Game of Thrones cast chat with Access Hollywood about season 7 at SDCC


Access Hollywood chatted with Sophie Turner, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Conleth Hill, Liam Cunningham, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jacob Anderson, Alfie Allen, John Bradley and Gwendoline Christie about their characters’ journeys this upcoming season and the thrill of being at San Diego Comic Con.

Sophie Turner and Liam Cunningham talked about their respective characters’ many (and perhaps unexpected) interactions in season 7.

John Bradley chatted about Sam’s run-in with Jorah in episode 1 and his dedication to Jon Snow.

Jacob Anderson talked about the “surreal” experience of attending San Diego Comic Con.

Nathalie Emmanuel described filming Daenerys’ arrival at Dragonstone and how a certain reveal in the Comic Con trailer will impact the characters.

Isaac Hempstead-Wright gushed about Christian Nairn and hinted at what Bran’s plan this season may be.

Conleth Hill “speculated” about Varys’ reaction to a Jon and Daenerys reunion.

Alfie Allen discussed the differences between post-Reek Theon and post-Reek Theon

And lastly, Gwendoline Christie went into detail about that revolutionary idea that Jon Snow introduced last episode about training girls to fight.


  1. Okay – confused. Sophie dyed her hair red again? Thought she had to use wigs because her hair was getting damaged. Or is she working on another role for X men where she has to have red hair? Does anyone know? (I really like red hair on her – think it is becoming)

  2. I have a question. The library of the maesters – is that scene filmed in an actual library that is computer enhanced or is it entirely just a movie set? Anyone know?

  3. Lady Lyanna Mormontfortheironthrone!:
    I have a question.The library of the maesters – is that scene filmed in an actual library that is computer enhanced or is it entirely just a movie set?Anyone know?

    It’s a combo of physical set and green screen (mostly the latter I imagine). If they wanted to film in an actual spectacular library, they couldn’t do better than the masterpiece that is Trinity College’s library down in Dublin:


  4. Thanks for posting this series of interviews, such an appreciative group of actors.

    I feel sorry for Sam and his frustration as John Bradley points out that every moment Sam is not working towards the mission Jon sent him down there for Sam feels like he is failing Jon. I can see where that frustration is going to make Sam cross some lines, starting with stealing keys to get into the restricted book area. What else will he do? Stay tuned!

  5. Liam’s enthusiasm for the show is so cute! I love that he missed a group photo because he was watching the trailer.

    Also, Gwendoline’s face lighting up at the mention of Lyanna Mormont? Me too, Gwen, me too.

  6. Catspaw Assassin,

    I well remember the first time i saw that. My husband had to finally tell me to close my mouth. Just amazing.

    I always knew that Christie was a handsome looking woman, but here she is absolutely stunning. And I love her enthusiasm for Lady Monmort – would be fun if these two had some scenes together.

  7. I must find out what lipstick Nathalie is wearing. If I don’t find out, I’m making one myself and calling it ‘Pyat Pree’.

    Liam is always so darn fun. And Jacob is charming.

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