The Night’s Cast Episode 29: Spinoffs News and Notes!


As we discuss on this episode of The Night’s Cast, it’s damn shame we’ll never see Naomi Watts in a Game of Thrones spinoff.

Last week was — to put it mildly — a bit of a rollercoaster as far as Game of Thrones news was concerned, especially when it came to the spinoff/prequel shows in development at HBO. It gave the fandom whiplash, but it also gave us plenty to talk about!

On this week’s episode of The Night’s Cast, the official podcast of Watchers on the Wall, Vanessa, Petra and Samantha do just that: we talk about which prequel got the (somewhat unexpected) axe and which one seems to be fast-tracking toward production.

The podcast is available on iTunes and SoundCloud, and you can follow us on Twitter as well. Happy listening!

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    1. i never could get exited about Bloodmoon, the casting was uninspiring and really too “woke” to be any good. The story of the WW doesn’t need a whole series…maybe a couple of feature films about The Kings of Winter (the Starks) would have been better. I still want to see something about Valyria but not the Doom, the Valyria that conquest Essos, the destruction of the Roynars, etc.

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    2. Well the rumor is it was canned because it was “too woke” (that’s the quote, not my words or opinion). I don’t know who or what would be making that conclusion but that appears to be the story making the rounds. That HBO looked at the pilot and thought the heavy female and minority focus was too forced. Apparently one of the Starks was going to be mixed race and HBO thought this would would turn hardcore fans of the series off.

      True or false I don’t know. Of course things like this is all “sources say”, so one must keep that in mind. But that appears to be the story making the rounds the last 48 hours as to why it was canned.

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    3. Bloodmoon never interested me either. The story about the long night should have been added in the main story through Bran and how to defeat the Night King. Because what else was the purpose of Bran? Sitting in a chair and do nothing? And destroy the last bit of happiness Jon had with Dany?

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    4. HBO made the right decision. Bloodmoon was destined to fail since its inception. The Targaryen saga has everything to be successful: great characters, great story, plot twists, and of course dragons. Besides, the end of the story is already written, what means there is no chance of showrunners screw it for lack of material….

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    5. Why can’t Naomi Watts be recast in “House Of The Dragon”?! I’m sure she could fit easily within the new show.

      It would be a shame to let go of her. I am not cheering that “Bloodmoon/The Long Night” got cancelled and I feel sorry for all the people involved in the project.

      But as others have mentioned, I wasn’t too excited about this project either, so to be honest, I’m not exactly too sad to see it be scratched either.

      And please get Nina Gold and Robert Sterne to do casting for “House Of The Dragon”!!! Pay them whatever… they are worth it!

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    6. *sigh* I’m confused about all of this. This prequel is definitely gone and not coming back? What about the other spin-offs they kept talking about? Are they going to be aired? I wasn’t all that interested in that “children of the forest” prequel and probably wouldn’t have subscribed to HBO Now for that.

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    7. Thanks for this ladies, was it ever confirmed if the rumours from the Sun had any credibility? I wouldn’t trust the Sun Newspaper at all but it’s the only explanation which I’ve seen.

      The Bloodmoon plot certainly seemed a safe bet as you say so something must have gone very wrong and if it was down to casting females etc. surely that would have been called out much earlier. I also think the source material point which Vanessa raises is a good one.

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