enough space for both on this site and fandom.

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