Game of Thrones actors Iwan Rheon, Natalia Tena, Daniel Portman, Gemma Whelan and Kristian Nairn to play Dungeons & Dragons Live


Perhaps you thought it was inevitable, perhaps you thought it could never happen, but two of the biggest franchises in fantasy are coming together: the Game of Thrones cast is going to play Dungeons & Dragons. (For charity).

Game of Thrones alumni, Iwan Rheon, Natalia Tena, Daniel Portman, Kristian Nairn and Gemma Whelan will be participating in D&D Live 2020: Roll w/ Advantage and offered some tantalizing hints about the characters they’ve created in the events’ promotion video.

D&D Live: Roll w/ Advantage is an annual series of Dungeons & Dragons games featuring beloved actors that raises money for Red Nose Day. The charity event will be able available to stream on YouTube and from June 18-20, though the Game of Thrones actors will only be playing on the 20th, according to the event’s schedule.

According to the site, “Fans of D&D will learn all about the new storyline as well as accompanying new products—plus, by donating a small amount to Red Nose Day (of $10 or more), fans will be able to register through the D&D Live Event Portal. Fans will also be able to choose the character best suited to help the region through Reality RP, a mashup of fantasy storytelling, community engagement, and reality television!”

As Iwan Rheon says in the video, “Join us and let’s save the day!”


  1. I, too, know where I’ll be on June 20th!

    (I play Dungeons and Dragons! I tried painting the minis and everything! But I sucked…)

  2. A little off-topic for a moment (Monty Python & the Holy Grail news item)

    “John Cleese Mocks Fox News For Unknowingly Reporting Monty Python Joke”

    The troupe co-founder could not help himself after a story quoted one of their classic films.

    John Cleese on Monday poked fun at Fox News after a report from the network over the weekend unknowingly quoted Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    The Story host Martha MacCallum was covering Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), and the segment included claims there was infighting among protesters who have occupied the area for weeks, apparently headed by hip-hop artist Raz Simone.

    In her report, MacCallum pointed to a since deleted post on Reddit questioning Raz’s appointment, which she used as evidence of group turmoil. The post was a joke which quoted classic lines from 1975’s Holy Grail, reading: “I thought we had an anonymous collective. An anarcho-syndicalist commune at the least, we should take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week.”

    Monty Python troupe co-founder Cleese could not help himself, quipping, “BREAKING: No one @FoxNews has ever seen @montypython & The Holy Grail. #runit #goodjournalism #factchecking,” the actor said via Twitter.
    In Holy Grail, the lines occur when King Arthur (Graham Chapman) approaches two peasants and announces himself as their king while they are mud-farming. One of the peasants pushes back with the classic dialogue.


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