Game of Owns: The Gift

Episode 279 – The Gift
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The gift of “The Gift” has been given, your hosts meeting minutes following its Sunday night premiere. Winter is coming (and with it a collection of trouble in the North), King’s Landing is in chaos โ€” a podcast simply does not know where to begin. Let’s dive in.

Discussion Topics
So many gifts
Winter is coming
Calf for slaughter
A question of faith
Verbal sparring
Beneath the Sept
Intimacy in Dorne
Goodbye, Aemon
The state of the Watch
Owns of the Episode

Thank you for participating in this community. Season 5 has been a blast so far, and we’d love to see the celebration for these remaining episodes lift to an even greater level.


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    1. Does LF even know about Cersei/Lancel? I think “the boy” is more likely Olyvar. Since they haven’t had the trial yet he can recant his testimony and maybe even say Cersei paid/forced him to testify against Loras & Margaery in the first place.

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    2. Littlefinger’s wording made is sound like it was a different “handsome young man” than the one he gave to Cersei, so I doubt he meant Olyvar. But I don’t think it was Lancel either. I think we’re meant to think that – but I suspect it’s misdirection.

      Great episode guys! Glad you enjoyed the episode so much. We’re in agreement this week. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    3. hexonx,
      RE the Game of Owns podcast on the death of Maester Aemon:
      Aemon wasn’t the first character in GoT to die of natural causes. Hoster Tully (Kat Stark’s father) died of natural causes in Riverrun, his ancestral castle.

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    4. Ser Marq’s Bowman,

      I was going to post the same thing but I’m not sure he counts, at least not in show canon. Although technically he is a character, we never meet him or see his death (I think we briefly see his body). I guess he was around 60 so Aemon had 40+ years on him.

      Walder Frey is catching up, he’s supposedly in his 90s but we all hope he doesn’t die of natural causes (which means he probably will).

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    5. Lee:
      I hope Terry isnโ€™t in this episode. She is annoying. Always has a bracelet banging in the background. Distracting

      The night is dark and full of Terries!

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    6. I’m new to the podcasts but I appeciate that these commentators are more knowledgable than others. I get a little annoyed at those who make obvious mistakes. It’s nice to have an unsullied view but they need experts to keep them on the path.

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    7. ShireenForQueen:
      Sometimes this podcast really suffers from having three male points of viewโ€ฆ

      I wish Marko could be on more though to give a European POV, I miss the Danish lady Selina who was on a long time ago, she had an amazingly nice laugh too ๐Ÿ™

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    8. Arya Havin’ a larf?,

      Wait, was she Danish or Swedish? There was some confusion about that ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Are there plans for a ‘new Selina or Kate’ (although I would prefer if either of them would make a comeback of course)?

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    9. Lollius Palicanus:
      Arya Havinโ€™ a larf?,

      Wait, was she Danish or Swedish? There was some confusion about that

      Are there plans for a โ€˜new Selina or Kateโ€™ (although I would prefer if either of them would make a comeback of course)?

      I think the Swedish thing was an in joke, her LinkedIn profile says Danish ( and she always sounded Danish to me , Swedes have a more sing-song accent even when speaking English).

      I guess the time difference makes things just too hard to have a European involved, but maybe they can find an English speaking South American chica!

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    10. How can you still doubt that there are super natural powers at play in this world? The shadow that killed Renly, raising Berric Dondarrion from the dead, not to mention that certain someone in the books that didn’t end up in the show. All signs point to magic/fantasy, etc. being in play.

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    11. First time listener and I have to say, this is by far the best, classiest GoT podcast I have come across. So many other podcasters make dumb jokes and half the time they don’t know what they’re talking about with misinformation and it feels like they don’t know how to talk about the show. But this is just very tasteful and insightful and I reeeealllllly appreciate it. So pissed it’s taken me this long to discover you guys!

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