Game of Owns: Eastwatch Part Two

Episode 381 – Eastwatch Part Two
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Insider’s Kim Renfro returns to talk leaks, Jon Snow, and the fate of our heroes as the Game of Thrones endgame approaches.

We asked, you answered!


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Thank you for the excellent feedback, theories, and conversation! We had a blast with Kim on this new episode, enjoy!


  1. Not necessarily the easiest to listen to, but some good info! Always like the non-spoilery behind-the-scenes notes.

  2. Hello Kim,
    Just started listening to the podcast and I heard your issue with the lighting. I usually re-watch episodes using my video game TV 60hz 1080p and the dark cave scenes are much easier to see. JUST FYI. Please continue putting out 10 articles a day they are all great reads. Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Great episode guys, any chance Kim could become a more frequent member of the team? She’s great!

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