‘Game of Thrones’ live concert experience to return in 2018!

Ramin Djawadi, longtime composer for "Game of Thrones," will again helm the GoT Live Concert Experience tour in 2018.
Ramin Djawadi, longtime composer for “Game of Thrones,” will again helm the GoT Live Concert Experience tour in 2018.

Who DOESN’T get chills when hearing the Game of Thrones theme song? Or any of composer Ramin Djawadi‘s iconic Thrones creations, like the haunting “Light of the Seven”? I know I do, and with the announcement today that the hugely popular Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience will return in 2018, it looks like the fandom will again have the chance to get those goosebumps in public.

Dwajadi announced the tour in a Facebook live video, where he expressed his excitement to lead the tour again and treated viewers to a performance of Arya’s theme on a hammered dulcimer:

The tour, which begins in May 2018 and wraps up in October, will include stops in Europe and North America. Tour dates are as follows:


May 8: Madrid

May 10: Barcelona

May 12: Paris

May 14: Berlin

May 15: Lodz

May 16: Prague

May 18: Budapest

May 19: Vienna

May 21: Amsterdam

May 22: Antwerp

May 24: Dublin

May 25: Belfast

May 27: London

May 29: Hamburg

May 31: Stockholm

June 1: Copenhagen

June 4: Munich

June 5: Zurich

June 7: Frankfurt

June 8: Cologne

North America

September 5: Vancouver

September 6: Seattle

September 8: San Jose, CA

September 9: Los Angeles

September 11: San Diego

September 12: Phoenix

September 14: Denver

September 16: Dallas

September 17: Houston

September 18: Austin

September 21: Tampa

September 22: Ft. Lauderdale

September 25: Washington, D.C.

September 26: Newark

September 28: Uncasville, CT

September 29: Boston

September 30: University Park, PA

October 2: Philadelphia

October 3: New York

October 5: St. Louis

October 6: Chicago

October 9: Detroit

October 10: Columbus, OH

October 12: Montreal

October 14: Toronto

Tickets go on sale September 29 via Ticketmaster, but by selecting the “Promotions and Special Offers” option from the drop-down menu and entering the code DRAGON, you can purchase tickets ahead of the general sale date.


  1. Just seen on the Facebook page, so its London May 27th. It will require me to go south from t’North but bloody hell I’m tempted to book a couple of days in the capital and put up wi southrons 🤔

  2. This is turning out to be the best day for Game of Thrones news since Season 7 drew to a close back in August. Casting calls, confirmation of the directors for the final season, and now, Ramin Djawadi announcing a new concert tour!

    Seeing Ramin perform live in concert back in February was an amazing experience, and I sincerely hoped that he would do another tour this offseason, with addition of new music he composed for Season 7. I’m particularly keen to hear “Dragonstone”, “Truth”, and “The Army of the Dead” performed live with a full orchestra. I’ve been listening to the Season 7 soundtrack incessantly for the past month, but those three tracks have gotten particularly heavy play. And he’s returning to Connecticut as part of this new tour, so it looks like I’m in luck!

    I’m also glad to hear that he’s added a European leg to the tour so that all Game of Thrones fans across the pond who didn’t get to see him in concert this past year will now have that chance. Trust me, if he’s playing in a city near you, try and make plans to see the show. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

  3. Very exciting! I was supposed to go earlier this year, but I had to miss it because I was too sick that day 🙁

  4. Nothing in the south, outside of Texas and Florida?

    Not in Nashville (ie premier Con of Thones) or Atlanta (ie DragonCon for heaven’s sake)?

    I’m getting the feeling there’s a little regional prejudice going on here!

  5. Aah, the lovely and incredibly talented Ramin Djawadi – and now touring Europe, too! I might sail across our Narrow Sea to Stockholm on 31 May!

    Loved the way they did the tour map, lol!

  6. Aw, no Portland this year. Oh well, It’ll give me a reason to visit Seattle! Hope to see the show again because last time was amazing. 🙂

  7. Saw the Boston concert in March and it was well worth it.

    Glad to hear that it is coming back and I will certainly go again…maybe in a different venue. I am determined to enjoy all of the GOT activities before this wonderful show is gone forever.

  8. I am on the Ticketmaster website. Not seeing a “Promotions and Special Offers” option from any drop-down menu. Via the app on my phone, also not seeing a “Promotions and Special Offers” option from a… drop-down menu. Please elaborate.

  9. Crater:
    Nothing in the south, outside of Texas and Florida?

    Not in Nashville (ie premier Con of Thones) or Atlanta (ie DragonCon for heaven’s sake)?

    Or New Orleans? I know tons of people who’d go to see it over here. 🙁

  10. At last…they’re coming here. And today I bought my ticket for Con of Thrones! This will help compensate for the Long Night between S7 and S8.

  11. Looking into getting tickets at The Forum in LA for Sept 9th.
    Looking at their stadium diagram/map and the stage seems much smaller than the last tour. Do you think their map is correct because I want to make sure I get great seats.
    Last tour I went to the show in Phoenix and we got seats on the 4th row from the front in the middle between the two sets. It was perfect to see everything going on on both stages and the big TV.

  12. Ginger,

    I think they just changed the configuration of the stage and floor plan. It looks like it will be for the better. I had floor seats for last tour & depending on where you were located it could be either good or bad. Luckily, mine were in a good spot.

  13. cuddly crow,

    I got my tickets last night for the show at the Forum and chose floor seats. I’d imagine they would still have some large screens to show pieces of the show again. Can’t wait to see what the layout will look like this time!

  14. Ginger,

    That’s fantastic!!! I think the set up is better for viewing the screen and musicians for this tour. You are sure to have a great time!

  15. rosiegamgee,

    Just got mine for London too. My son is coming with me as he knows London much better than me. We are travelling from t’North I am so excited I can’t wait at least it will brighten the long watch!

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