Miltos Yerolemou Joins the Con of Thrones 2018 Special Guest Line-up!

Miltos Con of Thrones

Con of Thrones announced today that season 1 fan-favorite Miltos Yerolemou (Syrio Forel) has joined the special guest lineup for Con of Thrones 2018! Yerolemou joins a roster of guests including Game of Thrones cast members Hannah Murray (Gilly), Sibel Kekilli (Shae), Esmé Bianco (Ros), Kate Dickie (Lysa Arryn), Sam Coleman (Young Hodor), and Aimee Richardson (Myrcella Baratheon), along with Game of Thrones sound designer Paula Fairfield, and popular podcasts A Storm of Spoilers and The Ringer’s Binge Mode.

Autograph and photograph experiences with Miltos Yerolemou and other special guests are now on sale.

This will be the second year for Con of Thrones, the premier convention for fans of Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire, and the epic worlds of fantasy author George R. R. Martin. This year it will take place at the Hyatt Regency Dallas in Dallas, TX, May 25-27, 2018. Tickets are on sale now at!

Con of Thrones is produced by Mischief Management, and we at Watchers on the Wall are proud to be the official programming partner for Con of Thrones. More details and guest announcements will be forthcoming, so stay tuned as we roll the info out!

For more about Con of Thrones and to receive updates, visit the official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course the Con of Thrones 2018 website!

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    1. So there will be a bunch of people who have about 5 minutes of screen time between them all.
      Is this supposed to be exciting?

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    2. Colin Armfield,

      Actually Yes it is. He’s an incredibly intelligent guy and has some very unique thoughts about Game of Thrones.

      You should take your negativity elsewhere instead of trying to bring everyone else down! Why are you wasting your own Time? Honestly … Think about it before you make a post! Best of Luck

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    3. Colin Armfield,

      Are you kidding me? We’re talking about Syrio F*cking Forel! The First Sword to the Sealord of Braavos! Remember what happened to the last guy who forgot who Syrio was? Probably not…

      Seriously: This a HUGE breaking news.

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    4. Colin Armfield,

      Colin – So the people on GoT that have “about 5 minutes of screen time between them all” are some of the most amazing PEOPLE I’ve ever met. Not to mention they have played some of the biggest roles in the End Game of Game of Thrones! Kate Dickie (70 Actor Roles, 4 Self Credits, 7 Award Wins and 11 Award Nominations) has the most beautiful soul and has an awesome resume beyond Game of Thrones. She portrayed Lysa to perfection! Lysa’s actions were critical in starting the War of the Five Kings. Sam Coleman (who has 4 Actor Roles in the first 2 years of his Career) just came back from Sundance after the release of Lords of Chaos. And his role as Hodor? How affected are ALL OF US when we watch him act out the story behind Willis? Miltos Yerolemou (29 Actor Roles & 3 Self Credits including roles in Star Wars) also has an impressive repertoire of work – and he is SO MUCH FUN TO BE AROUND!!!! You’d just have to be there to understand what an awesome Man he is! Think about what the show would be without Arya’s confidence from Water Dancing!!!! Paula Fairfield, Sound Designer for GoT, will school you on how sound is created for this amazing show. Talking to her is one amazing experience. Do you know how the Game of Thrones Sound Team made the sounds of dragons flying, dogs eating Ramsey’s face off or how intricately Paula and her Team place each sound for each episode? I do because I was at Con of Thrones last year and heard her speak.

      That’s all just naming a few of the Guests that are going to be there. I guarantee you if you attend – you will be a FAN just like the rest of us. And if you attend and do not find anything that deepens your love for Game of Thrones Books and the television series, you may be a Brony instead of a Throner. (Try google search if you don’t know what that is.) And that’s okay!

      All I can say is you have to EXPERIENCE it before you judge it. So come, Cosplay as Joffery, we’ll welcome you with open swords!

      Hope to see you there! Wear your name tag, though, so we can all say Hi!

      Daisy Stargaryen

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    5. He taught a couple water-dancing classes at the first one. I gave up my spot to a fan who was desperate to see him, but my wife said it was the most fun she had all week, and proudly showed me the bruise she got when he tapped her on the wrist and told her that she wasn’t giving him any way to avoid killing her.

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    6. Lonely Cat:
      Daisy Thomas,

      Thank you for saying this! I had the privilege of speaking with Kerry and Aimee last year. They are amazing!

      I’ll second your thanks to her. I’m very pleased Miltos will be attending again, he was a big hit last year.

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    7. Colin Armfield,

      You must not have experienced Miltos at the Con last year, because he’s one of the most entertaining, exciting, enthusiastic people you’ll ever be in the same room with. I’m stoked he’s coming back.

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    8. Sounds like there will be a good turnout of GoT actors and actresses in Dallas this year. Hope all you that attend have a great time.

      One thing I don’t quite understand (is this an American thing?) is why should attendees have to pay extra to have a photograph taken with them or get an autograph from them? At $87 for a day pass (more so at $199 for a full weekend pass!) in my opinion that’s pretty expensive? More so if one has to pay out for photos or autographs?

      If you were to come across GoT actors/actresses say in a Belfast street, bar or restaurant, I’m sure they would be only too happy to pose for a photo or sign their autograph… and free of charge. One can see that from the number of posts on WotW that people have put on Twitter or Instagram.

      If attending ‘Con of Thrones’ one has to pay extra for these things then the convention certainly lives up to its name… ‘CON’ being the appropriate word here 😉

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    9. Black Raven,

      Except that avid “fans” accost actors for autographs – and then sell them online for $50. So why not have $ go straight to the actors instead of professional autograph seekers?

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    10. Ten Bears – I’m SO glad you said that! The Actors time is a commodity. This is their job! Public appearances and mingling with their fans is part of that job. For me, I am happy to pay for their time. How many hours – like HOURS – have they entertained me and my family and friends without directly charging me a cent? I have gotten WAY MORE from them than my measley $50 will ever touch. If you don’t give something, it’s not worth anything. And that’s all imho.

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    11. Ten Bears,

      That’s fair comment. Never considered that some ‘autograph hunters’ would do that just to make a profit. Not the sort of thing I would do 🙁

      One thing I noticed were the differences in photo/autograph fee prices depending on who the actor/actress is. Perhaps a good thing that the ‘top earners’ (getting paid a million $ or so for an episode) seldom attend these events. They’re not short of a few bucks to say the least!

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    12. Black Raven,

      I haven’t mastered posting links, but if you search YouTube for “Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams bullied at LAX” and “Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner doesn’t want to live in LA”, you’ll see the same two professional jackasses stalking and harassing each of the girls from the moment they step out of their cars curbside at the airport, following them throughout the terminal, shoving pictures in their faces, insulting and harassing them, and demanding they autograph the pictures – which the lowlifes then turn around and sell.

      Sophie and Maisie were so polite and kept their composure. If I were there, I don’t think I would have been able to resist the urge to punch out those two morons. If you don’t mind being infuriated and disgusted. check out the videos.

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    13. Ten Bears,

      Yep, see what you mean. These guys really are lowlife assholes and certainly doing it for profit. Not surprising Maisey and Sofia have a bodyguard accompanying them through the airport.

      Really good how they kept their cool whilst being pestered. Like you, if I was in that situation, I would have lashed out and ‘hung one’ on those morons 🙂

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