Game of Thrones filming heads to Bangor Castle’s Walled Garden


Location shooting of the fifth season of Game of Thrones headed to another area of Northern Ireland this week: the coastal town of Bangor, not far from Belfast.

Sightings have been popping up on Twitter, pointing toward filming occurring out in the Walled Garden at Bangor Castle, located close to the Leisure Centre Complex.

Though the gardens are still beautiful in winter, by all accounts, they wouldn’t appear the same as in summer and so it’s an interesting choice of places to film in December, assuming the sightings are accurate. Walled gardens sound like something we’d encounter in King’s Landing; is autumn coming to the capital city?


#GameOfThrones has arrived in #Bangor!! #GoT #LeisureCentre


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It’s not known at this time which actors are filming at the site, if any. Several cast members have been in the Belfast area the past week, including Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Carice van Houten, Kerry Ingram, Alfie Allen, Brian Fortune and presumably more.

Jon Snow, Arya And Sansa Stark came to rave in Belfast last night. #gameofthrones Ett foto publicerat av @anniemacdj


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All wrapped up…in red

Een foto die is geplaatst door Carice van Houten (@leavecaricealone) op



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    1. Just posted about Bangor on the other thread but thankfully y’all beat me to it with a lot more links than I had!

      I wonder what they could be filming here specifically…

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    2. Water Gardens? Doubtful. Maybe something in Pentos or King’s Landing itself.
      I dunno how many freaking gardens the Red Keep has at this point, though. More gardens than guards.

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    3. My bet is some Vale castle on Littlefinger, Sansa and Robin’s tour of the Vale.

      Or some new part of Winterfell… Or White Harbour… (though I think that if we see Wyman Manderly at all it will be directly at Winterfell, no need for WH).

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    4. They didn’t shoot any garden scenes in Croatia this year so it could be in fact King’s Landing. Autumn may coming.

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    5. Greenjones:


      That’s what I would’ve thought, except that Sophie finished shooting the other day.

      Oh yeah, forgot that !

      It could always be Deepwood Motte who knows ! ^^

      I’d like it if it ends up being King’s Landing in autumn !

      Or some new part of Winterfell.

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    6. Pretty sure Dolorous Edd was coming out of Forbidden Planet (Belfast) as I was going in, last Thursday afternoon – by the time I’d got my brain into gear he’d disappeared amidst the throng of Ann St.

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    7. Dragonslayer:
      They didn’t shoot any garden scenes in Croatia this year so it could be in fact King’s Landing. Autumn may coming.

      As of season 2 Westeros was officially in Autumn (the white owl shown by Pycelle at the small council was the very first scene of season 2).

      Winter is coming to Kings Landing

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    8. The only place that reminds me of gardens in Westeros is Dorne, but it probably isn’t. Regardless – we enjoyed our stay in Bangor and northern Wales several years ago. Pity that wasn’t open at the time we would have gone! It will be fun to finally see it on the show!

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    9. 2nd choice… Snow falls on King’s Landing.

      Varys returns to find that Pycelle has been staying at his place…

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    10. There really has been a dearth of filming information for what seems like an eternitym so I’m grateful for this little post. It is hardly the most riveting bit of filming, but it is something, and with only a week left now, it really is going to be the ‘waiting for a trailer’ season, so this is good.

      Now that they have finished filming I hope more of the small casting details come out. They have definitelu tightened up in that regard,

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    11. The most obvious answer is a garden in KL on the cusp of fall and winter. But it did cross my mind that it would be a great place for

      a wedding between Ramsay and fArya.

      ETA: Sorry for putting the spoiler code in wrong, hope it’s fixed.

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    12. LauraR,

      Sophie mentions she shot a traumatic sortof scene…hmm. Maybe whatever happens in the Sansa chapter that was supposed to be in ADWD but was shifted to TWOW? What’s so exciting is that there’s no way to know what she’s referring to!

      CD’s reaction to Cumberbatch now doing a Marvel movie is pretty funny.

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    13. Turncloak: As of season 2 Westeros was officially in Autumn (the white owl shown by Pycelle at the small council was the very first scene of season 2).

      It was a white raven.

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    14. CD’s reaction to Cumberbatch now doing a Marvel movie is pretty funny.

      Yeah, I loved that.

      The “traumatic scene” sounds pretty intriguing and it´s definitely a good thing we don’t know anything about it

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    15. LauraR: traumatic

      Here’s the quote verbatim:

      “There was one scene that I did do which is super, super traumatic and I love doing those scenes, and it was just really kind of horrible for everyone to be on set and watch, but those kind of scenes are what, like, feed me. That’s why I started acting, to do all the crappy, horrible stuff.”

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    16. R,

      That’s interesting. I guess we WILL be spoiled on Sansa’s TWOW story somewhat, from that chapter that was pushed from ADWD into TWOW, which was described in pretty much the same terms.

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    17. Yep, we’re moving things along for Sansa’s story and will be in TWOW territory…

      I wonder if the traumatic scene has anything to do with Tyrion’s observation that “Sansa’s not a killer…not yet.” Foreshadowing anyone?!?

      I just hope it isn’t her getting ‘physical’ with Baelish…yuck.

      I think they must be filming scenes of KL in Winter. Either that or someplace in the North, with the Reach as a distant outsider.

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    18. Sansa is going to kill Robyn (or is it Robin?). Accidental? Maybe. Or a “Gift of Mercy”? I am betting on this. Nice nod to Arya’s arc and it would be very dark, unexpected and traumatic.

      If the writer’s take her into TWoW territory, that is all fine and good, but if they have her play the sexuality game with Littlefinger, it could be an epic eye-roll. Sophie can deliver but the character, playing LF’s “game”, come on now.

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    19. Given what she says about Arya’s storyline near the end of the clip,

      I don’t think Sansa will be killing anyone. We know where Arya is going, and she describes that as ‘dark’.

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    20. I’m hoping that this is the gardens in White Harbour that Davos was in before he meets Manderly- if he’s in the show (hoping they’ve cast Robbie Coltrane!! ), however it’s more likely to be an exterior shot of Kings Landing with the winter setting in.
      As for Sansa, she really is a blank canvas this season, next to Arya, she is my favorite character so I’m really looking forward to seeing what D&D have come up with!
      I know a lot of people are worried that this season will be a mess, as for me, I’ve never been more excited for a season than I am for this one, with books 4&5 streamlined to fit the show and a bit of Winds thrown in ( I don’t care if the show spoils the books! ) I can’t wait for the season to begin!!

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    21. SlayerNina:

      I don’t see the point of change the Unsullied “too slow” version with filler original version.

      And what was filler in S5?

      My problem with that is they’re making the show even more slow than the original.

      You should reread Books 4 and 5.

      Plot moving? Brienne’s candle instead of LSH?

      Brienne killed Stannis. What she had done in Book 4? Nothing of importance.

      Jaime to Dorne instead the war?

      In term of plot, everything that Jaime done in Book 4 was acomplished with one scene between lord Frey and Roose.

      1. Freys took Riverrun
      2. Blackfish escaped
      3. Edmure capuured

      They ended Riverlands plot efectivly with RW, acomplishing everything GRRM has done, but avoiding draging and filler, they put Riverland to rest until S6/TWOW where something important is actualy going to happen there.

      GreyxMissandei and DanyxDaario is plot moving? Seriously?

      With less filer characters and less non imortant things, they acomplished everything from Dany’s plot in ADWd and more in one season, with Jorah, Tyrion and Varys there.

      So yes, plot moving.

      But now, season 4 and 5 became that tendence for plotholes created by the writers

      Which I’m against is when Ros had more lines and scenes than Catelyn on season 3,

      Not true.

      Myranda has more character development and agence in one season than Sansa in 5 seasons,

      Not tru either.

      Olly’s presence was more on scene than Sam or Stannis

      What?! Did you watch S5?

      and Karsi’s dismise was more shocking than Dany flying in dragon.

      Im not sure you know what you want to say.

      But if you’re not on metathings, she’s a zombi holding revenge against the Freys and she’s probably killing Jaime and maybe Brienne.

      Probably, maybe, if…

      LSH is just lame plot twist aded for sock value. She didn’t do anything important. Only thing she acomplished is to take away tragedy of RW, to make it more cheap and unrealistic.

      Frey can be defetaded by Blackfish, Arya, Sansa or any other real character.

      YG is important. /blockquote>

      He can be important if GRRM decides so. But that is problem. he doesen’t seem like natural part of this story, he comes out of nowhere, he did something Dany should done in Book 3, and he made actual character even more incompentend than she was, he can defeat the Lannister, which is even worse, because Lannisters had so many great enemies, like Robb, Stannis, Renly, and now they will be destroyed by YG?!

      But more likely GRRM dosen’t know what to do with him, so D&D cut that plot.

      Victarion and Euron are important. Rapist pirates aside, they have a horn that controls dragons. That’s a huge deal.

      Euron will be in the show. Victarion is just Quentyn 2.0

      Quentyn is important. He left free two dragons. He was killed, I don’t believe the Martell will be happy to help Dany now. They can go to war (against everybody) or support Aegon’s claim. That’s a huge deal.

      And all of that could be acomplished without his pontless jorney.

      The Vale is important. Sansa learning the Game of Thrones, reclaming what is her birthright, rising an army, killing her cousin (in purpose or not) and the possibility of murder LF. That’s a huge deal.

      Again, maybe, posibly, if..

      Sansa can rise an army in the orth in S6, real northern army, if that is her plot, and that is much more powerfull that army from teh Vale.

      Again, D&D will acomplish that without filler characters or plots.

      Brienne’s filler. I’m sorry, I’m happy to see LSH, the consequences of the war, maybe Jaime’s future death and Sandor is alive.

      And you need 8 chapter for that? Yeah, that would make great TV.

      Dany and Tyrion was another moronic decision.

      That is something that will happen in TWOW.

      They erased YG plot to have Dany beging Tyrion’s help (why?

      becaue Dany and tyrion are actual and important characters and]
      Why? He has no power, allies or money and he’s suspected of murder his family, why trust Tyrion if he can kill Dany too?) and now Tyrion the ruler of Mereen with an Unsullied and a translator. Meanwhile, Jorah the Explorer and Dumb Daario going to Khaleesi’s rescue on a dudebro’s movie. Pathetic.
      Hardhome. Yes, great FX, yes, great combats. Distracting fireworks and with a side effect: I was worried about the White Walkers. Now I know that the last battle will be an extended version of Hardhome. Thank you, HBO.

      Not being rude here, I’m just trying to justify my reasons. Sorry if I sound harsh.

      Are you invading Ucrania? This is a serious question.

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