HBO creates giant embroidery & Paul Kaye chats to Radio 4


HBO has unveiled a a huge Game of Thrones inspired embroidery in Central Saint Martins’ the Crossing Gallery, London, where it will remain until midnight on the 19th March.

The artwork, which took  4,500 hours to complete, measures 6 metres by 4 metres.  It was created in partnership with the Embroiderer’s Guild, the Royal School of Needlework, Fine Cell Work long-term prisoners and Hand & Lock Embroidery design room, with over 50 members of the UK textile community contributing to its creation.  Anthea Godfrey, artistic director of the Embroiderers’ Guild and project manager, said:

 This has been an amazing project that truly has brought the embroidery community together across the whole of the UK.  There’s also a huge variety of textile skills involved in the making of the piece, including digital print, surface stitchery, machine embroidery, metal thread work, beading, appliqué and quilting. As many of the communities taking part are huge fans of Game of Thrones, we really are all proud to have been involved.

The piece was stitched together in Mrs Godfrey’s Hoddesdon home.  The 71 year old added that she was very excited to be approached as most of the people involved were amateurs and grandmothers, and that their street cred has gone up unbelievably.

The project celebrates the release of the Fifth Season on Blu-Ray and DVD.

For more information and and in-progress pictures, check out the Hertfordshire Mercury report.

In more UK news, Paul Kaye discussed his time with Game of Thrones in a recent interview with Paul Garner for BBC Radio 4 Extra. The actor says he wasn’t really aware of the show or its scale before being cast although he did get asked to practise with Nerf swords in preparation for the role.

When asked if he was going to be returning to the show, Kaye replies that he, “couldn’t possibly say,” which leads Garner to respond, “Oh, so you are then?”  The two laugh it off, but could a return for Thoros of Myr be on the cards?

You can hear the whole interview here

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    1. Yes. I think this means that he will be back. Good. They will tie up every loose end.

      But I’m not sure we will see him in S6.

      LSH speculations in S7 as well? Oh, no…

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    2. The embroidery is magnificent! The linked article includes a photo gallery with a few close-ups of the face, hands, garment, and sigils!

      A few seconds after the GOT section of the interview, Paul Kaye mentions being mistaken for homeless when he was sporting a beard and long hair. More food for speculation!

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    3. Well, if Thoros comes back, that probably means that Beric will be back too. Look forward to seeing this pair again, whenever that is. Hoping it will be this season.

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    4. I can see Thoros returning in season 7 or maybe very late in the 6th season. There are so many loose ends the show needs to tie up before the WW take over. I hope he returns for season 7, since it looks like this season will be packed. I’m also patiently waiting for the return of Gendry. He must have rowed to Asshai and back by now lol.

      Carice van Houten is pregnant. Congratulations to her and Guy Pearce.

      RIP Mel

      Hope she doesn’t give birth like she did on the show.

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    5. Jack Bauer 24: This would put her in the middle of a pregnancy during Season 7 filming. Not sure how they will work around that. With Lena, her dresses covered her up, but Mel doesn’t wear long gowns like that.

      She will now!

      TV shows have been covering for pregnant actresses since pretty much the beginning.

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    6. Melisandre and the Memento guy? Wow, I may have found a celebrity couple I may actually be interested in….

      J/k lol. I abhor the idea of bothering people in their private lives.

      In the other news, that embroidery is so… random. Like, who came up with the very idea? But it’s also extremely cool, and as someone who inherited a tailored hand-made lace dress first made for my grandmother, I wholly support the idea of street cred for traditional artisans.

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    7. Sean C.,

      I’m pretty sure Mel will be gone soon after she ressurects Jon,i don’t see what purpose she will have in the story after that and it’s not like she is a fan favorite character especially after what she did last season .

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    8. I wonder where the textile art will end up? I was thinking I might take a look at it when I go to London for a meeting in April but I see now that it will be removed (from its present location at least) at midnight tonight.

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    9. At least we are getting

      Edmure and Blackfish back this season, then hopefully Thoros and BwB can make a return to tie up that loose end… cause they just kind of arrived and then disappeared!

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