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Episode 349 – Reeked
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Reek, Reek, it rhymes with meek. This week, meet Reek and learn the true story of Barristan’s legendary exit from King’s Landing.

A Dance With Dragons: Daenerys II, Reek I
From our A FEAST WITH DRAGONS reading order.

Discussion Topics
Emmy victory
Shadows war
A deeper East
The prophecy
The visiting champions
Barristan’s tale
The dragon cell
Reeking horror
Chapter Owns

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    1. There’s actually a reference to Theon being alive in one of Catelyn’s ASOS chapters, but I didn’t cotton to that on my initial reading, as was the case with many readers, I think. I was surprised when Theon turned up alive in this chapter, as his final ACOK chapter really plays like he dies at the end and then he vanished for two books.

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    2. When was the last time you rewatched season 3? Because I did recently and… those scenes with Theon were torture porn. I couldn’t watch and I’m usually okay with detaching myself from what’s happening on screen. Yes, it comes across worse in the books but those are books, not footage. Plus, I think the scenes were all very same-y, and all terrible, resulting in a ‘oh god not again’ type of reaction from a lot of viewers – also because it just seemed so pointless. So yeah, definitely bad enough for my taste. 😉

      And I think I’m one of the few people who isn’t that impressed by Barristan Selmy. He makes it sound really good, thanking the gods that he wasn’t part of the Kingsguard when Ned was beheaded as if he wanted no part in it, but for years he served Aerys while he was doing worse things than that and he stood by and let it all happen and hid behind his duty. He goes on to look down on Jaime who – as a 17-year old – finally put an end to Aerys, but then says that if Robert, his new king, had smiled at the Targaryens children’s corpses, he would have killed him right then and there, despite, again, not doing anything against Aerys’ reign of terror and torture. Doesn’t make him an utterly terrible person but makes him come across as self-righteous imho.

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