Game of Thrones Season Seven Scores Double BAFTA Craft Nominations

7x06 Daenerys looking at Night King Frozen Lake

The nominations list for this year’s BAFTA Craft awards has been announced, with Game of Thrones scooping two nominations.

Established in 2000 to highlight the technical achievements of those behind the camera, the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Craft awards celebrate the best in television production.

This year Game of Thrones has been nominated for Best Costuming (Michele Clapton) and Best Production Design (Deborah Riley and Rob Cameron).

Thrones has never won a Craft Award before, although Michele Clapton has won twice before for her costuming in The Crown (2012) and The Devil’s Whore (2009).  Casting director Nina Gold also picked up a Special Award in 2016 for her work on numerous productions, including Thrones.

There’s some stiff competition, but as production and costuming was pretty on point this season I think we’re in with a good shot!

Bets of luck to everyone involved! You can read the full list of nominations here.

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    1. On the topic of awards… I was just reading something interesting. There’s only one show that’s won the best drama Emmy for its 7th season, Law & Order in ’97. None have won for the eighth or more seasons, although L&A was nominated through their 12th season. Only two shows have won for the 6th season, The Sopranos and GoT.

      I actually don’t expect GoT to win for season 7 mainly because the season will be a year old by the time voting takes place. It shouldn’t make a difference but I believe it has for other shows in the situation. If it doesn’t win then hopefully they can end the series with a win in ’19.

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    2. I never noticed this before but in that dany picture doesn’t her dress look like white walker skin? Foreshadowing? Probably just looking To much into it lol

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    3. Michele Clapton is up against costume designs for Peaky Blinders, The Crown and Taboo. It’s a hard choice and I wouldn’t be surprised if The Crown doesn’t win, but I’d give it to Michele just for that beautiful coat.

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    4. Clob,

      All the more reason the latest we can expect S8 to premiere is end of April/beginning of May.

      I’m also a bit skeptical whether GoT will get best drama for S7, but I’m hoping for Lena Headey to win best supporting actress. She had some amazing scenes last season!

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    5. I liked the clothes that Sansa and Arya were wearing when they were talking on the balcony at Winterfell.
      Also Aryas rough clothing when she met Hotpie.
      But I don’t suppose they are things that win awards.

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    6. Shane snow:
      I never noticed this before but in that dany picture doesn’t her dress look like white walker skin? Foreshadowing? Probably just looking To much into it lol

      To me, it looks more like Drogon squeezed out a fart and she’s looking back in disgust, but ymmv.

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    7. Colin Armfield,

      For me, nothing will ever beat Arya’s look in S7e4 after the camera followed the back of her head entering the WF courtyard where Brienne was training Pod, and the next shot shows Arya with her new hairdo decked out in her new costume.
      (“Nice sword. Very nice dagger.”)

      After 6+ seasons of seeing her in tattered rags, dirty boy’s clothes, formless HoB&W robes, and rough spun traveling cloaks, she looked … phenomenal.

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    8. Enharmony1625,

      That’s beautiful!

      Though I’m a technological moron, my ten year-old nephew isn’t. He’s a whiz. I may try to recruit him to capture and print high quality color images and enlargements of my favorite scenes.

      I still have my pre-S7 Entertainment Weekly GoT Stark-centric edition in an acid-free plastic bag. I think its photographs were featured on this site. There’s one with Jon, Arya, Bran, and Sansa. Arya’s in her warrior princess costume (the one she had on in S7e4), and Jon’s holding her in his arms. They’re both smiling. I want to capture and enlarge that image of the two of them, and mount it next to an enlargement of a still photo of the scene in S1e2 (after Jon gives Needle to little Arya) when she’s jumped into his arms.

      Then, of course, I want to try to capture that moment in S7e4 when Arya, in her new ‘do and new costume, confidently walks up to Brienne. To round out the collection, I think I’ll probably include that moment in S1 between Syrio and Arya after Syrio tells Arya “there is only one god and his name is death, and there is only one thing we say to death”, and then lifts Arya’s chin with his finger when he says “Not today.”

      I’ve got to figure out which iconic Sandor moment would make a good framed photo or wall poster. Perhaps I should wait until S8 when he pulls a flaming sword from a fire… 😇

      I’ve got a few framed photos of my favorite scenes from my favorite movies on my wall. (Clint Eastwood may be 88, but Josey Wales never gets old.) At least three or four GoT shots belong up there too.

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    9. Ten Bears,

      If you’re curious, this is where I got that framed photo from:

      That’s an awesome idea to capture your favourite scenes from the show and hang them up. I’d like to get another still from that website above, but like you alluded to, I think I’m going to wait until S8. I’m sure we’re going to be treated to some amazing visuals at the very least in the final season! Then I can go full-on with Game of Thrones-ifying my walls. 🙂

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    10. Enharmony1625,

      I’ve got to be honest: We’ve been treated to some breathtaking visuals over seven season. Yet, except for the three dragons streaming fire in unison at the Masters’ ship in the first segment of S6e9 – which makes a great screen saver – I’m not sure there are any images of action scenes that’d I’d want to frame and mount on the wall. As much as I enjoy explosions. sword fights, zombie ambushes, and massive battles, I don’t feel compelled to rewatch them more than once or twice.

      It’s really the characters’ classic moments in (what Thronetender has called “high thread count”) emotional scenes that leave an indelible imprint on me, such that I’d like to see the picture on my wall. Like your framed print of Brienne & Arya: it’s a reminder of how enjoyable it was to be treated to those two nonconformist kindred spirits finally bonding, after their initially friendly first encounter in S4e10 turned sour. (Real smart Brienne: flash the Lannister gold sword instead of Hot Pie’s wolf bread.)

      If I could figure out how the embed links, I’d show the 4-5 images on my “short list.”

      Anywat. I will definitely check out the site you recommended.

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    11. Ten Bears,

      Couldn’t agree more! I think I’ve probably watched the Loot Train attack maybe 2 or 3 times, but I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve watched Arya and Sansa’s final scene together in 7×07, or basically any Arya and The Hound scenes, Arya and Gendry scenes, Jamie and Brienne, etc. etc.

      I know we’re going to get amazing battle scenes next season, but I’m desperately hoping for amazing character moments!

      If I were to get another still from that site, they have one of the iconic picture of Ned sitting on the Iron Throne holding Ice.

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