Game of Owns: March Madness

Episode 319 – March Madness
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The night is dark and full of FIRE. HBO drops a late March Game of Thrones bombshell, let’s jump in!

Discussion Topics
The Boltons
Bran and the Night’s King
Dany’s long road
Howland Reed
A face to the Hall
Wun Wun 2016
Owns of the trailer

What is happening?

Are we ok?

We will ever be ok?

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    1. Danys in captivity because she’s going to join the former khaleesis in Vaes Dothrak as one of the crones, a storyline straight out the books

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    2. When Bran sees the Night King in his vision I hope that is when they decide to leave the weirwood tree. I doubt that Bran, Meera, and Hodor can escape an other attack by the white walkers.

      Maybe that was cold hands in the trailer? He saves Meera and company and helps them get south of the wall *fingers crossed!*

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    3. Re. the Umber banners

      in the show, GreatJon was off freeing the Riverlands, so post-Red Wedding could still dovetail with the books and have GreatJon at least under siege. Meanwhile, per the books, part of the Umbers grudgingly swear to the Boltons, but part of the Umbers swear fealty to the opposing forces.

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    4. In Dothraki culture, people of importance ride the rest walk. So Dany is walking being pushed by a couple of Dothraki Screamers. She is surrounded by slaves, noticed some collars

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    5. In the Whitewalker fire scene note the root twigs on the ground with a single skull (?). I feel this is the cave with Bran, Meera, Hodor and Bloodraven. HBO had released a video on makeups for a Whitewalker in a cave of roots followed by a dead wight coming through the roots. Another HBO video on filming crews, shows Meera lying next to some packs on the ground, this can be seen in the trailer with what might be Coldhands with a burning ball on a sling. The fire scene here could be the burning of the roots of the weirwood which would include Blooraven with Bran Meera and Hodor escaping. Remember a photo HBO released showing Bran on a horse? Coldhands takes Bran to the Nightfort to get south of the Wall.

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    6. The North Remembers,

      I think when Bran sees the Night King he is also seen.Bran becomes a problem for the Night King and he has to deal with Bran;and they storm the place under the weirwood tree,but to late.Bran escapes in time. 🙂

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    7. What others said, Dany is being taken to become Dosh Khaleen.
      In the books, they hold certain amount of power and are revered and respected but can’t leave the city. “Even the mightiest of khals bowed to the wisdom and authority of the dosh khaleen.” But I’m confident the show will find a way to abuse them.
      But who knows, maybe Dany tried to escape and that’s why they’re keeping her hands tied.

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    8. FreeParking,

      Like you said.
      Also she isn’t a Dosh Khaleen yet, so they don’t need to be kind with her.

      My speculation is that after Drogon swoops in there, the Dosh Khaleen will tell the Dothraki that Dany is The Stallion who mounts the world. (something they saw in S1, just that they taught it was Rhaego instead) And that’s why the Khals will follow her.

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    9. All right, I’ll say it- my first reaction was that Theon is crying in front of (book spoiler)


      . And I’m not prone to seeing that everywhere.

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    10. My thoughts are that dany has been fallen into her utter lowest position to learn her final lesson of becoming a conquerer…
      She is poor,powerless,, but in the same shot hs says the most poor and powerless can also over throw an empire…. That can also suggest to her.. she will be taken to dpsh khaleen and will be hugely mistreated by johoqo... Then drogon appears..they will burn down the dothraki and she appears unburnt on the dragon back ...watching this all the dothraki will call her the stallion... And she will become the khalesee of khals who will unite all the khals...

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