More characters cast for Game of Thrones season 5

Mishael Lopes Cardozo 3Our sources have informed us that Dutch fencing teacher and sometime actor Mishael Lopes Cardozo has been cast for Game of Thrones season 5.

The actor filmed earlier this week in Belfast. He has a speaking role, and it is rumored that he is playing a brothel guard. It is unknown at this time whether or not his fencing skills will come into play.

Spoilers below the cut.

Mishael will share a small scene in episode 5 of the upcoming season with longtime cast members Peter Dinklage and Conleth Hill.

tom favaLast month we reported that there was a casting call for two street toughs who would pick on a main cast member. According to his CV, London-based actor Tom Fava has been cast as one of these thugs.

The CV lists Michael Slovis as the director, meaning that Fava will likely appear in episode 5.01, 5.02, or both. It is unconfirmed which main cast member Fava and his partner will interact with at this time, but we do know that the shooting location was Croatia.

Emma MaguireNorthern Irish actress Emma Maguire has been cast in the role of a “Winterfell Worker”, according to her CV.

The Boltons were last seen approaching the ruined castle at the end of season 4, so it is likely she will appear in some capacity (whether background or featured extra) alongside them there.

Gianpiero CognoliAnd finally, according to his CV, Italian-born actor Gianpiero Cognoli has been cast as Master Eaton for the upcoming season.

The CV lists Jeremy Podeswa as the director, meaning that Cognoli will likely appear in episode 5.05, 5.06, or both. Strangely, although slave owners in Essos are referred to as “Masters”, “Eaton” would seem to be quite an un-Essosi name. Of course, there is no guarantee as yet that he is playing a slave master.

Cian: The references to directors should be taken with a pinch of salt, as it can often be the case that the director listed on a CV is merely a placeholder. Scenes can also be shifted around between episodes. Thanks to Carne for bringing most of these to our attention!

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    1. Lars,

      Oh god…that’s a possibility. Particularly given that they’ve taken to using generic names so we can’t guess who people are until they are revealed.

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    2. Wait…

      Tyrion and Varys will be still together by episode 5? I certanly didn’t expect that. Maybe there is some hope for the Griffs after all?

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    3. It is interesting that Miguel Sapochnik and David Nutter are not listed in none CV yet. Maybe that’s why Michael Condron’s CV does not suggest that Bowen Marsh would be in episode 9/10.

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    4. Mishael Lopes Cardozo (and his truly epic beard) being cast as a brothel guard wouldn’t inspire much curiosity from me … except for the (tentative) news that his scene will be in Episode 5.

      I had assumed that Tyrion and Varys would have already been separated by that point in the season. I suppose that the brothel that Cardozo’s character is guarding could be the brothel where Tyrion is kidnapped by Jorah, at which point they would continue on to Meereen and Varys would head elsewhere (back to Westeros?) But how does that fit with the reports that Peter Dinklage and Iain Glen were filming scenes on a river for a set piece that sounded very much like the Sorrows? Wouldn’t Episode 6 or beyond be a bit late in the season for that particular sequence, especially since we have circumstantial evidence that they are going going to be captured by slavers at some point? Or do we have the timeline scrambled? This is all exciting news, but we’re working with fragments here.

      Emma Maguire being cast as a “Winterfell Worker” does raise my suspicions that she could be

      fArya, especially because I do see the resemblance she bears to Maisie. The generic description doesn’t mean much (see Iwan Rheon initially being cast as ‘Boy’.

      All the same, I’m cognizant of the fact that we’re being hyper-vigilant here, so I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

      Tom Fava as the street tough who filmed in Croatia for Episode 1 or 2 leads me to believe that his character is either going to show up in

      Braavos and interact with Arya, or Meereen and interact with one of the characters there. Episode 1 or 2 is too early for him to be harassing Sam in Braavos, as some were speculating. That’s assuming that Sam goes to Braavos at all, of course.

      Though as Cian notes, the episode designations should be taken with a grain of salt.

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    5. I had the same thought many others seem to have had regarding Emma Maguire.

      When I saw “Winterfell Worker,” my first thought, keeping in mind how Iwan Rheon was originally billed, was, “ooooo…could it be?” Then, I saw her picture and thought, “yep, she definitely resembles Maisie.” I so hope we’re right!!!

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    6. Well then… will they meet or won’t they? Not something I was considering, but

      will Varys and Mormont nearly meet in the brothel? I guess they won’t leave Tyrion alone to inner monologue for a moment, he will go directly from the Spider to the Bear? If the Bear harms a hair on the Spider’s bald head though-

      I will pitch a royal fit..

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    7. She’s probably just a random worker with maybe some lines. But, I don’t think that everybody who is in the northern storyline has potential to be

      fake arya

      Or else, I’d wonder if Yara could play her too.

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    8. Nymeria warrior queen


      I agree with you the moment I read winterfell worker I said harrr !!! but when I saw the picture !! she could easily be

      FArya she even looks like maisie in someway

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    9. I bet the Master gets Eaton by a dragon

      EDIT: Varys and Tyrion together in episode 5?! This makes no sense (since Tyrion was alone with Jorah on the Rhoyne). I’m going to guess that it’s wrong?

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    10. Ironborn:
      She’s probably just a random worker with maybe some lines. But, I don’t think that everybody who is in the northern storyline has potential to be

      Or else, I’d wonder if Yara could play her too.

      I have no idea what you mean by that. This… doesn’t even make any sense. Yara can’t play any role, she’s a character, not an actress.

      Obviously, they need an actress for this role, and this actress has to be quite young and have a certain look. So… no, not “everyone in the northern storyline”, if you mean every actor, can play that role. Only females of a certain age range can, preferably short-ish and with brown hair.

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    11. Lady Wolfsbane,

      I think Varys will take over (I guess not share, or we would have heard about Roger Allam) Illyrio’s role, and send Tyrion on to Dany with some anonymous non-Griffs (who will be saved for later). Tyrion will recklessly pull over for brothels/repeating the same phrase endlessly and get snatched up.

      Right? We don’t have proof of Varys on the road with Tyrion, do we? Varys should go to Pentos and stop there, and then jetpack wherever he can add mystery.

      I know they’re going to be headed in different directions but I also thought Jaime and Tyrion could run into each other again and have the Tysha conversation. I know, I know, it’s impossible, and the ship has sailed literally/figuratively.

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    12. Ironborn:
      She’s probably just a random worker with maybe some lines. But, I don’t think that everybody who is in the northern storyline has potential to be

      Or else, I’d wonder if Yara could play her too.

      Maybe she is just a random worker with probably some lines, but this is the first actor I’ve seen who I thought could be that particular character.

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    13. a casting call went out for a boy between 15 and 18 and a guy between 35 and 45 (both actors must be welling to dye their hair with the color blue )

      a male between the age of 40 and 50 ( the actor must be too fat to sit a horse )

      still waiting for the day I enter TWOTW and see this thing , ): we didnt gave up yet ): we are still here ):

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    14. LordLannister,

      Shuffling around events like that could easily happen. I think your particular idea makes a lot of sense if

      G/YG are cut. Tyrion and Varys get to Pentos, Varys drops some knowledge bombs, Tyrion wanders into a brothel, gets kidnapped by Jorah and work their way to Volantis for passage back to Mereen.

      Of course, the Volantis news a while back specified a brothel (if I remember correctly), so I’m not entirely sure. Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see how everything is arranged.

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    15. Felt Pelt,
      There’s no reason that Varys can’t fill Tyrion in on a bit of information…

      Like a secret that Jamie kept from Tyrion. I mean, what’s Tyrion got to live for, if not to look for his wife? Varys is going to give him SOMETHING. Maybe that, maybe details on Dany, details on Ageon or on Quentyn even? Info on dragons? Tyrion likes dragons. We’re going to be going off book somehow… but Varys is going to spill something…

      I do agree that Varys and a jetpack would be nice….

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    16. Is there any chance Master Eaton is a typo and he’s supposed to be Maester Eaton? Just a thought since that doesn’t make sense as an Essos name.

      I’m glad not to be the only one to have the fArya thought when it comes to Winterfell worker. I’m not getting my hopes too far up though.

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    17. WeirwoodTreeHugger,

      We won’t hear the name uttered, it exists solely as a pun.

      Remember the casting call for the two slave masters who get killed by dragons posted here a few weeks ago. One of them gets eaten, hence the name Eaton.

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    18. Did anyone see the picture of Mishael Lopes Cardozo and immediately scream “Vic is cast, GET HYPE”, before reading the paragraph?

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    19. Gravemaster,

      So that’s what they are using that square for; the Iron Bank entrance. I imagine we’ll see Tycho and Mace converse from the docks to here in a continuous scene. We had seen pre-production reports about this place, hope it’s reflected when the article is written.

      BTW, if someone can spot the director, we may know when in the season Mace visits Braavos.

      I love Meryn Trant. He’s so easily hateable. He’s also the only minor recurring character I can think of that’s been in all 5 seasons. Since we saw him in Braavos escorting Mace (instead of Raff the Sweetling escorting Harys), it became so obvious that he’s getting Raff’s fate from the TWOW “Mercy” chapter, at the hands of Arya. It’s perfect! Even better than Raff in terms of revenge; he killed Syrio Forel, her dancing master, and although she doesn’t know it, he mistreated her sister repeatedly. I’m really looking forward to that scene.

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    20. ArgonathofBraavos,

      He would make an excellent Victarion if they styled him a little older. ~When I first saw the pic he looked like I imagined Areo Hotah to be like when I read the books. Fits my image of someone from Norvos.

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    21. Gravemaster,

      Cool and good to know that Sibenik will also dub for Braavos. This means that there’s still a chance (albeit not to big) for the Sam-Arya meeting to happen (which we would hear about, if John Bradley is seen in Croatia) and then we could finally confirm the inclusion of the Oldtown plot. If there’s no Arya-Sam scene, that’s when we should start worrying for that whole arc getting cut in the show.

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    22. Eaton? Since it’s not confirmed he will actually be playing a master my first thought was that the name could be a deviation of Euron…
      But maybe it’s just me dreaming, somehow I still hope for the Greyjoys and the Griffs
      By the way good news if that is really fArya!

      In those pictures of Sibenik I’m pretty sure that’s David Nutter dressed in blue in third picture, so this will probably be S05 E09 or E10

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    23. In the third and fifth picture, one man seen from the back wears clothes suspiciously reminiscent of Illyrio Mopatis’s (Red shirtless long tunic with belt and cream white sleeves)… Just a nice touch of showing a Pentoshi trader in Braavos, or are they mixing more story lines than we thought?

      Edit: I just noted there is a second set of pictures lower on the page, the pentoshi is seen from the side, and his face is not Illyrio’s, he has a shorter beard and greyish hair. Oh well.

      New photos from Sibenik. Tycho, Mace, Meryn and extras.

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    24. jentario,

      Sam is a big question mark for me. I’m curious about D&D’s plans for him.


      I did notice that too, but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Either they are reusing wardrobe or they are consciously adding that to give more color to the city, a mix of cultures. It’s certainly not Illyrio’s body type, not even in the show.

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    25. Sam doesn’t need to stop at Braavos on his way south. The way I see it, Jon will send him south just before the stabbing. He must go south before Jon is attacked, but he could go direct to Oldtown.

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    26. LukaNieto,

      I think he’ll stay at the wall this season or at least most of it then head down to Old Town without the stop off at Braavos. Why Gilly goes with him could prove a problem though. Perhaps Shireen has to go to to stop Mel getting her hands on her?

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    27. Gravemaster,

      AWESOME! Can anyone see a director in any of these pics? That would be helpful in figuring out which episode this’ll all end up in. (I’d do it meself but I gotta be off to class purty soon).

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    28. Lord Hugh Ryvenholt,

      Aye, looks like him with his distinctive build and affinity for wearing shorts. Since he wasn’t close to the camera (where in my ignorance I assume a director always is) I didn’t call that one in case it was just a lookalike in the Croatian crew. 409 and 410 would be a good place to put the events of Mercy though, so you’re probably right on the money.

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    29. Gravemaster,

      Good eye!

      This means:

      -Arya and Sam have plenty of room to meet up in the mid season
      -Arya is Cat of the Canals till the end of the season
      -Arya might not go through with her first target assassination and face-changing in season 5. Or perhaps that happens before the last two episodes. But then it’s weird with the whole Cat of the Canals thing (does she go in and out of character?). I guess it’s possible that Mercy happens in episode 9 and the target assassination with the “thin money man” will happen in episode 10 (hopefully with Arya changing her face!).
      -Mace and Merryn get sent to Braavos later in the season. I guess this will be Cersei’s excuse to get Mace out of King’s Landing for when she plans to take down Margery.
      -Tycho doesn’t end up in the North with Stannis and Jon like in the book, but he has plenty of time to go there early in the season and return to Braavos.

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    30. I instantly thought she looked like maise as well
      In just some random picture I assume
      Now imagine if you say to make-up
      Make her look like maisie!

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    31. Perhaps Roose spots a Winterfell worker that looks like Arya, and chooses her to be farya? Thus it could be established that she was originally from Winterfell (so knew Theon before ect), and pretty much follow exactly the same path as Jeyne Poole.

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    32. Rabid Grunt,

      Not a bad idea. One potential quibble is that the role of Littlefinger and Tywin in “providing” FArya is something that showcases the depths of their evil, and having it be a solely Bolton thing would take out that aspect (On the same issue, the fact that Jaime sees FArya, knows she’s fake and shrugs it off also shows he’s not a great guy).

      I’m not going to use the word “whitewashing”, since I hate it (and Littlefinger has done plenty of horrendous stuff on the show already anyway), but this is something that would be lost.

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    33. Rabid Grunt:
      Perhaps Roose spots a Winterfell worker that looks like Arya, and chooses her to be farya? Thus it could be established that she was originally from Winterfell (so knew Theon before ect), and pretty much follow exactly the same path as Jeyne Poole.

      She could be, if they want to simplify things.

      But she could also be Jeyne Poole – she even looks a bit like the extra they originally had as Jeyne in the pilot (which we wouldn’t know if Benioff – I think it was him – didn’t point out specifically in the DVD commentary that it was supposed to be Jeyne). Sansa’s season 1 line that Jeyne’s mother only had girls would set up book Jeyne’s “I have no brothers…” line during the escape. That’s, of course, if the show cares about continuity details.

      I’d prefer her to be Jeyne due to the connection of her having known Theon and due to confirming how evil Littlefinger is. But I’d be OK with a random girl posing as Arya, too.

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    34. Annara Snow,

      I still like my own idea of Beth Cassel as Theon’s chance for redemption as I think the link to Theon beheading her father is a strong one with the whole “truly lost” speech. Maybe she could double as fArya as well and this lass could play her. They need something strong to nudge Theon out of his Reek persona and I don’t think a random girl would do it.

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    35. Simonerys,
      No, we didn’t include it because we have no more information than that. We suspect that he will simply be an extra, which doesn’t really merit a mention since it doesn’t hint at anything regarding the plot. But we are keeping it in mind and will keep our eyes peeled for more info on it. Thanks!

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    36. Jordan,

      I tend to forget that Littlefinger used Jeyne in his brothels before turning her over to the Boltons. So, yes, there is an element of evil that will be lost but I can live with it.


      I don’t think that this Winterfell worker will turn out to be Jeyne Poole or Beth Cassel. Nice idea in either case but so little has been established for either character that it is a long shot. At this point, a random girl may have to work. I like the idea that Roose spots her working around WF and decides that she is suitable as “Arya.” Maybe she is kind to Theon before the plan takes shape and, knowing how vulnerable she is, he comes to her rescue.

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    37. Lars:
      Winterfell Worker =

      There is a resemblance.

      I think people are jumping the gun on that one. Nice thought though! She’s probably just going to be a kitchen wench in the background or something.

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    38. TheTouchOfFrost:
      Annara Snow,

      I still like my own idea of Beth Cassel as Theon’s chance for redemption as I think the link to Theon beheading her father is a strong one with the whole “truly lost” speech. Maybe she could double as fArya as well and this lass could play her. They need something strong to nudge Theon out of his Reek persona and I don’t think a random girl would do it.

      I think this is a great idea.

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    39. mariamb,

      If “Winterfell worker” is indeed fArya (and I think that seems like a reasonable guess), I don’t really see any reason not to have her be Jeyne Poole. The options as I see them are:
      1) Always have her claim to be Arya, and never reveal to the audience any backstory about who she really is or where she came from. I suppose this could work if they really need to cut screen time, but it doesn’t really seem very satisfying. The audience would obviously know she’s not Arya, and at least some would wonder who she really is, and might be disappointed if it’s just never answered.
      2) Give her a freshly invented name and backstory (or repurpose another book character like Beth Cassel, and adapt the backstory into the fArya role).
      3) Call her Jeyne Poole and use the existing backstory from the books.

      If they’re going to spend the time to give her a backstory at all, I don’t see any reason not to go with #3. In any case, they’re essentially adding a new character to the show, but if they call her Jeyne Poole and use the book’s backstory, they’re at least adding a new character who has been mentioned once, and also appeared briefly. It would be quite similar to the way Beric Dondarrion was handled, played by an extra in a brief S1 scene, and then recast when he became a real character.

      I could understand wanting to use an already established character vs. introducing a new one if possible (as with the Gendry/Edric Storm situation) to keep the cast size manageable, but for fArya, I don’t think any of the established characters work. If they’re casting someone as a new character anyway, it just seems logical to me to use the name and backstory from the book rather than just arbitrarily changing it.

      Also, there appeared to be nobody left alive in Winterfell after Bran & Rickon left, which would mean that “Winterfell worker” (whoever she ends up being) would probably have to be someone who arrived with Ramsay’s party from the Dreadfort, Roose’s party from the South, or one of the other Northern lords summoned to Winterfell by the Boltons.

      A servant who arrived with one of the other Lords is problematic for the fArya role because it seems quite likely that whatever lord she served would recognize her and know she isn’t Arya, so that narrows it down to Ramsay or Roose as the most likely options for bringing her.

      If she arrived with Ramsay, she could either be a random girl from the Dreadfort, or a captive taken from Winterfell when he burned it (Jeyne Poole, Beth Cassel, or “random girl” backstory could all possibly work here).

      If she arrived with Roose, then Jeyne Poole makes the most sense as a backstory. Roose, coming from the South, would have fewer opportunities to grab a “random northern girl” or Beth Cassel.

      Given the time constraints, they obviously couldn’t put too much attention on Jeyne Poole in S1, but I think they provided enough setup* that if they introduce her as essentially a new S5 character, with a backstory that she was Sansa’s friend, went to King’s Landing with her father (Lord Eddard’s steward), and was given to Littlefinger after her father was killed, it would seem plausible to the audience even if though they never saw her on-screen in King’s Landing (Sansa was quite busy and didn’t have much time to just hang out with her old friend).

      *It was established that Vayon Poole went to King’s Landing (mentioned in conversation, and Vayon’s death in King’s Landing is on-screen), and that Sansa seems to be friends with Jeyne specifically (she says “Jeyne Poole’s mother had five children, all of them girls”, not “Vayon Poole’s wife had five children…”). This makes it quite plausible that Jeyne would go to Kings Landing too.

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    40. Casso,

      In the books I think a lot of the folks of Winterfell were taken hostage at the Dreadfort ( including Beth Cassel and Old Nan). The soldiers from Rodriks et al’s army kind of blend back into the towns. Interesting that Wex Pyke hasn’t been mentioned much at all by anyone as he has quite an important part to play.
      Also interesting that if they don’t use Jeyne Poole now then what was the motivation for changing the name (and origin) of Robb’s bride? Sure that someone said one of the reasons they changed it was to avoid confusion with another character.

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    41. TheTouchOfFrost,

      They changed her origin because the Westerling storyline in the book was always a bit crap so they changed Robb from being stupidly honorbound to recklessly in love and gave him a love interest to match that change.

      They changed her name because GRRM said Jeyne didn’t sound like a Volantine name.

      Never had anything to do with Jeyne Poole.

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    42. lol,

      Well, if that’s their reasoning then fair enough but it doesn’t make much sense to me. He was stupidly honourbound and recklessly in love in both adaptions so not sure why they needed to mess with the love interest. I thought him falling for someone from the ‘enemy’ stirred up more distrust and tension in his own camp and added a Romeo and Juliet tragedy angle to the story. Not sure why the name needed to be changed though and why she needed to be Volantine? Surely if they were fighting in the Riverlands it would have made more sense to have a Riverlands girl instead. Why would the daughter of a Volantine noble be trapsing around a foreign countries battlegrounds?! Ah well, she’s dead now so who cares!

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