Game Of Owns: Dangerous Women

Episode 350 – Dangerous Women
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Asha ports and visits a charming reader. In King’s Landing, Cersei celebrates Tommen’s wedding in glorious fashion.

A Feast For Crows: The Kraken’s Daughter, Cersei III
From our A FEAST WITH DRAGONS reading order.

Discussion Topics
Asha and Cersei
News of the moot
Another power struggle
Was this originally boring?
The story grows
Tropical storm Cersei
Another wedding
Becoming Darth Cersei
Chapter Owns

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    1. This is just a suggestion, but couldn’t this also be a place to leave owns for next week’s chapters that could be mentioned in this post? Or maybe there could be a second WOW post accouncing the chapters again before the episode is recorded? It would get WOW readers’ attention, I’m sure. I’m also asking because I’m not on facebook (anymore) and don’t really want to use my twitter account. :/

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