Game of Thrones: The Exhibition Returns in 2015!

ExhibitionOne of the most exciting Game of Thrones events is returning in 2015- the Game of Thrones Exhibition!

The exhibition features costumes, props and other items offering a closer look at the production of the show, in addition to interactive activities for fans to enjoy. Last year, visitors tried the new 4D Oculus Rift virtual reality gear to “Ascend the Wall,” and the popular attraction will return in 2015.

This year the event has even more to offer, with photo stations placing fans within major moments from Thrones. There will also be an opportunity for every visitor to pledge their allegiance to a House before entering the exhibition.

Each year different cities are visited so a variety of fans can enjoy the exhibition. This year’s lucky cities are:  London, England; Stockholm, Sweden; Tel Aviv, Israel; Madrid, Spain; Berlin, Germany; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Paris, France.

Game of Thrones: The Exhibition remains free as always. Some locations also host the HBO Shop with official Game of Thrones licensed collectible goodies for sale.

 From the official HBO press release: 

In addition, a new integrated web-based companion and photo stations will provide exciting new ways for fans to interact within the exhibition, placing them within some of Game of Thrones most shocking and talked-about moments.  These stations will create fun and unique content that fans can share with their friends through various social media platforms.  Fans can also, for the first time ever, pledge their allegiance to their favorite Game of Thrones family by joining a House before entering the exhibition.

Last year’s most exciting and acclaimed feature, the “Ascend the Wall” 4D Oculus Rift virtual reality experience, will return by popular demand.Visitors will journey to the top of the iconic 700ft Wall by stepping into a physical recreation of the Castle Black winch elevator and wearing the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and a pair of headphones. From that moment on, they will find themselves inside a virtual version of the elevator – one that looks, sounds and feels extremely real, providing an unprecedented, immersive Game of Thrones experience.

The exhibition will showcase over 70 original artifacts used on set from seasons 1-4 plus select never-before-seen pieces from Season 5 premiering in April 2015. Created by artisans whose extraordinary craftsmanship has lent authenticity to the show since its inception, the collection includes a magnificent costume display featuring armor, dresses, cloaks and jewelry; iconic artifacts built on set, such as a life-size replica of a White Walker and model dragons; weaponry comprising of swords, spears, whips and daggers; House banners and more. Visitors will also have an opportunity to take a picture on the coveted Iron Throne.


The tour dates for Game of Thrones:The Exhibition are as follows:

London, United Kingdom (in partnership with Sky Atlantic)

February 9-12 and 15-17

Sky Backstage

The O2, London for more information


Stockholm, Sweden (in partnership with HBO Nordic)

Dates and venue to be announced for more information


Tel Aviv, Israel (in partnership with yesOh)

April 5-9

Venue to be announced

Continue to check for more information


Madrid, Spain (in partnership with Canal+)

Dates and venue to be announced for more information


Berlin, Germany (in partnership with Sky Deutschland)

Dates and venue to be announced for more information


Amsterdam, Netherlands (in partnership with HBO Netherlands)

Dates and venue to be announced for more information


Paris, France (in partnership with OCS)

Dates and venue to be announced for more information


For continued updates and details on the exhibition, visit

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  1. Maybe by the final season, this Exhibition will come to my country too, though I doubt it. We never get good things 🙁

  2. Went to the exhibition in Amsterdam two years ago. It was great! Had to wait in line for over an hour; the queue was hundreds of meters long. Every group could only be inside for maximum 15 minutes, which was a shame. Hopefully they find a way to make it work a little better this time around…

  3. london! yay! I moved to UK for this kind of things!!
    but still it is a shame that they dont do it in istanbul.
    there are millions of got fans there

  4. I went to the GOT exhibit last year, and it was an awesome experience. If you can go, then don’t think twice. It’s worth it.
    IDK what Reinier is talking about. I could stay inside for at least three hours, same with other people. There’s no one watching you or keeping each group in check, there’s so many people it would be impossible to do that.

  5. See, to all the Europeans disappointed we’re getting the IMAX experience and you aren’t, you get cool stuff like this that we don’t.

  6. Forget me wishing they’d finally come to the U.S. south this year — they’re not even coming to the country at all.

    a’ight ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  7. Josh,

    Not all of us, the ones that didn’t still get the right to moan, right? 😀

    Arthur Dayne,

    The links don’t work to me, are those screenshots of the trailer or are you messing with my feelings?
    EDIT: They work now, damn it!

  8. Turncloak,

    Good reference. Thx. I like how the author uses the book references and links to other major speculators/researchers out there. Good to know that our own speculations here are in the same ballpark. However, most of the “riverlands” speculations will probably only be explored/debunked in TWoW and not in GoT….although I would love to be pleasantly surprised.

  9. Si il y a des français içi s’il vous plaît partagez un maximum la video, ces terroristes vont brûler en enfer.

  10. Aly,

    yeah, we have that in the press release attached to this article:

    The exhibition will showcase over 70 original artifacts used on set from seasons 1-4 plus select never-before-seen pieces from Season 5 premiering in April 2015

    We still don’t know when, but I hope it’s April 5th 🙂

  11. April was the assumed premiere month so it’s not really news. I have to laugh at publications who took those fabricated Christian Today reports of a delayed premiere date seriously. It’s probably safe to assume until they officially it that they’re starting the same week as last year, first Sunday in April.

  12. I was wondering when Paris would be on the list, 2015 it is!!
    et oui, absolument, #JeSuisCharlie!

  13. The Hound,

    Apparently someone took Patchface’s identity. The real patchface only made 2 predictions. One he got right and one he got wrong.

  14. minty,

    Lol, don’t know if that’s my thing to be honest, but I’m sure you will look just great. 🙂 – What I will try in terms of pictures is to make one of my friends who is into filming and photography to go with me so I can bring some nice footage.

  15. Dogcheese,

    Your guess is as good as mine. I defer to Greenjones and LukaNieto on that front. However, I have to withdraw Lancel from that list of forgotten foils, since the wiki states that he will indeed make a re-appearance in S5.

  16. Cant believe they’re coming to Israel!
    Does anybody know if actors tend to visit these exhibitions?

  17. Salty Dornishman,

    At least you were within driving distance of SDCC. It’s Chicago that gets no love. And GRRM honed those writing skills here at Northwestern, so you’d think we might get SOMETHING…but no. Never fear, Salty! At least we can still hope to be on the IMAX list!

    (I am insulted that the troller used the name of Dayne. Begone, troll!)

  18. The Hound,

    I really don’t have insider knowledge or anything, so I wouldn’t say I’m much of a spy really. For all we know Dempsie COULD be back but I recall seeing interviews of him that occurred while s5 was shooting where he had his natural hair colour not the dyed-black hair he gets for the show.

  19. Hodor’s Bastard,

    Lancel? What a stupid name!


    He’s probably back…

    New S5E1 cold open: Camera pans up over a calm ocean. It is early morning. We see Gendry in a rowboat, delirious and dehydrated from months of rowing, talking to some seagulls flying overhead. He gloats to the gulls that he’s almost made it to King’s Landing. At that moment he notices a castle on the approaching coast. The castle is surrounded by three walls and has gold-domed towers. It looks nothing like Red Keep, realizes Gendry.

    Gendry: “Damn! I overshot it. Guess I’ll have to turn around.”

    Cut to music.

  20. Abyss,

    lol… if I was still in my teenage years, I would probably put on a khaleesi-esque dress and act like a total fangirl.
    If it’s really crowded with tourists I would probably renounce the throne pic but I should bring someone as well to get some pictures with me on them. Great idea to bring a good camera! 🙂

  21. Lion of Night,

    You think his name is silly? Can you believe the “pious fool” shtooped Cersei? Just wait until Jaime figures it out. (Tyrion should have blabbed) Ladies and Gentleman…the valonqar is the kingslayer! (no, not really)

  22. My city! 🙂
    I’m not much for these kind of fan events but when it’s right in Stockholm how can I not go.

  23. Reinier,

    An hour! I waited 9 hours in NYC! They made up for it well last year with the advance screening event @ Barcalys Center last year though.

  24. No Canadian cities?! Hmmm that sucks! But I cannot complain! I’ve been spoiled as. I went to 3 GoT exhibits in the past 3 years! Good memories, especially the Iron Throne pic I managed to take…

    I wish that Canada would at least get the “Game Of Thrones” IMAX treatment….Quite ironic seeing that IMAX is Canadian developed technology…

  25. Uh, uh…yeah the Oculus Rift head set with the 4D rendering of Castle Black and The Wall is awesome!

    Taking a ride on the elevator and being atop the Wall is just awesome and helluva freaky! I don’t think I’d survive very long in the Night’s Watch.

    PS While gazing into the distance of the wide, wild, untamed and beautiful landscape of the North from the top of the Wall…I could swear I saw a White Walker having sex with a Wight….is that considered necrophilia?!

  26. With that line up of cities, I’m kinda surprised to see Amsterdam there yet again…not complaining, mind you, but hadn’t expected to get lucky again 🙂

  27. Is it true that you can only visit the exhibition if you are a sky customer? Or is it just necessary to book tickets in advance so you can skip the waiting in line?

  28. chrissy,

    Well when I went to the Exhibition, I didn’t have to be an HBO subscriber. So no I doubt that would apply for Sky. Maybe Sky customers get some kind of promotion on merchandise Or something like that. But otherwise this Exhibition is free and open to the public. I’d suggest that you try to get your tickets through email ahead of time.

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