New clip from the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience


Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi shared a new clip on Facebook which gives a sneak peak into his immersive concert experience. The Game of Thrones Concert Experience will be a unique blend of visual effects, Thrones moments, and Djawadi’s epic score.

The clip also comes with an introduction from Djawadi where he shares his inspiration for the Main Titles of the series as well as details of the 360 degree layout for the tour.

The concert series kicks off on February 15th in Kansas City and you can purchase tickets now on Ticketmaster!

In other Game of Thrones music news, Kristin Chenoweth added her own personal flair to the Main Titles on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

What did you think of her cover? Will you be attending the concert series when winter comes?

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    1. Intresting: sounds very much Nibelungenlied – the Valkyrie singing GoT. However, I prefer Karliene & Celtic Borders “You win or you die”.

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    2. Looks very interesting (the concert experience). I haven’t listened to the singing yet – Kristin Chenowath’s surname sounds like she could be of at least part Cornish descent (and I did say Cornish not Dornish!) or maybe I read too many Poldark books when I was younger.

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    3. The concert looks amazing! My family and I have tickets for the Chicago concert and I am so excited! Imagine if you had tickets near the front! Can’t wait until February, definitely glad I don’t have to wait longer than that!

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    4. Got my tickets for the show in Portland! So excited! So far from now though… Since it’s the last show I wonder if it’ll be extra emotional for the orchestra.

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    5. Rella,

      I have tickets for the Chicago venue as well 🙂 There is nobody in my circle that watches the show, including my husband, but he wants to go with and I’m surprised cause while he loves live rock music orchestra isn’t really his thing. I hope the man will at least feign some enjoyment lol.

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    6. Have you got any idea whether they’ll bring the concert experience to Europe (the UK, specifically)? I’ve searched around but haven’t found anything & was wondering if you guys had some kinda idea if it’s just a one-off or more of a test to see if it’s received positively and can start touring worldwide?

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    7. Holy balls! This is going to be amazing! I have a long time to wait until the April 2 show in Portland but I expect it will be fabulous; last performances usually are very special.

      My show-only husband was so excited to show me the Chenoweth clip last night. And then it hit me — Valyrian = Valkyrie(n)???

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    8. Yay! Can’t wait for next year! Hearing “The Light Of The Seven” and “Rains Of Castamere” live should be quite something! Plus Ramin Djwadi will be there and his title sequence on “Westworld” is the best thing about that empty, superficial turdfest of a show!

      Speaking of music…those assholes at Disney replaced the great Alexandre Desplat who was supposed to score “Rogue One” with in-house yes man and Salieri tribute boy, Michael Giancchino…who couldn’t be a more generic, forgettable and boring composer.

      So a big middle-finger to Disney and Lucasfilm…


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    9. Man I wish they would also do the Live Concert outside of the USA! 🙁
      I would even travel to the UK or somewhere else in the Europe to go to the Live Concert!

      I hope there will be at least a Blu-Ray of one of the concerts so the rest of the world can watch it too…

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