Game Of Owns: Kill the Mouse


Episode 346 – Kill the Mouse
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Samwell and Jon navigate the post-Wildling Stannis-filled order at Castle Black. Two chapters, two books, one fateful day on the Wall.

A Feast for Crows: Samwell I
A Dance With Dragons: Jon II
From our A FEAST WITH DRAGONS reading order.

Discussion Topics
Crossover chapters
The plan for Sam
The Slayer, the Maester
Aemon and George’s clues
Defying the Kings
Castle Black High School
Answers in Oldtown?
The Lord Commander
Chapter Owns

Our first pair of crossover chapters, to the truest sense of the words. Enjoy!


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    1. My first time in the comment section. Just to say you guys do a hell of a job! I’ve become addicted to this site.

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    2. One of the coolest parts of the combined reading for sure. And think this is the only time in the whole series that we experience the exact same live scenes from two different POVs.

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