New Game of Thrones castings hint at spoilers for season 5

guessThanks to WatchersOnTheWall sources, we’ve gotten a look at some of the ongoing casting for a few small roles in Game of Thrones season 5. While the parts themselves are minor, the information contained in the calls offer intriguing teases for next season.

The show is seeking a man and woman to play husband-and-wife Meereenese peddlers. The peddlers will be attacked by thugs who raid their wares. A main cast member runs to help them afterward and asks for info about the men who did it. The peddlers have a conversation with the main cast member, mentioning something that’s upsetting for the main cast member to hear.

These characters shoot for only one day in Croatia in early September. Given that they’re Meereenese, most likely (though not guaranteed) they’re involved in Daenerys’s storyline. She may be the person the peddlers speak with, or it could be another notable cast member connected with the Meereen story.

Game of Thrones is also casting for the roles of two young street toughs. It’s unclear if these parts are connected to the peddlers, as these toughs will be shooting in Croatia for one day in late August- not the same day as the peddlers. These characters may be part of another storyline altogether.

The street toughs will be picking on one of the show’s leads. Before the lead gets the chance to deal with them, a mysterious character intervenes and frightens the toughs off.

We’ve heard that Game of Thrones is still looking for someone to play the man with shrewd financial cunning and a long thin face, a role we posted about in July. He starts filming August 29th. The show will be filming in Split and Kastela in the coming weeks, locations that appear to be mostly Meereen and Braavos. Dubrovnik and Sibenik filming are confirmed to be later in September and October.

Sue the Fury: I have several theories about this mysterious character intervening and helping our lead, but what do you think about the new info?

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    1. Could the street toughs be the bravoes that Sam has to deal with? I suppose its possible they could do away with Dareon and have Mysterious Character/Arya ‘do away with them’

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    2. maybe the tough guys are those

      bravosis sellswords that come across Sam before Arya intervene.

      And the robbers could be Unsullied men or ex-eslaves of Yunkai that rob the couple because they are hungry in Meerrren, which would upset Dany

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    3. Jospeh,

      I assumed it would be Tyrion being saved by Jorah… who would then capture him. Different from the books, but a cool entrance. However, your suggestion works just as well, if not more so.

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    4. Direhound,

      Patchy Face,

      I’m with you on this one ๐Ÿ™‚ But would be just as happy to be surprised as well. They are putting a lot of story into next season, it should be exciting! Not the least just to see how they adapt it.

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    5. I’d love for Belwas to get introduced but slim chance. Maybe a cameo I’m the fighter pits like people have suspected but I’m not holding my breath.

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    6. H. Stark,

      Why? How is no news worth a post? It could be an opinion piece I guess, but since we don’t have any info about them, it’s not really possible to have an opinion yet.

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    7. I’m thinking Grey Worm as well will interract with the peddlers.

      As for the thugs, I really hope it’s not Tyrion rescued by Jorah ! I hope they’ll do the brothel scene to show how much Jorah is down. I hope these are thugs that bully Sam before Arya rescues him !

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    8. WeirwoodTreeHugger:
      I was hoping for some news of northern casting.Drat!Besides a certain fighting pit scene is anyone really excited for Meereen next season?

      I know I’m not. To be honest seeing all the info we have so far, I’m just hoping they do justice to the Stannis/Jon scenes in early Adwd. I’m fully prepared to be disappointed by everything else.

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    9. Thanks for finding this out. I can’t understand why HBO are so coy about the castings that have not been made public yet. Unless Lollys and Septa Unella etc haven’t been cast yet.

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    10. H. Stark,

      I wouldn’t say that. There weren’t that many official casting news maybe, but if you do a little bit of digging you are able to find quite a bit, which is exactly what this site is best at. I mean look at that, I wouldn’t say that’s nothing.

      And regarding the opinion piece, it wouldn’t be very interesting at this point, imo.
      Conclusion 1: The Griffs and the Greyjoy brothers are not yet cast. That sucks.
      Conclusion 2: The Griffs and the Greyjoy brothers are not yet cast. I’m ok with that.

      That really is pretty much it. Without any info, there is no meaningful discussion. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    11. Joachim,

      I half agree, but I am worried that D&D are only covering the bare bones of that arc from the book and let’s face it- there’s not much interesting stuff there. Cutting the Green Grace, the Shavepate and the whole Harpy and poisoning mysteries rather expanding them and revealing them in the show seems like a missed opportunity to improve a widely disliked arc from the books. Instead we get this Yezzan which paints himself to be a cookie cutter bad guy, the Sons of the Harpy (and it really can’t work without them), Hizdahr from season 4 and some minor castings. There’s not much to look forward to in this arc- not action nor intrigue. The pit scene should make up for it, though.

      (I hope I’m wrong)

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    12. For the Meereenese scene I would expect the

      Sons of the Harpy to get a less nuanced introduction, just straight up thugs menacing even local peddlers who are former slaves. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Grey Worm who comes on the scene, and is upset that they are being targeted for having been slaves.

      For the other scene, I’m torn. I would have liked it to be a streamlined version of

      Sam meeting Arya, but I’m not even convinced yet that Sam is going anywhere much less to the Citadel. So if he doesn’t go to Braavos, I think the situation might be describing Jaqen rescuing Arya- which would suck. I hope she just goes basically straight to the House of Black and White, to show she knows what she wants.

      edit: whoops, spoiler code.
      edit 2: hmm, did this work?

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    13. Annara Snow: Oh gods, I hope not. Thereโ€™s been too much whitewashing of both these characters anyway. Canโ€™t they at least let them go to a brothel?

      I thought the same–that Jorah saves Tyrion. Can’t they then go to a seedy bar (featuring whores, if you’d like) to be captured by slavers? One does not negate the other, therefor no “whitewashing.”

      The Meerenese storyline will have the Sons of the Harpy intrigue that can be spiced up, at least for one season. I am one of the few that appreciate the Grey Worm-Missandei interludes, so I am looking forward to that as well. Plus, this locale will feature

      the Pit scene!

      Really looking forward to that!

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    14. H. Stark:
      You should make a post about the absence of nuncles and griffs

      I have started to wonder, if the lack on nuncle-news this season might mean that they, instead of being cut completely, will be pushed into season 6 to avoid introducing too many new characters. There is a precedent in Ramsay Snow and the Reeds who only appeared in S3 despite of being in the second book.

      Euron, in particular, does not do much in AFFC/ADWD apart from winning the Kingsmoot. If he somehow is important for the endgame, they could introduce him as a one-season baddie in S6 not completely dissimilar to the cannibal-Thenns.

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    15. My vote is for Jorah learning after some desultory violence that the people have lost faith in Daenerys/things are going badly for her in some way. Cue pining, hanging out in brothels until he finds Tyrion.

      I agree the other one sounds like Arya or Sam with JH.

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    16. Hodorkovski,

      How would they introduce the Krakens one season before the end of everything? In a season which they’ll have to adapt the whole WoW?

      I think they will introduce them now, or they won’t ever.

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    17. Joachim:

      Well I definitely am. I love all the storylines. Emilia Clarke and her retainers do a brilliant job. Not everything has to be bloody action-packed for fuckโ€™s sake.

      Exactly my feelings. Love me some MereenWeirwoodTreeHugger,

      I was hoping for some news of northern casting.Drat!Besides a certain fighting pit scene is anyone really excited for Meereen next season?

      I am! ๐Ÿ™‚
      By the way… why does it say Jump and support the bottom now? Is that some sort of joke that I can’t seem to understand?

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    18. WeirwoodTreeHugger:
      I was hoping for some news of northern casting.Drat!Besides a certain fighting pit scene is anyone really excited for Meereen next season?

      No – I’m not. And it has nothing to do with a lack of action. I, too, was hoping to get enhanced/improved Meereen story line in the show. It seems that is not to be.

      As far as the casting tidbits, the street toughs scene sounds like Tyrion and Jorah. I agree that Jorah should be shown at his low point and saving Tyrion doesn’t seem to fit. Maybe they will bond and then go to a brothel afterward. Since it doesn’t appear that the Griffs are being cast for S5, it will be interesting to see what Tyrion will be doing.

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    19. I’m making a guess here:

      but Jorah could save the two pedlers and find ou that the thugs are actually Yunkai sellswords or scouts or something. Jorah, looking for a good excuse to go back to Mereen, then goes back to his Queen to warn her about the impending attack. Then finds Tyrion on his way. Or Tyrion was with him all along.

      For the two thugs

      Arya rescued by Jaquen or Sam rescued by Arya.

      Hope spoiler tabs work out

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    20. It didn’t even occur to me that the second scene could be anything other than

      the camel’s cunts menacing Sam and being driven off by Arya


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    21. So, the toughs are attacking Arya and someone comes to her rescue: Jaqen Hagar? That’s my theory

      (with a small chance that the one that helps her is a brother of Night’s Watch ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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    22. I’d like to see them keep

      Jorah with a prostitute that looks like Dany. Just because it is a bit (a lot?) creepy and I’m interested in the public reaction. Jorah’s a popular character so it’d be interesting to throw something out there that is realistic but may tarnish him a bit in many people’s eyes.

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