The Night’s Cast Episode 3: Night gathers, and now our rewatch begins!

Emilia Clarke waaaay back in the premiere episode of Season 1, which we cover in this week’s season recap.

Third time’s a charm — The Night’s Cast, the official podcast of Watchers on the Wall, releases Episode 3 today!

Join Samantha, Bex, JoeMagician and Petra as we talk about recent news, review the latest Game of Thrones beer from Ommegang, Mother of Dragons (spoiler: it’s delicious), and start our season recaps with the one that started it all: Season 1. There’s lots of laughter going on, and you may or may not hear the phrase “bougie asshole” used. Clearly, we enjoy ourselves when we record this podcast, and we hope you enjoy listening.

The Night’s Cast is available on iTunes and SoundCloud, and you can follow us on Twitter as well. Happy listening!


  1. ASNAWP!

    Oh, and Hodor…. will be avenged. (You don’t hang a gun like handing a VS dagger to a ninja assassin warrior princess in S7 unless she’s going to use it to snuff out WWs in S8).

  2. Ten Bears: Oh, and Hodor…. will be avenged.

    Frankly, I think it more likely that Dead Hodor will be leading a pack of wights against Our Heroes. Do you remember the part in the books where Tormund is telling Jon how one of his sons fell sick during their march south toward the Wall, and he only found out the boy had died in the night when his son awoke him, with murder in his glowing blue eyes?

    Hodor’s return will be that sad … and terrifying.

  3. zandru,

    Have not read the books so don’t know that story about Tormund’s son getting wightened.

    As long as the show doesn’t decide to “adapt” that book! detail by wightening Tormund, I’ll be okay.

    My big question is if Sam finds a way, or there’s some magical process, to undo wightening, ie, transform wights back to living humans. I’m guessing there isn’t: they’d just be dead bodies; and most of them are missing flesh and muscle tissue.

    White Walkers, though, should be able to be transformed back into human form if they weren’t killed to begin with. Like the fingernail-touched Craster babies. (Where are all of those little guys anyway?)

  4. Little guys? I thought they were now the grown-up icemen that accompany NK. If not, then they are home with their new ice families. Practising javelin throws, putting out fires by walking by and working on their swordsmanship?

    Since we have no more information, we have no idea if they live in a nursery and then grow up over many years as humans do or if they rapidly become ice soldiers able to raise wights.

    Oh, if there are ice children they will need to be stabbed or whatever. So let us conclude they are all grown up. Craster has been put out for a bit so no new kiddies lately.

  5. Mango,

    So the WW Craster babies grow up to adult size at a rapid rate? I suppose that makes sense. We haven’t seen WW squires. WW nursery schools, WW day camps, or WW boarding schools.

    What kind of scary bedtime stories would babysitters tell WW kids? Awful tales about those terrible humans who slaughtered their ancestors during the Long Day?

    Now for the question that’s really gnawing at me: What’s the deal with the WWs’ wardrobe? Some of them wear only loincloths and have long stringy hair, like aged hippie surfer dudes. Others, like NK and his buddies at Hardhome, have snazzy tailored leather outfits and awesome boots.

    Why is that?

  6. And Ten Bears…a question I have asked elsewhere..

    Do the ice babies drink warm milk?

    Yeah, the leather guys are into leather BDSM and the others are into grunge. They do not hang out together outside of work. NK has tried all sort of team building stuff…like this big trip to KL.

  7. I was always hoping that there was an icy castle/structure for the Others/WW we’d see. I guess it doesn’t really make sense for them to have one from what we do know of them. Still, they are suppose to have a language, indiscernible by humans, so they aren’t mute or only communicate with other methods. I’d think they’d have to raise and train Craster’s babies and any others they stole… Meaning – You’d think they’d have a central location. The pedestal- shrine thing where we saw the one baby delivered is IT I suppose. Maybe there will be more to it in the books. *shrug*

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