Game of Thrones Worldwide Exhibition Begins in Barcelona, Spain Next Month

Game of Thrones The Touring Exhibition

HBO has just announced the global debut of Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition, which will give fans an “up-close and personal look at the authentic props, costumes and set decorations” from the show. Just for a start, the exhibition will kick off in Barcelona, Spain, on October 28, so it’s right around the corner. Read on for the details!

The historic Museu Marítim or Maritime Museum in Barcelona will be the first locale to host the worldwide exhibition, which will then move on to other cities throughout the world so that show watchers can experience the show’s “craftsmanship and artistry” in the “largest public display to date.” A number of “immersive environments, interactives, and multimedia content” will also be available. There is a video announcement as well:

The exhibitions of costumes, props, weapons and armor will be set up in themed, immersive environments that reflect the props, such as the Northern landscape, the tree-lined pathway of the Kingsroad, the Targaryen-conquered city of Meereen with its garrisons of Unsullied, the House of Black and White, Castle Black, the lands Beyond the Wall and, of course, the iconic Iron Throne Room as the exhibition’s centerpiece.

“From the steps of Dragonstone to the Great Pit of Daznak, the country and people of Spain have played host to some of the most iconic settings in Game of Thrones,” said Jeff Peters, HBO’s vice president of licensing and retail, during the announcement. “We’re confident that our fans in Barcelona, throughout Spain, and across Europe, are going to love this new opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Game of Thrones.”

As previously mentioned, the exhibition will begin on the 28th of October at Barcelona’s Museu Marítim. It will be open from Tuesday to Thursday during 10 am – 8 pm, Friday and Saturday during 10 am – 9 pm, and Sunday during 10 am – 8 pm. The normal prices will be 15,50€ for adults and 10€ for children, or 18,50€ and 12€ during the weekends.

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  1. Can’t think of more suitable surroundings than the lovely gothic Museu Marítim, which could easily pass for a set from the show.

  2. You can still catch a smaller version of this in San Francisco Powell & Market cable car turn around AT$T store. 5 S7 costumes, Longclaw, Needle, the throne, Grey Worm and Loras’ helmets, eggs, some VR stuff. For 2 more weeks.

  3. What’s that first Sword on the left??? Heartsbane? I see Oathkeeper, Longclaw, Widow’s Wail, & Needle.

  4. I want it to come to Belgium. Or when it’s not too far from our borders, The Netherlands, France and Germany are good too.

  5. So exciting!! I went to the Exhibit when it was in Paris a few years ago and it was a blast! Definitely recommend! I’ll be looking for them to post info about other cities because I would love to go this year! 😀

  6. Aegon the Icedragon,

    Yea, I want to know that too. But AFAIK, Heartsbane has Tarly sigil on it’s hilt. I thought the engraving on the hilt looked like a Kraken leading me to believe that it might be a Greyjoy sword. But I’m not sure.

  7. When they say worldwide do they mean Australia too or Australia just the island where they test the game of thrones conquest game and other such things in case it leads to a zombie outbreak

  8. Stove,

    Good call. I just visited the Valyrian Steel website and they have that Sword for sale. It is indeed Jamie’s Sword from season 1. I think Heartsbane deserved to be shown over that Sword though. Even though Jamie’s Sword has probably gotten more screen time than Heartsbane.

    I’d really love them to make a book accurate version of DAWN. I’d definitely buy that one. Mad I missed out on the Damascus steel Longclaw.

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