Game of Owns: Dragonstone Part Two

Episode 373 – Dragonstone Part Two
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Join the podcast in a trip down the Game of Thrones Season 7 rabbit hole with special guest Tony Teflon.

We asked, you answered. A collection of thoughts and theories lie within!

Thank you for the excellent feedback and conversation!

We can’t wait for tonight!

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    1. That was good. First time I’ve heard Tony Teflon and thought his various theories were exciting, especially for Sandor. And it is wonderful to hear the Owns again. Thanks!

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    2. “Yarsha, Yarsha, Yarsha!” 😉

      Thanks for another informative and entertaining GOO podcast. The Owns were hilarious. So many puns, so many wins!

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    3. I always listen to the podcast but this one was great guys, talked about so many great topics and I loved the speculation with the guest star.

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